E/O challenge: feel

Disclaimer: not mine although I would be willing to adopt.

After a couple of requests for an extended version of this drabble, I'm giving it a try. Not sure if will be any good but I've got to start somewhere...right? Thanks for the support.

This is not beta'd. I have no medical training so any errors are of my own creation!


Sam could feel every muscle in his shoulders bunch up in tense anticipation.

Dean had been rushed into emergency surgery more than three hours ago and Sam had been on edge since.

It had happened so quickly. One minute they were crossing the street in front of the motel and the next Dean was sprawled on the ground in front of an old pickup driven by some ninety year old who had failed to stop and plowed into Dean. He hadn't been going fast when he hit but the old truck was solid and Dean had taken a hard hit to the abdomen.

By the time the ambulance had arrived Dean's stomach was showing signs of distention and bruising. Possible internal injuries.

Now Sam was about to find out the extent of the damage.

"Family of Dean Watters?"

"Yeah, I'm Sam, Dean's brother. Is he O.K.? What did you find in surgery? Can I see him?" Sam was up and out of his chair before the doctor had a chance to turn toward his voice. He knew he was talking too much and too fast but his nerves were just about worn to nothing. He needed answers. He needed to know his big brother was going to be O.K.

"One thing at a time. Why don't we have a seat and I can explain your brother's condition to you in detail." The doctor was in his forties and seemed like a nice enough guy. He looked like any and all the doctors that they had crossed paths with during their short but violent lives. His voice and demeanor led Sam to believe that Dean had been in good hands. They sat back down in a quiet corner of the surgical waiting room and the doctor started to let Sam in on what had been going on behind closed doors.

"First let me say that Dean came out of surgery doing very well all things considered. When we opened him up we found that his belly was filling with blood due to a small hemorrhage to his spleen. I can only surmise that because the truck that struck him was moving slowly the injury he sustained was much less severe than it could have been. Luckily we were able to repair and avoid having to remove the organ all together. Once his abdomen was drained we were able to close him up and start him on a round of precautionary antibiotics. He was being transported to recovery when I came to find you. He'll be sore for quite some time but I expect he'll make a full recovery. Do you have any questions?"

All Sam heard was full recovery and his world was no longer spinning out of control. He could breath. "When can I see him?"

"He should be in his room within the next hour. He'll be quite groggy for the first few hours so don't expect much. I'll leave a note that someone come and get you as soon as he is settled."

"Thank you." Sam sat watching the retreating back of the man that had saved his brothers life and he let out a long sigh. He consciously forced his shoulders to relax. He could feel the tension leaving his body with every minute he got closer to seeing his brother. Dean was going to be O.K.

The end