Invisible Till Death

Summary: She was a nerd, always made fun of, always pushed around and belittled, despite her obvious genius...until she finally had enough. Now, she's been drawn into a new world, of shinigami. The Kami's have plans for Kagome, she is to stop the path that Ryuk had accidently laid out for the young Detective, L. Will she be able to save him...if he can't see her?

Anime: InuYasha/Death Note

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Genre: Romance/Mystery/Supernatural

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Shinigamis, Detectives and Murderers oh my!

Souta stared out his bedroom window, he watched as the grey clouds overhead started swirling, something came out of the center of the cloud formation that looked like a bird. He squinted his eyes at the flying figure in the sky.

"Souta?" He heard Shippou and turned lifeless eyes to the older boy. "Your mom say's that dinner is ready." Souta turned back to the clouds, no longer were the wings of the bird visible as rain started to fall. He walked out of his room, Shippou looked at where he was staring, but after not seeing anything he sighed then followed the boy.


Kagome looked down at the wet city of Tokyo, she found one of the beings she was sent after, was she to find the detective...Her wings were split, one skeletal and black feathered, the other lush and angelic in white.

'At least, I don't have to worry about rain...' She flew down to the other Shinigami that was following Light Yagami from her class before she died.

"Hm?" The shinigami turned to her, the Light noticed his attention move away from him; he looked straight through her and around her, trying to see what his Shinigami saw. "Part demon part angel?"

"No," She noticed Light turned to the Shinigami. "I'm a Shinigami like you, as well as a guardian angel. Forgive me though, I just started today."

"I'm aware, just saw your body earlier yesterday."

"AH! Y-you saw that!?"

"I showed him, who informed his father."

"Who is this?" She knew him, but how did Light no a Shinigami?

"The nightmare of many and a god to many others."

"You don't mean!"


"Did you see the news?!"

"About Kira you mean!?"

"I heard about it! He got rid of 12 criminals last night!"

"A bunch of CSI guys too! He's a killer!"

"That's because they are trying to stop him from getting rid of the criminals! Kira is a god of Light!"

"He's our Savior!"

"He's a murderer!"

"I bet he's handsome!"

"I bet he looks like a stalking old man!"

"Oh be quiet! You wouldn't know a god from a toad!"


"Oh you annoying female, what do you know of gods!?"


"Kira...he's Kira!"

"That's right, what do you plan to do about it." The Shinigami asked.

"First, I plan to send you and the other Shinigami back to the Shinigami Realm. Then, I have to set right what you screwed up!"

"Screwed up?"

"Exactly, L is on a path that will only be met with death, and it's your fault! The king wants you and your friend to return!"

"Ah, I can't do that yet."

Kagome frowned; Light was glaring at everything the Shinigami said to the invisible being he couldn't see.

"Ryuk! Let's go." Kagome watched the two leave and called out to Ryuk.

"If you wish to play this kind of game against me Ryuk, no that Light, is not the only genius here! I will guide L, silently, behind the veil of darkness that separates humans from us."

"Let the games begin..." Ryuk muttered, Light looked at him in confusion.

Kagome glared, "Yes...let the games begin."


L stared over at the latest information on the Kira case; he glanced at a picture on his desk. A woman had decapitated herself in a prison. 'How is that possible? The chances of a clean cut would be 3 percent. Not very high, yet she managed...its unnerving how Kira has so much power. I'll stop him, I am Justice, I have to stop him.'

L turned around suddenly; the feel of eyes watching him sent unseen tremors up his spine. 'Strange...' He looked about the room, searching every corner and examining every shadow with his keen eye. "Hello," He called out in his uninterested tone. Finally he turned back to the desk and continued working, not satisfied with the lack of response.


'Can he sense me?' Kagome had decided to follow her instincts and they led her here. She wasn't sure, but she figured that this...unique man...was Detective L.

The door suddenly slammed open. "Ryuzaki!" Kagome turned to see a man in his mid twenties running to Ryuzaki as he called her L suspect. "On the TV! It's Kira!"

L turned in his chair and faced a large TV; the young man flipped it on. A white screen that she had seen multiple times for the god of many of her classmates, Black English font spelt out KIRA in bold letters.

"L, you see the extant of my power, stay out of my way, or I will get rid of you as well."

Kagome frowned, 'If he could have, he already would have.'

"As it stands, twenty three of your pawns have been disposed of. Get smart L, I am Justice and I will not lose." The screen turned black before Sakura TV News returned to the screen.

'That seemed rather pointless...I thought Light was a genius.' Kagome turned and looked at L who was watching the channel attentively. She looked back and her eyes widened as a bunch of squares appeared with dead officers in them. L's eyes closed before he turned back to his computer.

"Ryuzaki, what are we going to do?"

"Wait for now."

'He's not...stuck, is he...?'


He turned around quickly and she froze in place, he stared right at her...but saw nothing.

"Ryuzaki...? Is something wrong?"

"No, take the day off Matsu."

"Uh, yes sir." Kagome suddenly remembered something, looking above Matsu's head, she squinted her eyes.

'How do I do the eye name thing?' She thought about seeing the name and suddenly, Touta Matsuda in red floating letters and above that was his life span.

"Touta Matsuda...and..." She paid no heed to L who was now listening to whatever soft whisper he was hearing. Looking above L's head as Matsuda shut the door behind him. "L Lawliet... so that's his name."

"Who's there? I know you are in here, I can hear you...I just can't...see you."

"So, you can hear me?" Kagome sat down in front of him and smiled as his eyes stared over her head. "Down, a little more." He looked down and gave a mental nod. "That's right. L, my name, is Kagome Higurashi."

"A victim of Kira's―"

"Oh, no, I...killed myself." Her voice dropped.

L didn't change his intellectual look, staring at where he thought her eyes were. "You went to Light Yagami's school. Died at the age of 17, you have a younger brother and mother, Souta and Rei Higurashi; you were found by your best friend Shippou Kitsu. Your father is deceased. Apparently, you were raped, and then you committed suicide. So I was right."

"How, I thought you said I was a victim of"

"No, that was Light Yagami's assessment. I had my doubts; Kira is a murderer, but a high school girl, with no records of insubordination or rebelliousness, no juvenile punishments and no bad grades. According to your school records, you are a genius, much like Light and myself; you stayed out of trouble, never family relations to a criminal or someone with a criminal record. You were clean; Kira wouldn't kill you, much less have you raped then kill you."

"You...have done your research..."

"Those were the obvious facts; I dug into your past a little more before deciding that your case wasn't part of the Kira case and closing your file, leaving the rest to th police."

"My death is meaningless, but you..."

"What about me?"

"You can't die L, you must live. Light wins, if you die."

"Light? So you think its Light too?"

Kagome moved towards L, placing her hand on his cheek, "I know it is, but L, I'm dead, I can't stand before a judge and testify." He looked up into her eyes, now close enough that he could tell accurately where she was. "It's you, who has to prove he's guilty, but I'll be here with you all the way L, I'll help you. Just tell me what you need, and I promise I will do it."

"You'll stay with me?"

Kagome frowned in confusion, his coal black eyes held curiosity, innocence and a childish outlook on life. "Yes, I will stay with you L." A light brightened in his eyes for only a moment before he turned away from her, typing on his laptop furiously, multiple pictures popped up and Kagome recognized the decapitated head of the woman he had earlier been looking at. "Kagura Izo, wasn't she sentenced for the murder of her husband, she had been cheating on him when he caught her and tried to kill her lover, she fought back and won?"

"Yes, her lover was Onigumo Kimatowa and...her husband Naraku Izo. Onigumo knew she was married, however, after he witnessed her murder her husband he left her."

"But she killed to protect him...why would you leave someone willing to risk their life...for you?"

"Fear, Confusion, he wanted to avoid publicity...who knows."

"I guess; so what, did Kira get her?"

"Yes, he had her cut her own head off."

"That isn't possible; they have no sharp objects in high security cells."

"True, the object, during a break, at 3:30...she broke of some wood and sawed it through her neck. The splinters will testify to that."

"Disgusting, it's like he's trying to come up with new and more creative deaths now, rather then just killing criminals."

"That may be exactly what he's doing. I'm 44 percent sure that he is losing interest in criminals."

"Or...judging by the type of murder, how did she kill her husband?"

L looked over his shoulder to the couch when he heard a chuckle,

"I'm over here."

"..." He looked to his left then typed into his laptop, a report on the husbands body from autopsy showed on his screen and the two read through the details.

"She hit him several times with a wooden shredder. It's used to cook to the head, multiple to his arm and the killing blow to his neck, shredded half her husbands neck."

"And the others?"

"A man, Kan Mawaki, he was in jail for the murder of his three daughters, each one had there head's smashed in, he was found dead after slamming his head into a stone wall multiple times until dead. Marcus White, an American who moved to Japan back six years ago and started killing you Japanese women, he would tear off their arms, cut out their tongues and let them bleed to death. In jail, he...bit off his own tongue before ripping his own arms from his body."

"He is starting to kill them in accordance to their crimes."

"So it seems. Can you follow Light, tell me who is next?"

"Sure, I will go now; I'll be back within a few hours."

"Wait, why are you helping me?"

"I a way, I am your guardian angel."


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