Fiori: This is my first break from Anime styled Fan-fictions. The idea was brought on by TheDivineDemon's Fiction Of Tears and Venom, were Harry is changed by the infusion of Basilisk venom and Phoenix tears. I don't own Harry Potter if I did The i wouldn't be posting this.


Chapter one: Fire

Harry dodged the Basilisks strikes as best he could, it was so fast. The only thing that probably saved him from instant death was the fact that it was blind, that and Fawks was flying around making himself a nuisance with its sound and scent. Occasionally the bird would dive in front of the beast distracting it leaving it open so Harry could slash at it. He would then have to move as quickly as he could to dodge the serpent when it attacked in his direction.

"Damn you Potter, and damn that bird! ." The specter known as Tom Riddle, the younger version of the Lord Voldemort. He then began to hurl spells and curses at the bird, attempting to rob Harry of his ally.

Fawks true to his Falcon like nature dodged the spells. This process repeated itself several times until at last Fawks was hit, his right wing completely blown off. The magnificent bird landed with a loud Thunk near the Ginny and the Diary.

Now Harry was alone facing the Basilisk, and was now even more hard pressed to move about it. Suddenly he found himself in a corner. Seeing that Harry was cornered Tom let out a hissing order to the Snake.

"In front of you, strike now!" He hissed out in the snake's tongue.

"The great beast reared its head back and then began to strike at Harry. Harry acted on pure adrenaline and instinct, he forced the sword of Gryffindor's point forward and impaled it into the beast gaping maw. The blade traveled effortlessly through the beasts flesh, almost like butter, and stabbed into the beasts brain. Killing what may have been the last of the terrifying species of snakes.

However Harry's victory was short lived. In Stabbing the beast in its mouth he felt one of the fangs of the beast pierce his right shoulder, cutting tendons and muscle, breaking his bone, and worst o all filling his blood with the deadliest poison known to the mystic world.

Harry pulled his limp arm from the dead creature, the fang stayed in his shoulder and came with him as he moved away. Tom seeing the fang in Harry's shoulder let out a laugh of triumph.

'It is over Potter, The venom of the Basilisk should soon melt you from the inside out. The the girl will die and I shall be reborn. All because she wrote in a silly little book." He laughed.

Harry hearing this, came up with a last ditch effort to win. At this point he knew he was dying. he could feel the venom coursing through his veins. his heart felt like he was burning. But he would not allow the most sociopathic, mass murdering, nut fuck that Voldemort was walk free again.

Limping over to the diary he pulled the fang from his shoulder and with one motion plunged it into the leather bound book. Ink began to leak from the hole he had made and he could her the screams from Tom that indicated that he had, had a good idea, as he collapsed from the pain the poison was causing.

He lay there waiting for death to take him into her loving embrace. Then he felt some thing on his chest. With every ounce of strength he had left he lifted his head and opened his eyes to gaze at the one winged figure that was Dumbledore's Familiar. The red bird was crying onto his shoulder. For a second he had hope Phoenix tears had healing qualities. Maybe he would survive this.

The hope was quickly dashed as he saw the wound close but could still feel the burning inside. If anything the tears made it worse, for now there was a battle to over take his body between the greatest forms of death and life known to the magical world. It felt horrible.

"No good Fawks, guess i do die, least i save the world again though." He croaked.

Yet Fawks had other plans. He had been entrusted by Dumbledore to keep this boy alive and he would do it what ever the cost. The bird decided to do something that no phoenix had ever done before. He would take Harry with him in his cycle of rebirth.

Fire consumed the immortal bird, and with every ounce of will power it urged the flames to engulf Harry as well. The normal flames that usually only lasted seconds on an averaged sized Phoenix lasted a full five minutes as they consumed Harry as well.

When it was over a fledgling Fawks lay on Harry's bare chest. exhausted the bird gazed at Harry while it waited for something, anything to happen. He had been changed that much was for sure. No human had ever been taken through the flames of rebirth before. It was bound to do something to the boy.

Suddenly there was sound to Fawks's left. The Weasly girl had finally regained consciousness, maybe she could be of some use.


Ginny sat up slowly, her entire body ached, as if she had just woken up after running a marathon before collapsing. She opened her eyes and gazed around, not noticing the naked boy and fledgling Phoenix behind her. all she saw was the dungeon. At first her mind drew a blank as to were she was, then it all came back.

What she had been a part of. The snake, the attempted murders, all of it. Her stomached churned as she rushed forward to hurl. in thirty seconds she had emptied the very small contents of her stomach.

After heaving she began to look around her surrounding with renewed caution. The beast she had unleashed might very well be down here waiting to strike and kill her. What she noticed first was the giant dead body of the snake. How could she not see it, a fifty foot snake who was as wide as tree is pretty hard to miss, even when its dead.

She screamed when she saw it, not really releasing that it was dead. she closed her eyes and put her hands in front of her as she curled up on the ground. she waited for the strike, the teeth, the venom. But none came, after a few seconds she opened her eyes and noticed the blood that came from its maw. She was fascinated as to what might have killed the serpent. but her musings were cut short by a sound to her right.

There on the ground was a very naked Harry, with a small red bird on his chest.

Ginny seeing Harry nude turned a very deep shade of red, even darker than the hair on her head. She briefly wondered at what to do, that was before she heard the voice of her brother.

"Ginny! Harry!" The older red head screamed as he ran through the entrance into the hall. He froze when he saw the snake, and reacted much the same as Ginny. He was followed by a very confused looking man, who Ginny soon recognized as Gilderoy Lockhart.

"Ron, professor. Lockhart, its al right the snake is dead." Ginny spoke.

Ron opened his eyes and looked at the snake briefly before rushing over to his sister, all the while Lockhart muttered aloud

"Who's Lockhart?"

Ginny raised her eyebrows at this, right before she was caught up in a bone crushing hug from her brother.

"Ginny your alive, thank gods. Where's Harry?" He asked quickly before spotting said naked boy.

"Bloody hell." He voiced. "What happened?"

"I don't know, I woke up the snake was dead and Harry was lying there naked." she voiced.

'Well then lets cover him up," Ron spoke out as he took off his outer robes and moved to drape it over Harry.

He stopped only to scoop up the strange red bird that was on his friends chest. But in doing so his hands brushed against Harry's skin. His friend was warm, beyond warm actually, it was like sticking his hand near an open fire.

"The hell?" He spoke as e put the robes over his friend.

'What is it?" Giiny asked as she moved towards the boys as Lockhart just noticed the snake said loudly.

"That is one big fucking snake."

Ron ignoring the Amnesic man told his sister about his concerns.

"Harry's burning up, feel his skin."

"Holly shit, is he sick?" She asked.

"I don't know but...." Ron cut off and looked at Harry's left arm.

"Ron what is it?"

"One of Harry's scars are gone."

"What!?!" His sister cried out.

"Last year when Hagrid had that dragon, the thing bit Harry. Left a nasty scar too, but now its gone." Ron explained in a hushed whisper.

"Well what about his other scar?" Ginny asked.

Ron pushed the hair away, the scar was there, but it was the state that it was in that caused the Weasley's to grow worried. The scar was etching itself back into existence.

"Ron, I'm getting really freaked out now." Ginny whispered.

"Me too, but we can't really do anything sept try and wake him up." Ron said as he started to shake Harry's shoulders. This showed no sign of waking the raven haired youth up. Eventually Ron smacked Harry around saying forcefully,

"Wake up you git, we have to get back up to the school."

"Ron!" Ginny scolded.

"Sorry, I'm just kind of freaked out here, he won't wake up." Ron said shakily, he was truly worried that his friend might die of something.

It was then that the Weasly's and Lockhart, who had pulled out the sword and had begun to poke the basilisk with it. Were all distracted by a bird call. The red Bird that Ron had set aside while he worried about Harry had tripled in size and was giving Ron a very peculiar look.

Ron looked back wide eyed as he realized what it was, It was a phoenix. This meant all they had to do was wait a little while longer and then they had a sure fire way out of here.


It was a total of two hours later that Fawks flew the three children and one very confused man out of the chamber of secrets and into the waiting arms of the faculty.

"Will Harry be all right?" Ginny asked her brother as they were rushed to the hospital wing.

Ron could only smile at her and squeeze her hand in comfort.

"Course he will, nothings killed him yet has it?" He asked with a joke.

"No i guess nothing has." she whispered.

"Yeah, and you know what they say about all that Trial by fire stuff right?"

"Yeah, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

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