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As she watched the colonel struggle to fit his keys into his door Riza thought he appeared rather flustered. When he finally did succeed in opening the door, Mustang stepped aside and held it open for her with a guarded look on his face. As she stepped into the apartment the first thing that she noticed was the smell. It was not bad- nowhere near unpleasant- it smelled like him, which was only natural since he lived there. It was something like ink and burnt pine. Riza breathed in the scent so much that she made herself dizzy by forgetting to exhale. It was just that everything in the place, not just the aroma, screamed 'Colonel Roy Mustang lives here!' From the empty shot glass sitting on the coffee table, to the trench coat carelessly thrown over a plush black arm chair. Riza could imagine him sitting in that chair after a long day at the office, a bored look on his face, as he planned how he would one day rule the country.

Riza realized that the colonel was watching her and willed herself not to blush. She pointed off in some vague direction. "The kitchen is…?"

"Over here," Mustang said as he walked ahead of her and led her to the spacious cooking area. Riza noted that his apartment was considerably larger than her own, but that was to be expected with his state alchemist fund and his higher rank. Still, the place felt a bit empty. His apartment, just like her own, was lacking something but she couldn't quite place what. They stood there for a moment awkwardly, and Riza was mystified to see how much Mustang was fidgeting. Did he not have company often? That was impossible considering all of the 'dates' he went on.

"I'll make the lemonade, sir," she said to start things up.

"Right," Mustang coughed. "I'll go throw my bag together." He left then to the other end of the apartment where Riza assumed his bedroom was. His bedroom; she had to admit that she was very curious as to what it looked like. Riza shook her head when she realized that she had been staring after him and she began to root through his cabinets. For the most part the colonel had everything you would expect from a bachelor's kitchen. Few actual cooking utensils and plenty of ready-made meals. She had to sigh when she saw the great mass of frozen dinners; even with her hectic schedule she managed to cook her own meals. Riza located the lemonade mix and hastily made up a batch. She called to the colonel to let him know it was ready but he didn't respond. She took the glasses and knocked hesitantly on the bedroom door.

From the other side Riza heard muffled, hurried footfalls. The colonel opened the door with a jumbled mass of uniforms and civilian clothes in his arms. Riza stifled a chuckle as she set down the lemonade on his bureau and helped pick up the articles he had already managed to drop.

"Is this what you plan on taking sir?" Mustang nodded and Riza took the clothes and began to fold them into the bag that was laying on the bed.

He deposited the rest of his armful next to the bag and started to fold them as well, though with much less care than she was. "Thank you lieutenant."

"It's no problem sir." In fact, she was glad for an excuse to be standing there at the colonel's bedside with him right beside her. There was something pleasantly normal about it. As she folded, Riza took a furtive survey of the room. Near the entrance there was the wide, oak bureau that she had placed the lemonade on, and next to those already perspiring glasses were a couple bottles of expensive looking cologne. Riza noticed, with no small amount of satisfaction, that the bottle she had given him a few years back as a Christmas gift had the most use. She had known that he would like the scent. The floor was hardwood, but in the center of the room there was a beautiful Persian carpet. The bed was just about how she pictured it would be; very long and wide. It had dark blue satin sheets and a mountain of plush white pillows thrown against the headboard. She resisted the urge to flop down on it to test the feel of it, and instead substituted that for the more discreet tactic of sitting down. She smiled to herself over the feel of it; it was not firm, but it was not too soft either. In layman's terms, it was just right. It would be very comfortable to sleep in.

Against the opposite wall, beneath a window, was a large desk piled with all sorts of alchemist books and papers. Despite his attitude Riza knew the colonel spent many of his nights researching and improving his techniques. It was part of who he was. A deep chord was struck in her when she spotted the picture the colonel had on his desk; it was a picture of Maes Hughes taken just a few months before his death. She had never been particularly close to the man, he had been a friendly acquaintance, but when she had seen how deeply his death had affected Mustang she wished more than anything that he had not died. Those had been very difficult months for both the colonel and herself; he had lost his best friend and she had nearly lost him to rage.

Riza heard the colonel call her name and was abruptly pulled from her thoughts. "Lieutenant," he said, "is there any reason as to why you've been holding that pair of boxers for so long? I know they're soft but still…" She let out an involuntary gasp and threw the aforementioned clothing into the bag. She saw the colonel's smirk out of the corner of her eye and frowned. It had been his fault for not packing them away fast enough. Riza's gaze shifted back to the desk, and then quickly away from it when she realized the colonel was still looking at her. His smirk dropped. "I see, so that's it." Now both of them were staring at the picture on the desk. Riza nodded. "Do you know why I have that there?"

"For memories sake?" she ventured.

"No," Mustang murmured as he stepped over to the photo and took it into his hands. "I keep it here to remind me what not to do."

"Sir," Riza asked quietly, "wouldn't seeing his picture while you work simply tempt you more?"

The colonel cast her a pointed look then, his eyes turning soft. "I have become quite good over the years at denying myself the things I want." Riza did not respond to the subtle underlying meaning of his words; she went back to packing and placed his clothes into the bag with a sort of reverence. After nothing was said for a while the colonel asked her, "Would you like your lemonade Lieutenant?"

"Yes, sir, thank you." Though she had earlier refused to take off her jacket it had been more out of personal restraint than actual comfort; the heat was killing her and drinking something just might be enough stop it. As the colonel was carrying the glasses back to her Riza noticed that there was a kink in the rug. She began to warn him but was too late.

Mustang tripped, spilling both glasses of lemonade on Riza and he landed roughly over top of her with his weight crushing her back against the bed. They stared at each other in shock; somehow the colonel had managed to put his hand in the perfect position to cup her right breast as he fell. Riza felt her breath hitch in her chest. The colonel did not have any intention of moving his hand, of that she was sure, and one of his legs was pressed maddeningly between her legs. She needed to do something to stop this before it got out if hand; she had to, but it was so damn hard! Riza took hold of his jacket; it was now or never. Push him away and stand firm in her resolve, or pull him to her at last and kiss him like her life depended on it. "Sir," She whispered in a voice that was much more breathy than she would have liked, "I'm very wet." His grip on her breast tightened almost imperceptibly and Riza bit back a gasp. That had not been what she meant, but it was the truth as well. "The lemonade," she managed to squeak out.

The colonel stared at her as if she had grown an extra head, then quickly tossed himself off of her. "The bathroom is over there lieutenant," he said pointing off to a door on the left side of the room. Having regained her composure, Riza realized that she needed to do something to discourage this kind of behavior in the future. With her back to the colonel, Riza drew her pistol and fired two shots into the kink in the rug.

"Problem taken care of," she said to no one in particular and stalked off into the adjoining bathroom.


Roy waited until Hawkeye had closed the bathroom door to finally let out the breath he had been holding in. God, the things that woman did to him! The uncomfortable tightness in his pants was testament to that. Even though it hand been between three layers of clothing Roy could still feel the delicious curve of her breast in the palm of his hand. It really had been an accident; the last thing he wanted to do was incite the wrath of his sharp shooter lieutenant. He was very surprised that she had only shot at the rug, and Roy reasoned that the summer heat must have addled senses a bit. It really was too bad that he couldn't get away with that kind of stunt more often.

Hawkeye hadn't been joking, she really was soaked. He had seen that just about every drop from both glasses had splashed onto her. Sighing, Roy grabbed a simple white button up shirt out of his bureau and went oven to the bathroom. "Lieutenant," he called, "I have a fresh shirt here if you would like it." After a moment the door opened a crack and Hawkeye's waiting, un-sleeved hand appeared. Did that mean that she was standing just a foot away from him bare-chested? Roy swallowed around the lump in his throat. He could throw open the door now and be rewarded with the glorious sight of a half naked Hawkeye. It was more than tempting but Roy knew he had already tested his luck too much this day. Roy handed her the shirt, smirking to himself. Maybe tomorrow he would try it.

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