What If

Summary: what if Teito remembered everything? What if he was the reincarnation from the King of Heaven daughter, the great Angel who loved by Verloren? Then let this story born.

Author: Kiyohara Shi (K.S)

Fandom: 07-Ghost

Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Adventure / Humor

Warning: Alternative Plot (AP), Shounen-ai, Yaoi, (maybe) a confusing structure and (maybe) a lot of bad grammar. And I WARN you before hand

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Teito, Mikage, Shuuri, Miroku, Ayanami, Hyuuga, Kuroyuri, Haruse, Konatsu, Katsuragi / hint of MikaTen shounen-ai friendship.

Rating: T / PG-13

AN: I do understand that I have a lot of projects, like 'Till we meet again' and 'Shikami: the legend of dead God', but this plot bunny won't leave me alone, so please bear with it. And please forgive me when I make a lot of grammar mistakes and/or confusing-structures. And maybe, just maybe, if you found this story interesting, you may help me make this story better. (Maybe one of you wants to be my BETA?)

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Kapitel I : Past, Present, and Unknown Future

Through the stars, snow, and memories

I'm looking for your footprints

I pray you rest peacefully for all eternity

This is the middle of the dream

(Noria – Raggs no Chinkonka, 07-Ghost)

A dream between the reality and illusion. It's a fake yet a real truth. And that's what they all believe. A wish was something they want the most, even inside their dream, it could be granted.

It can be granted just like the way they should be, just like the fate the King of Heaven had been made for them, or they used the darkness and became the slave of Kor. Kor, creature of darkness made from the vengeance of Verloren right before he was sealed up.

Verloren's body was sealed inside the Pandora's Box, his power was divided into seven fragments. The keys were known as The Eye of Mikhail and The Eye of Raphael, the second Great Angels of Heaven, right under the King's Daughter's command, the one Verloren killed. The keys were given to two great kingdoms, Raggs Kingdom and Barsburg Empire.

Ten years ago, war happened between the two kingdoms. Raggs Kingdom was defeated, their King was slaughtered, and their Prince was missing. Those who survived from the war became Sklaves, or slaves.

No one knew the truth behind the war, except those who could control the eyes. The one who was either Raphael or Mikhail loved, no other than The Great Angel's reincarnation.

That was the truth of the past…

His eyes fluttered open. Brilliant green eyes blinked several times before he turned his head to the left. "What the heck did you do, Mikage? It's too early for this…"

The blonde haired, taller, man grinned. "Mou, Teito! It's morning and tomorrow will be our final test! Let's have our breakfast then get to our last class together!"

Teito sighed. "Yeah, yeah," said the irritated, smaller, boy, still scowling deeply. He was too lazy to wake up this early.

After he changed into his uniform, Teito and Mikage walked together toward the mess hall. Mikage was talking animatedly about something that Teito couldn't understand, at all. Teito's mind was wandering to somewhere else, away from the present. 'When will I meet you?' he thought, totally ignoring the other boy.

"…to. Oi, Teito!"


"What are you thinking about? Is there something wrong? Are you sick? You've been spaced out lately…" said Mikage, worried for his friend's lack of expressions.

"A-ah…it's nothing, Mikage…" said Teito, but his face wasn't smiling. "Uh, by the way-"

"Uwaah! Sugoi!" Mikage cut him when a big ship passed by. "Isn't that Hohburg Fort? Hey, hey, Teito! Look at it!"

Teito watched his friend has started to talk like an idiot again. Teito smiled a little behind his back. "Yeah, I know."

"I definitely will make it into the army, so I can protect my family!" said the blonde; he smiled confidently at Teito.

His green eyes softened, and smiled a warmly, "Aa."

After the opening speech from Shuuri Oak and their teachers, the test has begun. Team A considered of Shuuri and his two goons, along with Mikage and Teito. All of them were now inside of the practical test place. When the criminal started to attack the others and finally hurt Mikage, Teito was angry, and he defeated the criminal single-handedly.

"Surrender or I'll kill you," said Teito with a cold voice.

"I-I surrender, please don't kill me…"

'Su…Sugoi…' thought Mikage. His eyes sparkled with adoration toward the shorter one.

"The test hasn't end yet, Kill him," his mentor suddenly said from the other side of the door.

Teito took a glance at the mentor, "He's not an enemy."

Right after Teito let his zhyphon away, someone else executed the criminal before his very own eyes. "?" He was startled by the sudden force.

"Coward," said the man. His eyes were cold and sharp, as if they could see through all lies and truths. His eyes stared at Teito in disgust.

Teito eyed him critically, right before he smiled darkly at himself. This, of course made the other officers, teachers, and Mikage wondered what was going through his mind. He looked so scary with that kind of look, beside, Teito's Killing Intent was rising up from before. "Hmph…" He turned his head from the silver haired man, then He walked bravely pass him.

Miroku watched the scenes in front of him in amusement.

"Oi! Show some respect to him, cadet!" shouted a blonde haired man who was standing behind the General.

Teito glanced at the man, he was smirking, as if daring the blonde to say another words to him. Then he kept walking towards the chairman. He was saying something to Miroku and the chairman nodded in understanding. Both of them left the room without further notice. This made the General and his men confused. Not to count the teachers and the other students' confusion as well. It wasn't like Teito at all, as if the Teito Klein they knew had disappeared in the matter of seconds' right after he laid his eyes on the General.

Night finally came; Teito changed into his pajamas and then climbed onto his bed. He was surprised when he found Mikage was sitting on his bed. "Mi-Mikage?"

"Oh, Teito, welcome back," said the taller boy, grinned brightly at him.

"Hnm…" Teito smiled slightly in return. "What is it, Mikage?"

Mikage shrugged before went to his thinking-mode. He glanced at Teito, eyed the ceiling before calling his best friend's name, "Oi, Teito…"

"Yeah?" Teito answered instantly while trying to make himself comfortable beside Mikage.

"What was that before? Do you know who those people were?" Mikage stared at him curiously, that was the first time he saw Teito became so cold and sadist, also his first time to see Teito leaked out a lot of Killing Intent like before.

Teito closed his eyes slightly. "That is not of your concern, Mikage. And yes, I know who they are. Well, at least after Chairman Miroku told me this afternoon." Teito shrugged lazily. "More importantly, what the hell are you doing on my bed?"

"Oh, this, you know, it might be that we are going to be separated, that's why, I wanted to make this a memory." Mikage smiled at him, "Ne, Teito, you know that I love you right?"

Teito stunned. 'Mikage…' "Aa…I…I know, but…Mikage, I-"

The other boy smiled gently at him before he cut his statement, "I understand, you can't, right? It's okay, as long as we stay as best friend, even better, as family…" he told him. The green eyed beauty smiled back at him. "Let's make a promise! Teito, I promise that I won't forget you, we'll stay best friend forever, I will protect you, and don't you die on me!" Mikage suggested.

Teito was shocked, but he smiled at him, " I never know what real family means, well, I know…but that's different, anyway…I guess, having you is the same. Mikage, in the name of God, I promise you, I won't forget you and we'll stay best friend forever, and I'll protect you."

"And we'll die together!" said both of them in perfect unison right before they fell back to the bed.

"Saa….it's time for sleep, huh?" asked Mikage.

"Yeah, I guess…"

"Then, Oyasumi, Teito-kun…" Mikage whispered, hugging the smaller boy.

"Oyasumi, Mikage."

And that was the present….


Miroku smirked at the man in front of him. "What is it, General Ayanami?"

"What was that?"

"You mean why that cadet did that?"

Ayanami nodded.

"Can't you tell?"

The younger man just stared at him, unfazed. Whatever the man in front of him was trying to say, he didn't understand.

Miroku laughed. "My, my, you'll know everything in the mean time. Until then, please bear with him. Teito Klein is not a bad kid. On the contrary, he's my best apprentice. I'll put him under your command, but maybe you can't handle him…he's special like that."

"Maa, Miroku Chairman, are you doubting Aya-tan's ability to handle the new recruit?" asked Hyuuga, a little bit annoyed by the chairman's doubt.

Miroku smirked. "I told you, you'll know in the mean time…"

And both of them made the unknown future…..

To be continued

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