This is set right before "The goose Girl." These are not my characters, they belong they belong to Shannon Hale.

Selia smiled as she saw the crown princess walking out to the garden. She knew she had something….something that made people want to do what she said…but she hadn't yet tried it on the crown princess.

"Oh, Crown Princess!! There you are!" Selia smiled her syrupy smiled. Ani flinched slightly, then said,

"Hello Selia. How are you?" Selia smiled.

"It doesn't matter how I am, Crown Princess. Just you…say, when were you deciding to come visit mother…she is has been wanting you to come so very badly…" She said, stepping in time with Ani. Ani winced, and said,

"I was planning on coming soon." Selia smiled again, and said

"I'll set it up for the day after tomorrow." Ani's eyes widened, and said,

"Actually, Selia, I was…um…" Selia stopped and placed a hand on Ani's arm.

"Crown Princess, are you to put your own pleasures before that of your people?" Ani sighed and looked down.

"I will be there." She mumbled as she left. Selia smiled. Her plan was coming into action.