What If

Summary: what if Teito remembered everything? What if he was the reincarnation from the King of Heaven daughter, the great Angel who loved by Verloren? Then let this story born.

Author: Kiyohara Shi (K.S)

Fandom: 07-Ghost

Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Adventure / Humor / Angst

Warning: Alternative Plot (AP), OOC (on Teito, Miroku, Kuroyuri, Haruse and maybe Ayanami) Shounen-ai, Yaoi, (maybe) a confusing structure and (maybe) a lot of grammatical errors, SUCK fighting scenes, Typo here and there And I do WARN you before hand OC ALERT! UN-BETA-ed

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lots of lots people/ Ayatei, HaruKuro, HyuuKona, FrauMika

Rating: T / pg-13

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Kapitel XIV: Filler Chapter

The Bhisop: How to Woo the Blond's (Adoptive) Parent?

Teito gave the bishop his meanest glare, and Ayanami snarled at him. Frau flinched when he caught their eyes. "Okay, honestly! I wasn't trying to do anything! I swear! I just…wanted to kiss his cheek! Nothing else!"

Teito twitched dangerously, Ayanami ready to take out his sword. "And we have to believe you because?" the brunette growled dangerously at him.

Frau open his mouth to defend himself, but poor him, he was a second too late; Teito already attacked him with his trusty bascule. "Gyah!" Frau rolled away in order to evade his deadly attack. "That was dangerous!"

Teito scowled at him, "Do I look like I care?" he yelled at him.

"But please! Really! Hear me out!" he screamed while trying to evade Teito's attack and Ayanami's thrusts. "Just-GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES TO EXPLAIN! I BEG OF YOU!"

Ayanami glared at the man before him in annoyance. "Make it fast."

Frau took a deep breath. "Listen, I just wanted to tell Mikage here how I feel. I just want him to know, whether he want the relationship or not, its going to be his decision. I don't care if he denied me, as long as he knew my feeling, that's enough. And since Mikage here accept me, I was too happy and I ended up hugging him! I didn't mean to kiss him on his lips before marriage! I swear!" He crossed his heart, "I just wanted to seal this with one kiss on his cheek! That's the tradition!"

True to be told, kiss on the cheek between new-couple was a tradition. A tradition which promised for future engagement.

Teito gaped at him. he tried to comprehend what Frau's intention was. Ayanami sighed as he saw his wife glared at him and Frau. The General massaged his temple. "You need our permission, Bishop Frau," he said calmly as he sheathed his sword back.

"I-I," Frau stuttered pitifully, he glanced at his fellow Bishop. 'Help Me!' he cried silently.

Knew this, Castor stepped in. "Now, now, Ayanami-san, it was my fault, as I was the one who coaxed him to do it without your permission," Castor said as he glare at the blond 'you're so owe me one!' Ayanami and Teito moved their glares toward the brownish-red haired man. Castor cringed slightly, "Maa…I can explain it to you! So please refrain yourself from dice me into pieces, okay?"

"Then TALK," said Teito harshly.

Castor smiled nervously, "Well, all of us know that both of you are pretty over-protective towards the two princes, Mikage and Kuroyuri. That is why we were trying to help Frau here to confess to Mikage by distracts both of you; since we know that both of you will give Frau hard time to get Mikage. We just wanted to have our friend here happy."

Ayanami and Teito glared and both of them ready to attack Castor.

"BESIDE!" Castor screamed as he saw the two men reinforced their zhyphon, instantly halted their movement, "We all know that Mikage loves Frau back."

Mikage and Frau blushed.

"Is that true?" Teito asked Mikage.

Mikage nodded vigorously, still blushed. "Un."

Teito and Ayanami stared at each other before sighed. "Fine, we won't kill you…but there's price…"

"Wh-what is the price?" Frau took out a deep breath in fear as he saw the evil glint those two sent at him. Ayanami sneered, Teito smirked. Then both of them cackled evilly, sent shiver to the other occupants in the room. "S-somehow I have feeling that my live is forfeit in the wrong hands…," he whispered softly at Castor.

The said man gave him pitiful looks.

Seventh District Calavier Kindergarden: Chamomile Class….

"Ne, ne, Mr. Bishop! Lets play house!" shouted some random red-haired girl on his left. "You can be my husband!"

"No way! He'll be my husband!" screamed a brunette girl on his right.

"No! MINE!"


Frau wanted to cry. Crawl into the deepest hole on earth and then cried his eyes out. He never knew that the one and only Lady Eve reincarnation could be this…EVIL. Kicked and beaten to the inch of his live was okay, but this? This is humiliation. Even though he's being mussed by bunch of females, they're still underage, this really made his womanizer image turned into a Lolita/pedophilia. He cried at tat.

The blonde haired man turned his head slightly to glance at certain someone. Mikage smiled at him angelically while waving slowly at him. he grinned back. 'oh well, he worth it anyway.'

"So Mr. Bishop! Which one from us that you choose to be your bride?" asked little voices around him.

Frau eyed them in horror animatedly. 'God…please…spare me!'

And that, my friends, how Teito made Frau living in hell for what he wished for.


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