Challenge [204]: Letters (For a Kingdom Hearts Drabble Community)
Title: Verb: To Write
Pairings: RikuSora, slight AkuRoku
Notes: "He just couldn't find the words to express himself. And as each day passed, he felt an even stronger desire to tell the brunette how he felt. But he didn't know how to explain it."

Verb: To Write

Dear Sora,
It's easier to write down what you feel as opposed to saying it - in the moment you just cannot find the words to express exactly how you feel. I hope that this letter can explain precisely how I feel about you. I suppose you don't know how I feel about you? You're oblivious after all.

You just make me feel like

Suddenly Riku crumbled the letter he was writing and threw it in a pile of other paper balls that surrounded his garbage can. This was ridiculous. Riku had been trying to put words to how he felt about Sora now for hours. He was just trying to write one simple letter that would make Sora understand how he felt. But judging by all the used and crumbled paper, it was going badly.

Riku sighed. Another failed attempt. He ended up calling Sora "oblivious" in this letter. Insulting somebody wasn't the way to their heart. Or so Riku had been told.

He just couldn't find the words to express himself. And as each day passed, he felt an even stronger desire to tell the brunette how he felt. But he didn't know how to explain it.

Sometime after that, Riku and Sora were sitting down at the beach. It was a lovely, peaceful evening.

"You know..."

Riku's eyes snapped over to Sora who was looking towards the ocean with a frown on his face. "He never told him how he felt." Riku suddenly felt his heartbeat quicken but he manged to choke out "Who?"

"Roxas." Sora said simply, "I can remember somethings about his .." Would life be the right word? Sora wondered, "... time here." Sora locked eyes with Riku.

"He never told Axel how he felt about him."

Feeling strange, Riku tried to appear to seem calm, "And why didn't he tell him?"

"I suppose he felt that words weren't needed." Sora sadly smiled and looked back towards the ocean, leaving Riku in thought.

The next day, Riku found Sora and walked straight over to him, with an envelope in hand.
Riku simply handed Sora the letter. "What's this?" Sora asked as he opened it.

"Just read it."

Dear Sora,

You cannot even imagine how many letters I've started addressed to you. Some of those letters have metaphors that try to make sense of our strange relationship – I've compared you with countless things including the sun and light. I've quoted song lyrics in other letters trying to find something that expresses exactly how I feel. There is nothing that I can find to express precisely how I feel about you.

You may think that as absurd but I've read poetry from Shelley to Neruda in hopes of finding a simple phrase that expresses what I need to express.

I can't find anything.

I suppose words aren't needed because actions are what really count, right? But still, I don't think I could bear it if you didn't know exactly how I felt; Because I feel so strongly about you.

Words maybe useless without action. But when combined with action, they give the action meaning.

I treasure you Sora. You are everything to me.

I hope you understand how much I need you. And if you don't, I'll show you.

You are my most important person – I love you.


Sora stared wide-eyed at the paper in his hand, "Riku... I didn't know...". Sora wasn't able to stutter much else considering how Riku caught his lips into a soft kiss, leaving no room for argument or words; Riku had enough of words.