Author's Notes: I'm sorry you hate me because it's so short. But I don't do long stories to begin with. So, please enjoy this… story. Maybe I'll get more inspiration and write a bunch of these.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kaze No Stigma. But I wish they would continue uploading the manga. .o

Kazuma absolutely loved laundry day at the Kannagi house. Just knowing that Ayano was being tortured somehow made his day feel a whole lot better. The fact that Ayano kept trying to grab the towels up on to the top shelf just made Kazuma smirk even more.

Ayano tiptoed to grab the towels off the top shelf. It was just out of her reach yet she still tried to grasp them. Kazuma had just turned the corner and noticed Ayano in her predicament. What he saw almost made him want to laugh so hard. Almost. It didn't help that she was wearing the shortest skirt possible and that expression on her face was priceless as well.

"Kazuma! Just in time. Could you grab those towels for me? They seem to be a little to far up for me." Ayano smiled sweetly at him.

"Why should I help? I don't live here." He ignored her request and kept walking down the hall, towards Ayano.

"Please, just lift me up or something. I won't ask you for help again with this anymore. I promise." Ayano pouted.

After a few seconds of thinking, Kazuma called upon the wind and raised Ayano up a few inches off the ground. She smiled and grabbed the towels from the top shelf. When he placed her down she put them in the basket. Just as she was about to say thanks, a gust of wind swept through the hallway and lifted Ayano's skirt in the air. She blushed furiously and glared at Kazuma.

"No need to thank me."