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Characters/Pairings: Draco Malfoy
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There was no doubt in Draco Malfoy's mind that he was going to fail. He had tried and tried and tried, yet again, to fix the vanishing cabinet that was the key in his plan to fulfilling the Dark Lords wishes – all to no avail. And so it was on the wave of that very realization that he found himself wandering the Hogwarts grounds after hours.

The clouds were heavy in the sky, leaving it an endless, dreary gray – which suited him just fine. He walked across the grounds aimlessly, letting the cool night air numb his useless body. It wasn't until he reached the quidditch pitch that he finally noticed his surroundings.

He glanced behind him once, seeing nothing but shadows, and then back at the field in front of him. Why not? he thought, walking toward the locker room. Flying was always a sure way to clear his head, and really, there was nothing he needed more at that exact moment.

Once he was in the air, the wind, combined with his speed, was bitterly cold, and it took every bit of his strength to keep himself upright. But after a few minutes of flying he begin to feel a calm spread over him; the wind seemed to have chased away all thoughts of failure, of torture, of death.

He was able to think clearly for the first time in weeks, and he was able to think of new ideas, new ways, that just might be enough to save him from what seemed to be an inevitable death.

He looked towards the sky to see that the clouds were just starting to break up. A single star winked down at him, as if to say it had known all along that this was, not yet, the end.

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