Author's Note: This has evolved into something different than I first envisioned, but when doesn't it work that way? Essentially, the story will follow the musical, but will feature various "deleted scenes" related mainly to the Elle/Emmett love story. Sometimes, the scenes will mimic actual numbers in the show with alternate lyrics to fit the moment. I highly recommend listening to any musical number listed at the beginning of a chapter. It will get your head in the right place for reading lyrics. Sometimes, the scenes will be without music, dialogue only. In the beginning, these scenes will predominantly be from Emmett's point of view as a way to reveal what he was up to as Elle was getting dumped and then getting into Harvard. After Elle and Emmett cross paths, many of the scenes will feature them together. I will also try to stay completely faithful to the original story, any lapse is purely an accidental continuity error. I am also working to create an entire story beneath the story--the evolution of Emmett. My goal is to make you believe that these deleted scenes really could have happened within the original context. Let me know if I fail miserably at achieving that goal :) Or, you know, if you like it.

"Oh, Alright, You Win."

Recommended Playlist:OMIGOD YOU GUYS!


The one-room apartment is small, but neat. A tiny
kitchenette runs along one wall. A two-seat table is pushed
against a short stretch of wall.

In the living room, a couch is folded out into a perfectly
made bed. Two bookshelves overpower the room with their
volumes of law books. A file cabinet and desk organize
manila and green folders in various vertical and horizontal
systems with just enough space for a laptop in the center.

EMMETT FORREST sits at the desk using his touchpad mouse to
navigate through jewelry store websites. He clicks on an
open tab and moves to an ebay! ad where a picture of a
small, but gorgeous diamond ring sits under a heading that
reads: "TWICE the ring for HALF the price. MUST SEEEE!"

Almost there, but...
This ring needs to seal the deal.
Make my dream girl squeal. But it
can't be more flashy than me. Can't
be over-compensated with the price
inflated. Even better if there's no
shipping fee. But will she marry
me... ?

He moves his mouse to the "bid now" button. A key opens the
front door. Emmett minimizes the browser and jumps up,
looking like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

SANDRA FORREST, 48, enters the apartment. She has the look
of a woman who has been through some rough times, but has
more or less come out on top.

Sandra looks between Emmett and the laptop. She raises her
eyebrows. When she speaks, it's heavy on the Boston accent:

Were you lookin' at porn?

What? Mom. No. of course not. I
just... I thought you were Jan.

Jan has a key to your place?

But Emmett isn't listening. He goes back to the laptop,
maximizing his window again as Sandra sets her things down
on the kitchen counter.

She sneaks up behind him and peeks over his shoulder. When
she sees the screen, she gags silently and shakes her head.

So... you were really serious when
you said you wanted to marry Jan?

Hm hmm.

Emmett moves his mouse once again to the "bid now" button.

(Paulette loud)
Okay, wait! Don't hit that button.

Emmett flinches and turns around in his chair to face his
mom. He looks up at her, obedient, but impatient. He looks
down at her hand. She holds out a ring box.

What's this?

She pushes it toward him. He looks at her quizzically, but
takes the box and opens it. Inside is a gorgeous diamond
ring. Emmett tilts his head and looks up at Sandra.

This is your ring.

Actually, technically, it was your
father's. And your grandmother's
before that. I know they'd both
want you to have it.

There is no way I'm taking your
ring. You love this ring.

Emmett holds the ring out to his mother.

Oh, Em. I don't love the ring. I
loved your father. And I love you.
And you love this girl.

Emmett sighs and looks at the ring again, tempted.

You do love this girl, don't ya?

Emmett smiles and stands up.

I think we both know that your
definition of love and mine are
wildly out of sync. You have this
romantic notion--

A romantic notion about love?
You're right. I must be nuts.

I just look at things more
practically. Realistically. Jan and
I make sense. We belong together.

Then you should take the ring.

Emmett debates it for another moment. Sandra nods.

Oh, alright. Oh, alright, you win.
This thing beats hits one through
one million. But if all goes as
planned tonight, you'll never see
this ring again.

Emmett sticks the ring in his pocket.

So, alright, you win.

Emmett walks over and folds his bed into the couch.

Did you say tonight?

Emmett makes his way to a kitchen drawer. He pulls it open
and removes two white candles. He holds them up.

So help me make this her fairy
tale. Got to win her heart; I
cannot fail.

Emmett pulls the small dining table to the center of the

Love is not a battle. She'll be
yours if your love's genuine.

Emmett smiles at his mom.

Oh, alright, you win.

Emmett's phone rings. He pulls it out of his pocket.

Hello? Oh, hi Jan. I'm so glad you
called. Listen, do you want to come
over for dinner?

(aside, singing)
Oh, alright. Oh, alright, you win.

Yes, I'm cooking.

My son thinks you're the girl for

No, I think you're the better cook,
but tonight, I want to cook.

But if you break his heart, then
girl, you'll never, ever walk

Oh, alright. Good bye.

Emmett hangs up and turns to Sandra.

She wants to bring wine. Can't say
that I mind. This will be the best
night of my life. If I manage to
impress, no less than my best. To
be with her is to live without
strife. I want Jan to be my wife!

Emmett goes to the kitchen, pulling pots and pans out of the
cabinet and food from the fridge.

Oh, alright. Oh, alright, you win.
I must admit, much to my chagrin
that if she makes you happy then
she truly is a perfect ten. So,

The music gets softer and sadder, melancholy as Emmett
starts cutting up vegetables. His mom works behind him,
placing a tablecloth on his table and lighting the candles.

The spotlight is on Emmett.

Oh, alright. Oh, alright, you win.
Much to my own frustration. Jan has
slept with Callahan and I think
she's in love with him. And I can't
pretend... that I can contend.

Oh, alright...

Oh, alright...

Oh, alright. You win. Oh, alright!