A/N: This is written for sick-atxxheart's 178 Moods Challenge. I'll write a drabble for each mood, they'll all most likely be Draco-centric, though I'll probably throw other characters in from time to time.

Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling, and not me.

Character/Pairing: Draco Malfoy
Mood: Accomplished

Sweat beaded on his forehead, his white-blonde hair damp, as he stepped back to admire his handi-work. The vanishing cabinet was fixed at last -- or so he hoped. He looked around himself, and spotting an old book lying on a nearby shelf, walked over and picked it up. Returning to the vanishing cabinet, he opened the door and it creaked with the effort. He placed the book roughly inside before closing the door once more.

He took a small step backwards, and waited. He wasn't exactly sure how it was supposed to work -- did it just disappear silently? After a few moments of silence and a sinking feeling in his gut, he stepped forward and opened the old door once more. A large sigh escaped his lips as he realized what he was seeing -- the book was gone.

He closed the door again, and after a minute more opened it. There it was; the same tattered old book. He pulled the book from the cabinet and tossed it back to its former resting place.

A rare grin was spread across his face as he covered the cabinet and strutted from the room.

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