Challenge: [203] Don't Get Caught (For a Kingdom Hearts Drabble Community)

Title: Empathic

Pairings: Slight RikuSora, AkuRoku

Notes: The feelings came from nowhere and seemed to erupt from nothing. But they were blazing and they burned - they burned like fire inside of Sora.


Honestly, Sora could only remember one time that he felt similar emotions to what he felt during those strange minutes of sporadic depression. That was when Riku left him for the darkness and he felt desperately sad and alone.

At first, Sora took no real notice of these strange episodes until one day Kairi's hair was looking effulgently red from the rising sunlight that shone on it. He can't explain what happened - they were just walking to school. But Sora was struck such a blazing sadness when he saw her hair shine. It ran down to the bottom of his stomach. Feeling tears spring to his eyes, Sora ran from Kairi. He didn't want to get caught crying when it made no sense - when his feelings made no sense. Later Sora made up some lame excuse for his sudden disappearance and Kairi only frowned at it. But she never pushed Sora to tell her anything. If he wanted to tell her, he would.

Sora hid his random episodes of depression because he didn't want to burden anyone with something he himself didn't understand. The feelings came from nowhere and seemed to erupt from nothing. But they were blazing and they burned - they burned like fire inside of Sora.

One night though, Sora was caught.

Sora and Riku were walking home one night, then Sora saw Riku's sea green eyes hit the light of the fading sun. Bright, vivid, green eyes.

And it struck him.

Bitting his lip, Sora excused himself, trying to not choke out sobs. He ran from Riku - his eyes closed, his heart burning. Sora ran until he crashed into the sand at the beach. His eyes were already filled with tears but when he fell, his whole body shook as he sobbed.

How could he cry over Kairi's hair? How could he cry over Riku's eyes? How could he possibly cry and be so upset over something like that? Sora decided something must be terribly wrong with him.

Riku chased the boy to the beach, knowing something was wrong. Surprised to find Sora crying so violently, Riku's eyes softened as he forced the younger boy into a hug. But his crying never stopped. He cried and cried and cried. Riku's shirt was covered in Sora's tears. Riku was slient the whole time the boy cried, trying to figure out what brought about this emotion from Sora - this all seemed so sudden and unexpected.

But it all made sense when Sora cried out a name - Axel. Riku was sure he misheard but when Sora mumbled Axel's name again and again with apology after apology, Riku knew that he was crying for Axel.

It made no sense, Sora hardly knew Axel.

Riku knew that Axel had saved Sora. And he also knew that Roxas, Sora's nobody, was extremely close, if not involved, with Axel.

And it dawned on Riku, who later explained it to Sora.

Axel wasn't trying to save Sora, he was trying to save Roxas.

And it wasn't Sora's tears on his shirt, they were Roxas'.

Inside Sora, Roxas cried and cried, reflecting Sora on the outside. He felt sad and upset whenever he noticed that Kairi's red hair wasn't as bright as Axel's. Or when he noticed that Riku's eyes weren't as vivid green.

Roxas felt his heart burn (Axel always made him burn). Yes, his heart. Because now Roxas had the heart he so desperately longed for. But Roxas never felt so empty, even when he was a no body and didn't have a heart.

His heart wasn't worth everything he had lost. Nothing was worth anything without Axel.