A/N: This random drabble came from looking at a wallpaper of Xion, Kairi(KH2 version), and Namine in a row. Go find it, and maybe you'll see what I mean.


She was growing out of her purple skirt and white tank. This was heartbreaking, since she dearly loved that outfit, but the fact of the matter was that it didn't fit anymore, and even if she got it in a size larger, the childish outfit wasn't doing her new curves any sort of justice.

She wonders, a long while later, if, by any chance, she was drawn to the dress with the zipper down the front and the black hood because of a dark haired girl in a black cloak; or perhaps if a pale artist influenced her choice to put that white dress underneath it all.

They came from her, right? She thinks. So why does it feel like the other way around?

I own nothing. Edit: Yes, I know Xion came from Sora. But she came from his memories of Kairi, so she comes from Kairi in a very roundabout way.