Did anyone think I'd ever get back to this fandom? I didn't. This part was requested by a reader of 'I can't Love you' chapter two. It's only a first draft, and if I need some practice (which I am sure I do) on Geric's character, and Shannon Hale's amazing story and characters.

Disclaimer: I do not own this story. Some of the wording comes right from the book, Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale.

"The princess Napralina-Victery has arrived for the royal wedding," was announced to those in the throne room. Geric looked up. The princess's sister was arriving. For the wedding. Their wedding. His wedding. And the woman he was marrying was Anidori-Kiladra. Not his Isi. He mentally kicked himself. Not his Isi. The young girl in the goose pasture was not his. Would never be his.

Many a nights while he lay awake he would think of her, the way she smiled. He had a sad feeling that she had never smiled much before they met.

"Geric? Are you alright?" his father asked.

Geric shook his head, then nodded. "Yes….yes I was just….my mind was wandering."

"Pay attention, son," the King spoke to his younger child. "If you are anything like your brother, then I'll have two mindless sons."

Geric slapped his father's shoulder. "My mind has been…occupied that past few months, father. Give me leave."

The king chuckled and nodded. "Also, get a sense of humor."

The youngest prince laughed.

"I have a sense of humor!" Geric cried out, and then the huge doors were opened. Everyone turned as a group of Bayern men led in the princess of Kildenree- Napralina. Something about her looked far too familiar to him….she looked nothing like Anidori, who at that moment, walked in.

The air in which she walked bothered him, and he looked away before she could catch his eye. His gaze turned back to her younger sister. He studied her, wondering why she looked so familiar.

"Ah, Princess Napralina-Victery," his father said.

"No," the princess said in a small voice. "I am not she."

That voice! But his father's voice interrupted his thoughts. "Not Napralina?" he demanded.

"No, I am not, but-" she was cut off. The Bayern guards returned to her side and were about to escort her out when she managed out, "no, wait." The girl-those eyes…..her face….if not for that blasted sunlight in his eyes he could see her better-dropped down to the ground. "Please, listen to me."

The gestured to remove her, and Geric told him to wait, and he leaned away from the light. She glanced up, her eyes full of fear.

The girl placed her hand up at him, almost as if telling him to stay. Geric couldn't help but we raptured by the girl, and watched her every move.

"Isi?" he whispered. Despite the situation, his heart beat wildly at seeing her again, and he felt himself smile, nay grin at her. "Isi, what's going on?"

The looked on her face stayed frozen. Her mouth was slightly open, and her eyes looked sideways towards the yellow man with the braids, then back at him, still staying silent.

"It was my grandmother's name," she said at last, "among friends."

Geric began to frown. What was the meaning of all this? Her eyes looked at him a moment more, then turned towards his father's. Geric turned to his father as well. He could see his father was about to explode.

Isi stood up, slowly, then looked his father in the eye.

"I am Princess Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, the first daughter of Kildenree. That girl," he gaze never left the king's as she pointed to Selia, "is my lady-in-waiting."

Geric blinked. Once. Twice. He believed her. He didn't know why….but he did. And he was glad.