"So pretty, so pretty." The man whispered to himself in the jail cell he was inside, he had been caught harvesting a pretty young face from a female teenager during a slumber party. The parents and the other guests woke up before he succeeded, and as a result he was caught by the Minnesota police department and awaited his trial in the cell.

"So pretty." The man cooed as he stroked the face skin he had stolen from the girl before the police caught him. He found it mildly inconvenient that a group of people watched him perform his task, but he performed his job just the same.

"Hey shut up freakshow! I'm trying to think about my death sentence in peace!" Freud screamed from the next cell over, the man scowled at Freud's rudeness.

"I'm trying to admire my beauty, so you shut up!" The man screamed at the Freud through the wall, Freud scowled again. "I don't care if you're a fucking twilight hottie doppelganger, shut the fuck up!" Freud screamed as he banged the wall. The man frowned at Freud's insolence.

"Well I never, in my day people weren't so rude, I should go over there and rip your eyes out." The man said with a smirk, Freud smacked the wall. "Yeah well, fuck your day." Freud screamed as he lay back down on his bunk. The man scowled as he sat down on his bunk.

"Interesting, I take it that you two dislike eachother." A dragon said from behind outside of the cells. The man and Freud both looked up from their beds.

"Fuck no, I don't like him one bit!" The both of them said in unison, the dragon chuckled as he stepped closer.

"And you two are both dangerous men I'm betting?" The dragon asked, smiling.

"Yeah, i'm pretty well-known among the authorities." Freud chuckled, then he gestured towards the cell beside him. "And I bet this guy is some fucked up serial killer." Freud said with a chuckled, the man scowled then turned to his stolen face.

"I won't be fucked up after I put on my pretty face." The man said quickly, Freud laughed. "I rest my case."

"Excellent then, I see i'm not wasting this bit of magic then." The dragon said with a grin.