He still dreamed of the cat room.

The place where he truly believed back in his high school days he would be.


Sometimes, when the weather was bad or he had a particularly rough day, he would still dream of the room, of the iron bars, and how his mother would always walk a little faster when they passed by it.

His nightmare was always the same. He would just be in the room, behind the iron bars.



And he would see people walk by and not say a word. His own family, not even acting like he even existed! It may not have been frightening to most people, but he always found himself waking up from the dream in a cold sweat, only to meet the annoying beep of his alarm clock.

And after he threw the accursed thing halfway across the room (as was custom) he would turn.

To her.

Blue cotton pajamas, and her brown hair spreading all around her. And the sunlight would just kiss her hair as she lay there, half covered with blankets. Her peaceful expression would always make her seem so childish, even though they were adults.

He found her mesmerizing.

And then, with an unending pride in his heart, he would know, just know, that she was his. He almost couldn't believe it, them together…and staying together. And now, looking at her just lying there, slowly waking up and looking at him with a sleepy expression, he once again felt reassured that this was the one, the one that he loved and would always love.

"Good morning, Kyo," she said with a small, drowsy smile.

He leaned forward and softly kissed her forehead.

"Good morning, Tohru."

Just as she would be his, he knew he would always be hers.