Polar Night

Chapter 1

"Why do I have to go? I already know more than most people do."

"Just go for the experience Nessie, that's all we ask."

I was sitting in the tiny living room in the cottage that my dad's parents built for him and my mom when they first got married. They were trying to convince me to go to Forks High, the local high school, but I wasn't giving in. "Please Nessie," my mom said, they really wanted me to go. "I told you already, I don't feel the need to go, and I know enough already and it's just going to be boring." My dad opened his mouth to protest but my Auntie Alice walked in. "Your parents are right Nessie; it doesn't matter if you know the curriculum or not it's just for the experience." I just stared at her with my mouth hanging open in disbelief. She usually takes my side no matter what the situation. She must have an ulterior motive I thought.

My dad smirked and said to me, "You're right, she wants you to go to school because that gives her an excuse to take you shopping." I glared at Alice playfully and she gave me a sheepish grin." Well?" my mom asked," Do you want to go or not?" I sighed," Fine, I'll go, but just for the experience" Alice started jumping up and down" yay Nessie! Let's get going right now; we have a LOT of shopping to do." She took my hand and we started walking towards the door, I didn't even try to stop her. She wins every time. Before we got out of the cottage I made Alice stop so I could get my most favorite book Wuthering Heights, when she saw what I had, she just sighed. "What?" I asked," I figured we are going to be there for a while."

As we were walking to the garage Alice asked me what kind of clothes I wanted to get. "Oh I don't care Alice, you can pick whatever you want." "Thanks Nessie!" she hugged me around the waist because I was taller no thanks to my tremendous growth spurts. We walked into the garage and both climbed into Alice's canary yellow Porsche.

"How far are we going?" I asked who new with Alice, one minute we're driving down the freeway to Port Angeles, and the next, we're driving to California. "We'll just go to Port Angeles, and then tomorrow we can go to the mall in Seattle." "Who says we're going to Seattle tomorrow?" I didn't even want to go today. "Nessie, do you really expect me to find you clothes for a whole school year in just half a day?" "Yes" She rolled her eyes, "well you're wrong, I need at least two days to find you a whole new wardrobe." "I don't need a new wardrobe Alice!" "I'm perfectly fine with the one I have right now." She didn't respond. I knew the conversation was over with and didn't try to bring it up again.

When we walked into the department store I located the shoe section and said to Alice,"I'll be looking to shoes Alice." When she didn't respond I turned to look at her, and I saw she was already halfway across the store heading for the junior's section. I shook my head and started walking towards the shoe section to find a place to sit and read my book. I finally found a little bench where you try on shoes. It isn't the most comfortable place but it'll have to do.

I sat down and started reading trying to lose myself in the wonderfully terrible plot. I was just starting to really get into it when I heard someone clear his throat. I didn't pay attention to it because I thought he just had a frog in his throat or something of that sort. "Uhh, excuse me." He said I realized he was talking to me and looked up. He was about my age (well, my age physically at least) with dark brown curly hair and stunning bright bluish green eyes.

I couldn't help but stare, he looked perfect. His nose was perfectly proportioned in the center of his face; his lips looked full and firm, but weirdly soft at the same time." Hello?" I blinked and came back down to earth. I looked up at him, and up, and up, and up. Dang, he was tall, in my mind that just added to the attraction I already felt for him. "Hi" I said I felt my face getting hot, oh great, something to make me even more stupid than I already feel right now.

"What book is that?" he said pointing to Wuthering Heights on my lap. "Wuthering Heights" I responded, gosh, my face still felt hot, was I still blushing? "Is my face red?" I blurted, oh crap, I'm a goner now. I could definitely feel the heat radiating off my face. He opened his mouth to respond but then his phone started ringing and I mentally breathed a sigh of relief. His phone ringing just saved my life from permanent embarrassment. He closed his phone and smiled at me "I guess I'll see you around then." I nodded. Will I ever see him again? It could just be like those one time meetings where you meet a person, want to get to know them better, and then you never see them again. I didn't want that to happen. Definitely not.

. Alice came over with her arms loaded with clothes, "Am I going to try all those on?" I asked her, she just nodded seriously like this was a matter of life or death and pushed me towards the dressing room.

Somehow Alice magically knew exactly what size I was and there was no point in trying things on, we got everything she picked out. When we finally crammed everything into her Porsche we climbed into the car and she sped out of the parking lot and on to the freeway. "Alice," I began, I knew she was going to stop me, but I was going to try anyways. "Nessie don't even start with me, consider it a back to school gift." I just stared out the window, I knew it was a lost cause, but hey, at least I tried. "So, Nessie, tell me, who were you talking to over there?" Uh oh, better not lie to her and just tell her right here and now. "Umm, I was just sitting there and he came up to me and started talking to me." "Hmmmm" Alice said, then I saw her get a far away look in her eyes and that could only mean one thing, she was having a vision, and I bet you anything that vision was about that guy and me. I decided to ask her first before confirming my hunch. "What did you see Alice?" "Oh nothing" she said, she got this little weird smirk on her face that bothered me, I'm not sure why, it just did.

I didn't try to get her to talk; she wouldn't tell me even if I bribed her, meaning I would tell her that she could take me shopping whenever she wanted for the next year. Nope, wouldn't happen. When we got to the house I didn't feel like taking all the clothes to the cottage so I just left the millions of bags in the car and walked into the house.

When I got into the house and plopped down in between my mom and dad and sighed. "Rough day?" my mom asked smiling. I rolled my eyes, "you can't even imagine." I ran through my encounter with the guy in the shoe section of the department store. How his smile seemed to light up the whole room, and his eyes. I mentally sighed; his eyes were so gorgeous with that perfect blend of green and blue, and just a hint of brown.

"So what did you guys buy?" my dad said, uh oh, he's giving me the look, and what that look means is that he knows what I'm thinking. I forgot he can read minds. As long as he doesn't tell anybody I should be found. Dad, I called out in my mind don't say anything, please? It's not like I'll ever see him again, I mean come on, when have you ever met someone for a short time and saw them again? I can't think of anybody. Nod your head if you will not say anything. I looked over at him and he nodded his head ever so slightly. Thank you. "Nessie?" I looked up and Carlisle was walking down the stairs, "Yea?" I said, hopefully I'm not in trouble, though I never get in trouble, but lets not have this be the first day of many days. He held up a couple of pieces of paper, " I got you registered and everything, you start tomorrow, unfortunately you made your decision a little later than we expected so your starting in the middle of the second semester." I just nodded my head, in truth I didn't even know what a semester was. "A semester is part of a school year, at the end of each semester, your grades get sent home on a report card, and the second semester means that you're coming in about the middle of the school year." My dad responded, hearing my thoughts. "Oh." What else could I say? It's not going to be fun coming in the middle of the school year. I sighed," I'm going to the cottage and go to bed, Alice wore me out."

"You're welcome!" I heard her soprano voice from upstairs. I rolled my eyes and started to walk out the back door to cross the river. Once I was across the river, I decided to have fun and act like a trapeze artist swing from branch to branch and finally falling on the balls of my feet. I started walking at a leisurely pace when I heard foot steps behind me, running foot steps, I stopped momentarily to listen to the foot steps as they got closer, then I sniffed recognizing the scent, it was my dad. I continued walking knowing he would catch up, he was a fast runner.

"I need to talk to you Nessie," he said when he finally caught up with me; it still amazes me when he can run so fast and not sound out of breath. "About?" I said, keeping up my leisurely pace, "About this person you were thinking about in the house." "Oh" I replied, what else could I say? I'm perfectly comfortable talking about the opposite sex with my father. Ha. No, definitely not.