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Chapter 12: Your Worst Nightmare

Contrary to popular belief, at Hogwarts one's actions did have consequences. So attempting to murder a fellow student out of hatred and revenge was something that even the usually apathetic Severus Snape could not turn a blind eye to such a transgression. Especially since members of his house instigated it. The resulting fall out from Clarissa's attack on Harry's life led to the eventual expulsion of all those involved in instigating it. And while the incident did serve as an example that Dumbledore was not willing to let racial hatred lead to an all out battle between houses. The deed of the expulsion however only furthered Harry's enigma status, quite possibly making even more people loath him than they had before.

Though even that did nothing to elevate the feeling that things between him and Valentine were over. She had disappeared without a trace long before word of the fight had reached Dumbledore's attention. Harry could just imagine her swearing bloody vengeance upon him as she disappeared into the night.

Harry couldn't repress the sigh that escaped his lips as he thought about the implications of yet another person seeking his life. Already there was Voldemort, Sirius Black, not to mention all the people who had lost family trying to kill him. It had long since stopped being something he feared and instead had moved to the point of frustrating. After all when one gets turned into an inhuman creature other things like crazed dark lords with no real body seem to lose some of their oomph.

"Harry, what's wrong mate?" George (or was it Fred this time) asked in concern.

"Not much, just the sheer insanity that is my life." Harry replied dryly.

"Ah thinking about Valentine again?" Replied the other twin.

"Amongst other thing, which reminds me. I never did get to ask you about those Gauntlets you two used." Harry answered as he recalled the weapons the twins had used to help him fend off his attackers.

"Ah those, well that was a bit of transfiguration."

"We learned it from one of the guest speakers who taught us foreign magic." They answered.

"Transfiguration? That didn't look like any ordinary transfiguration." Harry said back.

"Nothing gets past you does it?"

"Well to be honest it wasn't."

"But we're not going to tell you about it." They finished together.

"And the reason is what?" Harry asked in disappointment.

"Aw come one Harry." Fred said playfully

"We need to keep our secrets too." George added.

"This from the people trying to sell my shed skin for belt leather? Come on guys you owe me something for that stunt." Harry said bitterly as he remembered the incident with little actual malice, it had just been one of the weirder things they had tried to do.

"Well we do owe you something." Fred agreed,

"However we just can't part with that knowledge at this time." George added,

"So in return we shall impart onto you a gift."

"A most auspicious gift."

"What exactly is this gift?' Harry asked curiously.

"Well it's not something we can show you here."

"Much too public for such a thing.

"Just follow us." They said together as they both motioned for him to follow.

After they had left the hall they moved quickly to an abandoned classroom. There one of the twins motioned for him to sit at one of the many unused and dusty desks, while the other pulled what looked like a folded piece of blank parchment from his shirt. Immediately Harry knew that something was odd about it, whether it was because of his transformation or if it was because he was finally becoming paranoid with all the attempts on his life.

"What exactly is that?" Harry asked with growing trepidation. He had no clue as to weather it was harmful or not, but the last piece of blank paper he had to deal with had led to his current transformation. And while he knew the twins would never do anything to intentionally harm him, there was always the chance.

"This Harry,"

"Is the secret to our success."

"Okay so how is it, what's the secret, ask it questions about how to prank and it gives you answers, or do you describe potential targets and pranks before it tells you who to do what to?" Harry asked as he continued to look at the blank page before him.

"Why would you think that?" Fred asked in confusion.

"We happen to come up with everything ourselves." George added.

"Well then what is it? I know it isn't just some blank piece of paper." Harry asked as he continued to look at it.

"Very good Harrykins."

"It's a map."

"A map?" Harry asked

"Yup." They answered together.

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say it isn't a normal map." Harry said as he glanced more carefully at the blank parchment before him.

"That it's not." Fred nodded.

"It's the Marauders Map." George added.

"Okay, so how exactly does it work?" Harry asked.

"We thought you'd never ask." Fred smiled as he and George pulled out their wands.

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." They both incanted as they placed their wands to the blank parchment, in seconds a detailed sketch of Hogwarts appeared on the outer folds of the parchment, along with the name of the map.

A smile on their faces the twins opened the folds of the map, revealing various sketches of rooms along with the occasional name. However what Harry found strange was the fact that the names seemed to move on their own accord. Harry carefully looked over all of the names as well as the name of the room they seemed to be in.

"This is a real time map of Hogwarts?" Harry asked in awe as he finally found his name right next to that of Fred and George, this also had the added benefit of telling which was which.

"That it is little Harry." Fred smiled.

"It also shows all the secret passages are." George added as he pointed to a small corridor on the map that led from the dungeons to the very back of the potions room.

"Along with how to get by them." Fred said as he pointed at a picture of a witch as little incantations appeared next to it.

"It even know the current passwords to the dorms." George pointed to the entrance of Gryffindor common room and sure enough there was the current password next to the portrait.

"Only thing not on there is the Chamber of Secrets." Fred sounded bitter as he pointed towards the bathroom where Harry knew the chamber entrance to be located, but not at the exact entrance to it.

"Wicked." Harry whispered before glancing back at the map. He was momentarily enthralled with it before two thoughts marred his enthusiasm. One who made this map, and two, why were the twins even willing to part with such a thing.

"So let me get this straight, you two are going to give me your all access map of Hogwarts? The map you've used to avoid trouble when setting things up and to get from here to Merlin knows where for years." Harry questioned as he looked over the map once more.

"Well you see, all we've been using it for recently was finding out the passwords to the other dorms so we can prank them in their sleep." Fred admitted.

"Plus the fact that we've memorized most of the routes in and out of the castle already. What we don't already know by heart are the routes that lead to nowhere." George added.

"Okay, that still begs the question of why you're giving it to me though?" Harry pushed further.

"That Harry is simple." George said as he adopted a lecturing tone.

"You need it far more than we do." Fred nodded.

"First year there were vague rumors about you battling it out with Quirrell."

"Who had you-know-who on the back of his head."

"Then there's the fact that last year you had to fight a basilisk."

"Not to mention all the random attempts on your life since then."

"We though you could use this." They finished in unison while pushing the map towards him. Harry could only smile as he took the map in hand before looking it over once more. For the first time he finally noted the inscription on the cover.

"Who do you think they were" Harry asked as he looked at the four names that presented the map to him.

"We may never know." Fred smiled fondly.

"But we can't thank them enough." George added.

"Thanks guys." Harry said warmly. It was at times like this that he could momentarily forget that his life seemed to be one big cosmic joke. That people didn't want to kill him, and that he would never truly be human again.


It was an hour later that Harry found himself once more gazing at the map. This time he was in waiting for the rest of the people to show up for the first Defense Against the Dark Art class of the year. Since gaining the map and the instructions on how to turn it on and off, Harry had often found himself gazing at it with a huge smile plastered to his face. He still couldn't believe that the twins had given him something like this.

Harry smiled as he watched the names on the parchment move about. He could see Ron and Neville making their way towards the classroom. Though he was confused with the absence of Hermione. Noting that the first of his classmates should be arriving at any moment Harry tapped the parchment with his wand before muttering a quite mischief managed. It was however a great shock when not two seconds after he'd put the parchment away, that Hermione walked into the classroom.

Harry blinked twice as she walked towards him, a tired, yet happy smile on her face. He was absolutely positive that she hadn't been outside the classroom, or anywhere near the door a few moments ago. Yet here she was, smiling at him.

"Good morning Harry?" Hermione smiled, as Harry looked her over as if he was trying to figure out some complex puzzle. As he looked more closely he began to notice that several things were off about her. For one thing her hair, which he had seen her do into a careful ponytail just an hour ago, was looser than it had been before. Her cloths, which had been neatly pressed that morning was now showing the tell tale signs of being worn for hours.

"Harry is something wrong?" Hermione asked when she didn't receive a response to her earlier greeting.

"It's nothing Hermione, just something I need to figure out." Harry responded as he began to over the possible reasons why Hermione seemed to be in the state that she was in. Hermione in turn looked ready to ask something else before the rest of the students began to trickle in. Quietly she sat down next to him before asking.

"Harry, what is it? Are you still thinking about the incident three days ago?" She asked in concern.

"Hermione I'm fine, just a little confused right now." Harry responded absently.

"Harry, I'm sure everything will be just fine. The students who attacked you had their wands snapped and they're all facing ministry investigations. You have nothing to worry about. Valentine could never get back inside the school to harm you, not with all the Dementors patrolling the grounds, it's a miracle she even got out of the school." Hermione said in a soothing voice, thinking that Harry was still thinking over what had happened with the Slytherins, like he had been with the last fight he was in when he had to fight other people.

"That's not it Hermione, but thanks anyways." Harry muttered as he closed his eyes and began to try to piece together what he knew.

"If that not it then what?" Hermione asked in confusion.

"What's what?" Ron asked as he took the seat on the other side of Harry.

"Hermione thinks I'm brooding." Harry responded eyes still closed.

"Well, are you?" Ron asked as Hermione tried to sputter out objections.

"Not at the moment." Harry replied.

"Then what are you doing?" Ron asked.


"Well see Hermione, he's thinking. Why'd you think he was brooding?" Ron asked her.

"Well with what happened three days ago." Hermione offered in defense.

"As the twins said to me this morning, shit happens, learn to deal." Harry offered.

"Harry, that doesn't really sound like you. This morning you were still brooding on it." Hermione said in concern.

"I know, but when you think about it, the twins do have it right. Besides aren't you the one who told me that I shouldn't feel bad about acting in self defense?" Harry asked as he momentarily put his new puzzle into the back of his thoughts.

"Well I did, but…"

"I'm doing as you suggested, so what's the problem?" Harry asked.

"He's got a point Hermione, why is it a big deal that Harry stopped brooding?" Ron asked.

"It's not." Hermione protested.

"Maybe she was looking forward to being the one who got him out of it." Neville suggested from the seat in front of them. He looked quite odd in the clothing he had chosen to wear for Foreign Magick. He was part of the group that was studying early American magic's. His was also one of the outfits that had caused quite a stir. Choosing a red leather vest, brown pants, and moccasins, and nothing else. Despite his round facial features the outfit did not make him look hideous, instead he merely looked like he was off to a Halloween party.

"I was not!" Hermione protested, as her face grew red.

"If not that then what?" Ron asked with a smile to make his brothers proud.

"Well…" Hermione muttered, before finding her desk extremely interesting.

She was however spared any more questions when professor Lupin entered the classroom and began to quite the rest of the students. Harry gazed at the older man as he explained that they would be having a bit of practical work toady, and his mind went unbidden to the scent he got from the man. Harry barely listened as he and the rest of the class were carted off from the classroom and through the halls to a random classroom, his mind couldn't shake the odd feeling he got from the elder man. It was odd really how his primal side viewed the older man. It was almost as if the other man was another predator. Not one of his caliber, but yet one still worthy of respect.

Finally the assembled class entered the classroom, it was large, but not on the same level of professor Roads class. In the very center of the room was a wardrobe with a chain wrapped around it. The odd thing to Harry was however that it seemed to rattle about and a strange sound seemed to emanate from it.

"Now who can tell me what is in here?" Lupin asked as he stood next to the side of the wardrobe.

"It's a boggart." Hermione said eagerly.

"That is correct miss Granger, now who can tell me what a boggart looks like, anyone?" Lupin asked with a tired smile.

"No one knows sir." Hermione answered again.

"Indeed, and this is because the boggart is a shape-shifter. It takes the form of that which you most fear. Now there are many theories as to why it does this, but it is commonly accepted that boggarts are an out of control experiment that was originally made by wizards to guard their homes, and indeed what more fearsome guard than that which can assume the shape of your darkest nightmare. However there does exist a simple charm to drive them off, but what really gets a boggart is laughter. This charm will change the boggart into something you find amusing. The charm is pronounced Riddikulus, Please repeat it for me." Lupin explained, as one the class repeated the incantation.

"Now I require a volunteer, mister Longbottom I think you'll do nicely." Lupin said as he called out Neville from the crowd. He hesitantly stepped forward from his friends and stood next to the haggard professor.

"What do I have to do sir?" Neville asked as bravely as he could.

"Now mister Longbottom I need you to picture the thing you fear most, can you do that for me?" Lupin asked in a reassuring tone.

"Professor Snape sir." Neville said rigidly, earning a few laughs from the class.

"Professor Snape, well few can be as menacing in the classroom as he. Now I believe you also have a grandmother?" Lupin asked in a laugh as Neville just nodded in response.

"Good, now I want you to imagine her clothing, only those and when the boggart comes out of the closet…" What ever else was said was lost to the rest of the class as Lupin whispered it into Neville's ear before moving back a few paces.

"Do you understand?" Neville nodded.

"I'm going to release the boggart, are you ready?" Neville nodded again.

"Good." And with a flick of his wand the chains surrounding the door vanished and out stepped professor Snape. The boggart looked every bit as menacing and vile as the real one. He sneered at Neville as he stalked towards the boy.

"R- Riddikulus!" Neville incanted nervously as his fear drew closer. The change was instant, one moment Snape was wearing his normal dark robes and the next he was clad in drag with a dead vulture on his head. The class drowned in laughter as Snape's visage looked around in fear.

From there many took their turn at the creature, it changed from Snape to a number of other things. With each transformation it would then shift again into something hilarious. Though through all this Harry remained detached, a single question ringing through his head.

'What do I fear?'

At first he would have thought that it would be Voldemort, but in truth even with his two previous encounters Harry could not say he feared the man. His thoughts then turned to the huge basilisk he had to fight last year. Yet still with his recent change he could say that he did not fear that either. Before he knew it, it was Harry's turn to confront the boggart. Currently it was a legless spider rolling helplessly on the ground. Harry stepped towards it as it's shape began to shift, as before the change was instant. An oppressive heat filled the classroom as the boggart took its shape. Harry was dimly aware of someone shouting his name desperately as he gazed at his darkest nightmare. The boggart had taken the shape of a person, but it wasn't just any person.

The boggarts bareback was to the rest of the class as fiery wings produced unimaginable heat. Wild and untamable dark hair shot off its head in all directions. They could make out the figures crimson, bloodstained hands. Slowly the figure turned towards him. Blood marked his face and chest as he smiled viciously back at the class. Harry could only gasp in fear as he looked into its eyes, as fire touched emeralds gazed back. Harry felt his grip on control over his animal side falter as he looked at his darkest fear, himself.

All around him people were shouting in fear as the intolerable heat bore down on them from both Harry and the boggart. Though it would seem that Harry was unaware of this. Harry simply stayed routed to the spot looking back into his own eyes as his own wings burned through his shirt. A hissing growl escaped his lips as he looked at the other predator that had entered his territory. The action was mimicked by the boggart as the two stared each other down.

No one could quite say what it was that changed things after that. One moment they were just standing there glaring at one another. The next they were at each other's throats.

Harry swung viciously at the boggart as it attempted to do the same. The swing went wide as the boggart danced around him and tried for a potentially devastating uppercut. Harry barely managed to lean back enough to miss the blow before he lashed out with a roundhouse kick. The kick landed squarely in the boggarts abdomen and sent it flying through the far wall and into the next classroom. With single-minded determination Harry pursued it.

Once he closed in on his enemy Harry sent a potentially lethal downward punch at the downed creature. The punch ripped a whole in the floor that both he and the boggart fell through as the dark double rolled away from the blow. Luckily for all attending the school the next classroom was again empty as the boggart punched Harry in the face in mid-air, sending him to the other end of the classroom. The two animalistic combatants glared at each other as they landed, before once more they charged.

As Harry and the boggart clashed they remained completely unaware of what they wrote on the hearts of the classmates. Once more Harry's friends could only helplessly watch as he battled for his life. Once more they could only pray that he would come out on top.


"Riddikulus! Riddikulus! Riddikulus! Goddamn it why wont it work!" Ron shouted angrily as Harry took a blow from his counterpart. He knew that he got the spell incantation right and that he was imagining something funny happening to the boggart. Yet no matter how many times he cast the spell the dark reflection of his best mate remained.

"Because you aren't the boggart's target." Lupin said solemnly as he once more watched the last connection to his old friend move further and further away from humanity. He could only imagine that it felt somewhat like his transformation. That a deeper, darker side of him took over.

"Wait, so the charm won't work unless you're the boggart's target?" Neville asked fearfully.

"Regrettably so, the spell works off of the bond that the boggart forms with its prey, making the image you present in you mind easier to move into reality." Lupin explained tiredly.

"So what if one of us where to get in its path?" Hermione asked quietly.

"You can't be seriously considering that can you? Look at him, I know you think Harry would never hurt you, but that animal down there is not Harry." Lupin argued.

"How dare you say that!" Neville shouted as he lashed out at the man. They didn't really know the older man, nor did he really know that. But for him to say something so callus to them while their friend fought for his life would not be forgiven.

Lupin was completely floored when the blow met his jaw. He could only look at the three youths in shame as they glared down at him.

"I told you once before, and I'll tell you again he wont hurt us. He's afraid right now, and he's only attacking out of fear. If we can make the fear go away he'll come back to us." Hermione said affirmatively before she turned and headed for the path of destruction that Harry and the boggart had wrought, The remaining two spared him a glance before following, leaving Lupin alone and ashamed.


Harry's eyes were locked onto his double, hatred clearly written across his feral visage as he battled with his darker half. For every blow he dished out, his double matched. They had long since cleared the interior of the castle and had taken their deadly dance to the grounds, destruction and fire scared their path here and probably would remain, even with the efforts of magic to remove it.

Though I his mind he really didn't care, all his focus was on his dark, blood-soaked mimicry. Both his instincts and conscious mind were in agreement that this thing needed to be destroyed. That it was the greatest threat to him, but greater still was the threat that it represented to his friends at large. If it got near them there was no telling what could happen. The notion that it would change shape back into their worst fear was lost to him. Even the concept of spell work was lost to him. All that existed was the enemy.

With a rage filled roar he threw himself at the boggart, fist swinging and his wings burning brightly behind him. The blow met the weary boggart with a deafening crack, sending it tumbling across the landscape. The beast quickly recovered before charging back at him. The two figures met in their dance once more, blows were traded at a break-neck speed before the real Harry managed once more to break the deadlock with a mighty blow.

Yet this time he did not let his foe recover, instead he slide right after it, delivering a prodigiously powerful punch to the creature, sending it air born. Quickly following Harry continued to rain blows upon the beast of fear. Pushing it higher and higher into the sky. With each bit of altitude Harry lost to it he would slide back to it to deliver even more blows to it, sending it further and further into the air. Finally after they had reached well over one hundred feet into the air Harry slid into the space above his double and delivered an axe-kick to the boggarts chest.

Hermione and the others arrived just in time to see the boggart crash into the ground before Harry slid into existence in front of them, his back to them. Hermione could barely stand against the heat that both Harry and the boggart gave off. Idly she noticed that the ground around both of the combatants was scorched and smoldering.

Yet what really scared her was all of the Dementors that had started to investigate the area. They were completely surrounded by the vile creatures. She suspected that the only thing keeping them away was the very thing that had drawn their attention.

But in the end none of that truly mattered to her, all she really wanted was to stop Harry from fighting. She had already seen him do too much over the summer. She had seen him fight and kill, and it frightened her. She knew very well that he was no longer the overly polite young boy she had met on the way to Hogwarts. Yet he couldn't help but wish that he still was.

As Hermione stood idle by taking in the details of their surroundings, Ron was once again proving his colors. Instead of analyzing anything he had begun marching forward as soon as he saw Harry and the boggart. Neville seeing Ron march forward was quick to join him. Neither of them truly noticed the dark presence surrounding the field. All they could see was their best friends in a situation they could finally help him in.

"Oi, Boggart! Over here you stupid sod!" Ron yelled out.

The boggart of course didn't even notice him. It was too intent on dodging around Harry's fists to even notice that others had arrived. This of course did nothing to deter Ron and Neville from trying to gain its attention. If it looked at them then Harry wouldn't have to fight it anymore. Simple plans for a simple mind.

"Over here you stupid copy cat!" Neville added as he moved far closer to the brawl than even Ron dared to. This however proved to be exactly what was needed to force the boggart's attention away from Harry. In an instant the visage of a monstrous Harry was replaced with a sneering professor Snape. It was to the great amusement to all that even though the boggart was no longer seeking to attack him, that Harry did not cease his attacks on it. Neville would forever cherish the memory of watching his best friend slug his most hated professor across the Hogwarts grounds. Of course his elation was short lived.

As soon as the secondary source of power was gone the Dementors charged. It was horrifying for Ron and Neville. One moment there was the overwhelming heat made by both Harry and his double, and the next they were on the verge of freezing over in fear. If not for the spark of warmth that Harry offered then both would have probably passed out in utter hopelessness as the wraiths moved in for the feed.

Hermione could only watch from her position on the hillside as the Dementors moved to consume her friends. Only her hesitation of nearing her feral friend put her in the position she was in now. Had she not, she as well would be just as likely to be consumed as they. From her position she could see fires break out as several of the Dementors cried out in pain before being silenced. Harry seemed to have taken up a stationary position in front of Ron and Neville, and despite the evidence that he should move to defend himself, he seamed to be rooted to the spot.

Briefly she felt the air behind her alight with power as yet another presence made themselves known. Immediately she felt reassured as a small trill echoed from behind her. Heat was also present as a calm, yet deadly serious voice spoke from behind her.

"Miss. Granger, what is happening?" Came the headmasters query.

"A boggart, Harry went feral on it, it spilled out here. The Dementors came soon after." Hermione responded rapidly and without the usual eloquence on would associate with her. Right now she was far more concerned with the lives of her friends than anything else.

"I see, well then this calls for far more power than my own patronus, but I shall do my best so that Harry may at least have some leeway. The wizen headmaster said as he brandished his wand, summoning a silvery phoenix that quickly charged into the middle of the battlefield. The spectral construct quickly positioned itself behind Ron and Neville and drove off quite a few of the Dementors. Yet it did not dissuade the vast army that had congregated in the sky and around them. If anything all it did was give them a bit of breathing room.

"Headmaster, is that professor Snape over there?" Hermione asked as she saw a figure approach the small army of Dementors. Sure enough the approaching figure looked in every way to be the head of Slytherin house. Yet he bore no wand at the dark wardens, nor did he appear to have a patronus to defend against their power.

"Severus what Are you doing!" Dumbledore shouted in fear as he watched a man he trusted seemingly present himself as a free meal to some of the darkest creatures imaginable.

Yet it was as the Dementors drew near to him that both he and Hermione realized that it was not in fact the potions professor. As his visage twisted and turned upon the Dementors approach they realized two things. The first thing they realized was that it was the boggart still in professor Snape's form that had begun to approach the Dementors. The second was far more horrifying, as they bore witness to yet another first in history. The unveiling of what a Dementor most feared. As heat yet again poured from the boggarts position they knew that things had just moved past the point of no return.

"They're afraid of him?" Hermione asked in shock as the boggart began to rip into the wraiths with the same lack of mercy that Harry was.

"So it would seem, I imagine that knowing that there is now something that could end their existence gives them reason enough to fear it." Dumbledore answered as Harry and the boggart pushed the Dementors back towards the lake. "Though I myself am beginning to wonder if there is a way that we could possibly salvage this." He added.

It was bad enough that many at the board of governors were hounding for Harry's expulsion, but for him to revert to feral instincts in a classroom, and then for him and his double to fight yet another army of Dementors, on school grounds. It was quickly turning into a loosing battle to keep the potter heir inside of Hogwarts.

"What's the boggart doing?" Hermione suddenly asked as the fighting between Harry, the boggart and the Dementors moved over the lake.

As Dumbledore watched, he saw that each Dementor killed by the boggart was seemingly consumed by it, the flames moving towards its chest before being absorbed and disappearing.

"I'm not quite sure miss. Granger, but I can only hope it is nothing serious." He answered as just a trickle of fear wormed its way into his heart.

Harry slid away from yet another of the grasping hands of the cold-things before lashing out with his wing. As with every other, it was consumed in an inhuman scream before he moves on to another. To his right he could hear the sounds of struggle that his double was doing just as well as he was. Though he dared not take his eyes off of the enemies before him.

Four of them were trying to surround him, but he quickly charged the lead one before they could even begin to close the gap, his fist lashing out quickly and powerfully. As his foe went sailing into the burning wings of his double, Harry turned on the others that had attempted to surround him. He briefly noted that one had been too close to him as he had rounded and was being consumed by the flames of his wings. Not really caring that it was dieing in agony he grabbed it by the arm and threw it into a gathering of its fellows, the results of which were much like throwing a match onto a pile of kindling coated in gasoline.

As more of his enemies went up in flames Harry took the opportunity to gain a bit of distance on his enemies. As he slid onto the solid ground of the lake-shore, he took the opportunity to watch his double reduce several more Dementors to ash, as well as witness the translucent phoenix enter into the fray, herding the cold-things towards him and his double, so they could better deal with them. With a predatory smile on his face he leapt back into the battle, tearing into the cold wardens of Azkaban with a fervor that he had once held for Quidditch.


With the additional help of Dumbledore's patronus, it took only an additional five minutes before the remaining Dementors fled from the grounds and made for the depths of the Forbidden-forest. By this point both Harry and the Boggart had landed on the ground again. Both of them had their backs to the other. Harry faced his approaching friends and headmaster; While the Boggart faced the castle.

As his friends finally drew near, both Harry and the Boggart turned on one another. Their eyes met once more as they prepared yet again to move into deadly combat. However, as they tensed to launch at the other, Hermione threw herself between the two of them. Her wand extended and the Riddikulus spell on the tip of her tongue. Yet the Boggart did not shift its form.

Instead it smiled at her.

"What the hell." Ron breathed as the Boggart simply smiled at the confused group of students.

"R- Riddikulus!" Hermione tried incanting fearfully.

"Sorry little human, but that wont work anymore." The boggart surprised everyone by speaking.

"H-how." Hermione whispered in shock.

"This form suits me too well, I don't want to take it off anymore." It answered in mockingly.

"What do you plan on doing?" Dumbledore asked as he drew the creature's attention to himself. He was still shocked to see that it didn't change its shape to that of his own worst fear.

"What do you expect me to do? I plan on doing what I always have done, Spread fear." It answered darkly.

"I'm afraid that I cannot let you do that." Dumbledore said coldly as he leveled his wand at the dark visage of his student, out of the corner of his eye he could see Harry still ready for battle against his darker half.

"I'd like to see you try old man." It smiled before it moved. Faster than he could follow, the boggart had disappeared in fire, only to appear next to him. Dumbledore wasn't even able to bring a shield up before its fist connected with his face, sending him flying through the air with tremendous force.

Quickly bringing its gaze to the other, the Boggart smile cruelly once more.

"I shall enjoy bringing nightmares to this world." It said before he disappeared in a halo of flames.

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