Invisible Till Death

Summary: She was a nerd, always made fun of, always pushed around and belittled, despite her obvious genius...until she finally had enough. Now, she's been drawn into a new world, of shinigami. The Kami's have plans for Kagome, she is to stop the path that Ryuk had accidently laid out for the young Detective, L. Will she be able to save him...if he can't see her?

Anime: InuYasha/Death Note

Couple: ….who knows….*Smiles Evilly with a Knowing Look*

Rated: (Hm, I was going to make it T...but like all my stories -_- I can't stop lemon juice from spilling out of my finger tips and out onto the paper and into the computer.) M

Genre: Romance/Mystery/Supernatural


Truly Invisible

Lost...I'm lost in a void of my own depression. this dejection. Just get it over with. End it. End all of it. I won't be lost any longer. I won't drown in the suffocation of my own despair any longer...right?

"Out of the way...loser." A busty teen pushed a raven haired girl out of her way. The girl looked up to see who the assailant was, groaning inside at the smirk on the female hovering above her.

She stood up from her spot on the grassy grown. "Kikyou, you couldn't move around?" she asked, looking over the girls figure. Her body was clad in the high school uniform, although, it wasn't a size too small, it did look as if it had been painted on. The skirt was also short enough that it showed the black of her bikini bottom.

"Shut up, you waste of space. All you are is an ugly, antisocial...FREAK! A walking brain, a waste of breathing space, a teachers pet! Go...die!" She stormed past her with her posse of Barbie's following close behind.

"Hey Kag's, don't pay any attention to her. She's just being a bitch." Kagome turned to see a short boy next to her. He was in the same grade as her, just a foot smaller. He had red hair in a low pony tail and green eyes. Her own blue orbs closed, she fought back tears before smiling to her friend and opening her eyes.

"I'm fine Shippou. Let's go, class is about to begin, and as it is, I have already been deferred."

"Gee, you have to make an easy sentence complicated?"


"No! Don't apologize! I wouldn't be your friend if you were any different." Shippou took her hand and smiled happily before pulling her towards their class.

Kagome Higurashi, age 17, I have long wavy black hair, though I keep it in a bun most of the time. My eyes are covered with normal glass covered glasses. No prescription, I don't have any problems with eye sight, 20/20 vision actually. However, when I was a little younger, three years ago to be exact, I had been with my younger brother on the Tokyo Express when some random guy began feeling me up. I wore my hair down, no glasses, fitting uniform and looked very attractive. I hated myself for not being aloud to say anything. My brother thankfully didn't notice. When I got home, I changed drastically. My clothes were a slack fit now, my hair was always in a messy bun and I wore large block framed spectacles. I stopped talking with my friends, stopped going on dates, stopped playing with my brother and sports with the neighborhood boys...I just...stopped. I became obsessed with knowledge, law enforcement to be exact. Everyday I saw some type of crime going unpunished. I wanted to be someone who the people could trust to help them.

Kagome walked into her class, Topics in Algebraic Combinatorics.

"Miss. Higurashi, Mr. Kitsu, please take your seats." Kagome nodded her head to her professor and took her seat behind Light Yagami, the school genius and hottest student.

'One of them at least, the Genius part.'

"As I was saying, we will be doing a group project, so...row 1, turn and face row 2. Row 3, face row 4 and row 5 face row six."

Kagome with held an annoyed groan, Light turned around and placed his desk against hers like the others before turning in his seat to face the teacher. She went about with papers, handing one to each group.

"Hand in your best three problems from those below. Reasonable collaboration is permitted, but you should not just copy someone else's solution or look up a solution from an outside source. That means no using your electronic devices, such as laptops, cell phones excreta. We will (subjectively) indicate the difficulty level of each problem as follows:

[1] Easy

[2] Moderately Difficult

[3] Difficult

[4] Horrendously Difficult

[5] Unsolved

You have until the end of class, start."

Light faced Kagome who already pulled out a black leather bound journal with the words, 'If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing', scrawled in neat handwriting in a fine point white marker.

"So which―"

"2, 3 and 4 would probably be the best bet. Unless you care to try 3, 4 and 5, I personally have no problem trying an unsolved."

"...3, 4 and 5."

"Alright then. You start 3, I'll start 4 and then we can both work on 5. I'm sure it'll run smoother and get done quicker that way. Or we could start with 5 and then move on to 3 and 4. It's your choice."

"The first way, that sounds satisfactory."

Kagome nodded, opening her journal she started taking things down.


(45 minutes later)

'A transposition is a permutation which exchanges two elements and keeps all others fixed; for example (1 3) is a transposition. Every permutation can be written as a product of transpositions; for instance, the permutation g from above can be written as g = (1 5) (1 2) (3 4). Since g can be written as a product of an odd number of transpositions, it is then called an odd permutation, whereas f is an even permutation.

The representation of a permutation as a product of transpositions is not unique; however, the number of transpositions needed to represent a given permutation is either always even or always odd. There are several short proofs of the invariance of this parity of a permutation.

The product of two even permutations is even, the product of two odd permutations is even, and all other products are odd. Thus we can define the sign of a permutation. With this definition is a group homomorphism ({+1, –1} is a group under multiplication, where +1 is e, the neutral element). The kernel of this homomorphism, i.e. the set of all even permutations, is called the alternating group An. It is a normal subgroup of Sn, and for n ≥ 2 it has n! / 2 elements. The group Sn is the semidirect product of An and any subgroup generated by a single transposition.

Furthermore, every permutation can be written as a product of adjacent transpositions, that is, transpositions of the form a a + 1. For instance, the permutation g from above can also be written as g = (4 5) (3 4) (4 5) (1 2) (2 3) (3 4) (4 5). The representation of a permutation as a product of adjacent transpositions is also not unique.' Kagome wrote down what Light said, doing the math in her head as she did.

It was ten minutes later that the two finished and turned their work in. While he signed his name next to hers, she moved his desk back and sat down in her own seat. The rest of the class was only finishing their first, starting their second or almost done with their second.

Light sat back down and ignored her for the rest of the class. She laid her head down on her desk and fell into a light sleep. Well aware of the brown murky eyes that glared heatedly at her.

When the bell rang, she heard the shuffling of feet as students turned in finished and unfinished work. She put her Journal back in her black messenger bag; in the corner of the bag on the flap were three dark blue, light blue and white butterflies. She was about to stand when a book wacked her in the back of the head.

"Oh my, I am so sorry." Kagome didn't have to look at who spoke. She stood up; the eyes of the class and professor were on them. She took her bag and carried it to the door, opening it before pausing and turning to face Kikyou.

"Something funny about people like you, Kikyou, is that, you being as bitchy, domineering and cowardly as you matter if it was today, tomorrow, next week or next year...if you were to would die alone, no one would care. See, funny." Kagome left the room speechless. Kikyou's cold glare followed her out of the room.


Her classes passed and it was finally gym. She watched the other girls leave as she continued to pick up her clothes and personal items. Someone had earlier, thought it funny to empty her gym lockers contents off onto the floor. Sighing, she continued cleaning up the mess until she got to a picture, a bunch actually. They were all of her and edited to look like her with different guys. A certain letter caught her eye and she picked it up.

Dear Loser,

Now, a whore will get the attention she deserves. I know, I know, I out did myself with those pics, yes, none of those guys even know you and yes, you aren't a whore, but you know something funny? No one ever believes a loser, and after gym will be. I hope you enjoy my selection of men for you, don't worry, their all hot, but a little rough.

Yours truly,

Kikyou Machi

P.S. – Look Behind You!

Kagome was shaking as she turned around and saw too legs clad in jeans, looking up she saw Kikyou's brother standing with his friends.

"Kagome, you used to be so hot, damn, you still are, just..." he moved down to her level, taking her glasses from her face, quite aware of the fear in her eyes. "...get rid of all this excess junk. We both know you pass your eye examination every year with 20/20." His hand moved behind her head and removed the clip from her hair. Tossing it aside, he leaned forward and pulled a lock of her hair forward, placing a kiss on the silky tress, he smirked, "Now...let the fun begin."

Kagome stood and bolted only to run into a large man, he was heavily built and tall. He took hold of her and spun her around to face the brother of Kikyou. His hair black and crimped into waves, red eyes stared into her azure.

"Kagome, don't put up a fight. I don't want to hurt you, you know this."

"Then let me go, please Naraku, don't do this." Tears fell down her cheeks, for a moment she saw guilt and alarm flash in his eyes before quickly vanishing to lust, hate and fascination. Her hands were held tightly in the air as he walked closer to her, she moved to kick him away when both her legs were taken by two of his other lackeys.


"Don't do this, don't aHH! NO! STOP I―Mmmph." Naraku tightened the bandana around her head that covered her mouth.

"Make this easy on yourself; if you struggle it will only hurt you."


He tore off her top and immediately she tried to move out of his touch but to no avail. He pressed light kisses to her neck.

'No, not like this! NOT LIKE THIS!!!! NARAKU DON'T!!!'

"Mmmuhm, mmmkmu, mmmp!" He ignored her and his kisses traveled to the tops of her breasts, pulling a knife from his back pocket, he snapped it open.

"Kagome," He leaned forward, his lips caressing her ear, "I'm sorry." He whispered.

His hands moved along her nipples, her body reacting to his gentle caresses against her will, more tears fell from her eyes.

"I love you so much, yet I'm forced to do this...for your own good."

'My own good?!'

He descended to his knees and placed kisses down the valley of her breasts. She struggled more, trying to free some part of her body. His tongue flicked against her pale rose colored nipples. They were perked and hard from the attention. She hated herself for the human's body and inability to control hormonal instinct.

His hands traveled along her curves, his ever touch and move sent shivers down her spine. Running his fingers over the upper hem of the skirt, he unbuttoned the three buttons before hooking his fingers and pulling her skirt and panties down. The boys were smirking, releasing her long enough to pull the fabric from her legs and feat.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" Her muffled scream made one of the lackeys holding her laugh. His hand traveled to her breast before a glare from Naraku made him back off.

"Touch her, and I'll kill you myself."

'N-Naraku, Kami...why are you doing this to me, torturing me like this? I WANT THIS TO END!!! ALL OF IT!' She squeezed her eyes shut, praying for everything to be a horrible nightmare, praying that she'd wake up. She heard the sound of a zipper and her eyes snapped open and she stared wide eyed at Naraku, his member placed at her entrance, another part of her which had obviously betrayed her too.

"You're already so wet Kagome," Standing up, he leaned forward and kissed her. Wiping away the tears that were still falling, he leaned forward to her left. "I knew you would like this, I told you I didn't want to hurt you."


Suddenly, she felt pain course through her lower body, a trickling sound echoed loudly in her ears as her body froze in pain, Naraku groaned in obvious pleasure. She didn't want to look down, she could feel the liquid of what she knew she didn't want to see, ooze down her leg. Going against her better judgment, she looked down, blood leaked from her once pure core and down her leg. She cried harder when Naraku pulled out, he was huge, more then she could obviously take.

"That felt great! You are so tight. Release her." The guys looked hesitant but let her go. Naraku pushed her to the ground as she tried to take off; he grabbed both her wrists and held them for his lackeys. They held her while he removed his last articles, looking down at his blood and whitish/clear citrus covered dick, he smiled gently. Moving to her opening, he forced her bloody legs open and prepared himself again before taking her.

"MMMM! MNMM!" She jerked at the second intrusion. His hands took her wrists again, taking them back from his lackey before moving in and out at an even pace. She had tried struggling, but her body reacted more to that then lying still.

Finally, she gave in, she stopped moving, let him have her.

'I can't take any more...this feeling, why do I feel this way, WHY!!?'

He continued and continued; finally...he pulled out and came on the shower walls opposite of the lockers.


Her eyes glazed with tears, passion and hate, he cringed as that hate was most likely directed to him.

"I'm sorry." He whispered into her ear for the second time. He stood and dressed, sparing one last glance at the girl he loved, at the girl he broke. He left with his lackeys right behind him.

Kagome had stopped crying, she lay staring up at the ceiling.


She looked to the fake photos.


She looked to the mixture of white, clear and red liquids, mixing and mingling on the floor.


Standing, she struggled to the mirror.


Her fist collided with the mirror, glass shattered everywhere. She stumbled back and fell. Standing again, she made her way to the shower and turned the scorching hot water on, unaware of it washing away the sperm, blood and juices of the forced activity. She cried when the hot water drummed against her back. Sliding to her knees, she looked up and saw a long shard of the glass lying on the wet stone floor next to her. Picking it up, she eyed the glass.

'What's left...what more is there? I have nothing left...' She grimaced, she drug the blade across her wrist in a deep cut. Blood washed down her arm and Kagome smiled.

'It's going to end, finally.' She laid on the ground that had shower water beat at her body and the ground. Blood poured down the faucet. 'I remember reading, that those who sell their souls, commit suicide or give half of what remains of their life, aren't excepted into heaven or hell.' Her eyes fell closed; a deep sleep captured her, before her life...slipped away.


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