The human shivered, closing his eyes as the quivering, living fronds played over his mouth, before moving on to trace the rest of his face. Abruptly he found himself flipped onto his back, the Prawn stretched out atop him, their erections, human and alien, pressed together firmly as Christopher began to worry at his neck with his mandibles, biting hard enough to leave conspicuous marks.

"Oh! Oh God..." Wikus groaned and bucked upwards against Christopher, shuddering at the sensation of the bites, and the shamefully delicious knowledge that they would be visible evidence of his transgression, could even be imagined, in the darkest corners of his psyche, as a statement of ownership.

Christopher made a few pleased sounding clicks, grinding their hips together briefly before beginning a similar journey down Wikus' body to the one the human had previously made down his, pausing only long enough to eliminate the barrier of Wikus' mangled shirt by tearing it open in a cascade of popping buttons.

"Fook!" Wikus' exclaimed, gasping as Christopher's trailing mouthparts found his left nipple, and the Prawn paused, lingering to explore the sensitive area, tentacles swirling around it, mandibles that could tear through raw flesh giving only the lightest of nips before moving to give similar attentions to the other side. The human's hips rocked upwards, his legs spreading wider in order to absorb more of the sensation of the alien's slick organ sliding against his own.

Eventually abandoning Wikus' chest, Christopher moved downwards again, and Wikus whimpered, bereft, at losing the separation of their groins. The Prawn's dipped briefly into the human's bellybutton, eliciting giggles, and made a huff of disappointment that these were not the delicious, imploring sounds of before.

A too-warm exhalation against Wikus' erection told him the Prawn had stopped again, and Wikus froze, the reality, the immediacy of what lay before him too much, too raw to contemplate. An almost too faint tickling sensation at the tip of his penis as the alien sampled the slipperiness of the pre-ejaculate pooling there, and then a waterfall of tentacles trailing from tip to base, fanning over heated skin. He would have bucked, as Christopher had, but the Prawn easily held him down and engulfed him fully in feathered slickness and a sudden almost scalding alien heat.

"Ahhh, Christ!" Wikus tried to buck anyway, alternating between trying to squirm away from the achingly intense pleasure and offering himself in lifted supplication to the alien's surrounding mouth, but Christopher's grasp was delightfully inescapable, and it made him hotter still.

Wikus could have been content just with this, more than content, actually, Christopher's attentions were thorough if not expert, and the thrill alone, the stark, forbidden reality of getting a blowjob from an alien was fuel for the darkest fantasies he had never known he'd had. But at the same time he knew there was more, more than he hadn't experienced, images filled with terror and delight that made his thoughts swim and his toes curl. "Please," he implored, asking for what he feared and craved. "More..."

In answer, Christopher disengaged and flipped Wikus over, pulling the human onto his hands and knees. Wikus let out a squeak of alarm, pressing his thighs together hard in instinctive self-defense, then, after a moment, took a deep breath and spread them wide, opening himself to be plundered as he both feared and desperately wanted.

Christopher leaned in, placing a hand on either one of Wikus' still aching buttocks and parted them, staring at the narrow expanse of untouched flesh in between the crimson hemispheres. Wikus blushed hotly and dropped onto his elbows, hiding his face in his arms, painfully conscious of the quivering, vulnerable pucker of his anus, the channel of his rectum that throbbed hot, narrow, and virginal, an area of such deep taboo that he'd always tried to keep it strictly out of mind, now drawing his awareness as his pelvic zone flushed more deeply with the blood of arousal.

Now, it would be now. He clenched his fingers while willing his nether regions to relax, but when the sensation came it was not the blunt, hard pressure he had been expecting, but another hot exhalation and the delicate, exquisitely slow tracing of moist tentacles, tickling his hole, making it feel even more exposed and ready for plundering.

"Uhnn...! What are you doing?" Wikus exclaimed, blushing more intensely in unadulterated shock, this time trying to squirm away in earnest, but with his shaking hips framed by implacable Prawn hands he was getting no further than he had before.

Christopher didn't pause immediately to answer, but continued his attentions as Wikus whimpered and wriggled helplessly. Finally he took pity on his trembling victim and paused. "Preparing you," he said.

"I see..." Wikus began, but whatever he would have said was lost in a protracted groan of almost anguished sounding arousal as Christopher resumed his ministrations. "Fook, God, holy fookin' fook!" He was mortified, disgusted even, at having such intimate attention paid to such a forbidden part of his body, but he was also unwillingly, unbearably excited.

Eventually Christopher tired of toying with him, which was both a disappointment and a relief, and it was all Wikus could do not to collapse completely as the alien released his hips. The Prawn knelt behind him, and Wikus could feel the hard, moist tip of the other's organ pressing against his sensitive opening.

"The purpose of this orifice is not for sexual penetration," Christopher remarked.

"You figured that out, yeah?" Wikus remarked dryly.

"I will try to be gentle, but you need to relax."

Wikus realized that he'd unconsciously tightened up in anticipation of the main event, so he took a deep breath and tried to force himself to relax. Information, gleaned from hours of illicit Web browsing about sexual behaviours he could never indulge in with Tania crept out from the secret, shameful corners of his mind where he'd locked it, specifically a recommendation on how to relax for anal intercourse. Feeling ridiculous, he attempted what the site had recommended, and bore down as if expecting to have a bowel movement, an action that was supposed to loosen the tight sphincter. Sure enough, the tip of Christopher's alien cock immediately slipped in, squeezing past the narrow ring of muscle with much less discomfort than the human had been expecting.

/I'm getting fucked in the arse,/ Wikus thought, /an ALIEN is fucking me in the arse./ But such coherence was beyond his means to vocalize, the shamed exultation escaping instead in a ragged moan.

Having gotten past the first barrier, Christopher pushed inwards with relative ease, Wikus' plundered anus spreading wide around the Prawn's girth, the sensation almost painfully intense as the human's mind filled with images he'd stared at in rapt and horrified fascination, men, abasing themselves before other men, the alarming close ups of the penetration zone, the exquisite, raw obscenity of holes stuffed and stretched with forbidden cock. Now he looked like that. Now he was living a dark, pornagraphic spectacle that played out in the lights behind his eyes, and the haze and heat diffused like unctuous liquor through his blood.

Christopher released a chorus of almost agitated sounding clicks as he sank in all the way, the hard exoskeleton of his hips pushing into the comparatively soft, still sore flesh of the human's backside. He leaned down, mandibles locking on the back of Wikus' neck, and began to thrust slowly and deliberately.

Wikus' Prawn arm raked furrows in the dusty floorboards of the shack, his human hand clenched tightly in a protective fist to preserve his shedding fingernails, and he whimpered mindlessly with each stroke, eyes rolling back in his head at the unbelievable culmination of his most feared and cherished fantasy. That it was an alien on top of it all, or perhaps simply that it was Christopher, that only made it worse, or really, if he were to be completely honest with himself, which was rare - far, far better...

"Are you alright?" Christopher clicked, slowing his thrusts for a moment. "You're making the same sounds as when I was spanking you – are you in pain or are you aroused?"

"Both," Wikus muttered, then hastily backpedalled as Christopher moved to pull out. "No! Don't do that... the, you know, the sex is alright, it's just you whipped my fookin' arse with a fookin' belt and now you're pounding it with that fookin' hard exoskeleton of yours – how do you think it feels?"

"You like it," Christopher stated, then leaned in to nip the other side of Wikus' neck, remaining perfectly still, although still planted deep inside the human beneath him. One clawed hand reached around, a single fingertip brushing teasingly along the underside of of Wikus' erection.

Wikus didn't reply, but began to squirm when Christopher did not start moving right away, the attention to his penis only increasing his need. "Yes, I fookin' like it, alright?!" he all but shouted in exasperation, needing the exquisite friction to resume again. "Just keep going!"

The Prawn made a soft, whirring sort of purr that sounded entirely too smug for the former MNU agent's liking, and resumed the almost torturously slow movements of his hips.

"Mmmm!" The sensation of fullness, of being so open to Christopher's attentions, was breathtaking, but it wasn't enough. "More! Please..."

"I had no idea begging from a human would sound this good," the Prawn clicked, nibbling on Wikus' neck again. "What is it you want? Do you want me to go harder? Are you sure I won't damage your fragile tissues?"

"Fookin' tear me apart, I don't care!" Wikus pleaded frantically.

"I would not willingly betray your trust by harming you," Christopher murmured against Wikus' neck as tough, armoured fingers closed with deliberate carefulness around the unprotected flesh of the human's erection.

"I don't... I don't trust you..." Wikus stammered.

"Of course not," Christopher purred, the hand engulfing Wikus' arousal beginning to stroke slowly. "That's why you have bared your vulnerable parts to me, why you wanted me inside you in an act you both fear and desire..."

"I don't..." Wikus began again, but his denial was soon suppressed as the Prawn behind him quickened his pace. "Ahhhh!"

"Lie if it comforts you," Christopher hissed, hips now plunging against Wikus' upturned buttocks with probably as much force as was prudent. "I can smell the truth."

Stars errupted behind Wikus' eyes, the sensations in his nether regions, the pounding, stretching fullness that stabbed at something within him – probably his prostate, he realized dimly - making it ache wonderfully... All of it was too much for him to form more arguments. His testicles felt swollen and congested with impending release. A few more strokes and it happened, making him stiffen and spill with an anguished cry over the alien hand enfolding him. "Ah, God...! Chris! Fooooook!"

Christopher crooned a sympathetic and needful reply, his thrusts becoming short, staccato bursts, frantic, barely withdrawing pushes as if he could somehow invade the human beneath him even more than he already had. Abruptly, the alien stiffened, and vocalized a whimpering, inhuman chirl, and Wikus felt hot, viscous, luxuriant warmth flooding his insides, setting off a flare of delicious aftershocks.

"Ohhhhh, God..." he groaned, feeling suddenly giddy and boneless and so drunk with afterglow that he barely winced as Christopher withdrew before collapsing onto his side and pulling Wikus down with him.

"Sleep now," Christopher said, and that was just what Wikus did.

Much later, cleaned up as much as possible and dressed as best he could be with his shirt now devoid of buttons, Wikus crouched down in front of Oliver, the ache of his punished rear strengthening his belief in what he was about to say. "Listen kid, I'm sorry. I've been rotten to you when you were just trying to be friends."

Oliver shrugged, amber eyes blinking. "It's alright. Father said you were grumpy because you haven't been feeling well and you were scared of changing into one of us and all your human parts falling off. I'd be scared too, if my parts started falling off." The young Prawn reached out to pat Wikus' human arm sympathetically.

Wikus bit his lip. "Yes, I was – I am – scared, but I'm also very lucky because I have you and your dad looking after me and helping me. I'm going to try to show my appreciation a little more from now on." His eyes met Christopher's over the head of the child before him, the unspoken message hanging between them, making his sore backside tingle in fearful, and grudgingly aroused, anticipation: he had better behave, or else.