Chapter XIII

More work, More planning

A/N: Still at Namine's POV~

"Kairi?" I called out. "Kairi?!" It was no use; whatever I do, Kairi wouldn't respond. She just kept staring at the couple who were kissing right in front of us. They've been doing what you call a 'french kiss' for about a couple of minutes, and finally one of them pushed the other away slowly.

Sora blushed and smiled, then he said something to Xion... He said it so soft, we couldn't hear a single word. Xion smiled as well and nodded, before running a hand through Sora's spiky hair.

Kairi grunted and punch the floor. "He's so getting it from me!!" she hissed, and stood up. Before she could run towards the couple, I grabbed her right arm and pulled her down, "Kairi! Don't!!"

Kairi frowned and huffed, "What, are you blind?! Didn't you see what that... couple did?!" I sighed and nodded slowly. "Well, you should know by then!!" Kairi added. "Those two people are already in love! I have to break them up immediately!"

I perfectly knew why, but somehow I had this feeling that I should ask her a certain question, "Why?" Kairi turned to me, wide-eyed, "Because I--!!" Kairi gasped and paused, turning away. I could see that her cheeks were a little red too. Bingo. I just struck gold.

"Because you...?" I asked. "Well, because..." Kairi shook her head and turned back to me, "Because if they go any further, Sora might forget the plan and.. and.. and they'll just become a couple!!"

"There's nothing to worry about," I said, trying to stay calm. To be honest, I was getting pretty nervous too. "S-Sora knows what he's doing. He's probably just playing along with the couple thing. Just leave them be."

Kairi bit her lip when she heard "Just leave them be.". Slowly, she turned away from me and simply stayed there. I could hear her sob a little as well. Perhaps I hurt her feelings, I wouldn't know.


I looked up and scanned the whole area, searching for the person who just shouted. His voice sounded very familiar to me, and it brought warmth to my heart for some reason. I turned to the couple, who was looking around the cinema too.

"What was that?" Kairi asked, looking up at me. I simply shrugged, "I dunno, but... it sounded familiar, didn't it?" Kairi nodded. She got up and stared at the couple, who were getting even more confused every second.

"Sora, I'm gonna rip you and smash you to bits!!" the person shouted again. This time, I was very sure I knew who shouted those words. It was a guy; no doubt. He's the type that would say those words too.

"Roxas!!" Sora shouted, jumping out of his seat. "Wh-what are you doing here?!" "Oh, the usual," a familiar spiked blonde said. "Spying on my brother on his date!" For some reason, I smiled to myself; Roxas was being Roxas, no matter how heartbroken he is.

"Well, that's not a nice thing to do to your brother!" said Sora. "Just go away!!" "He's not the only one!" Kairi shouted. What the hell are you doing, Kairi?! "Sora, have you forgotten everything?!" she asked.

Sora shooked his head, "O-of course I haven't. I-I know what I'm doing, honest!" "Then we expect you to break up with that slut by tomorrow!!" Kairi shouted. Roxas and Xion widened their eyes, "What?"

"Whoa, th-that's not part of the--" Sora paused for a while before continuing (his voice slightly softer this time)-- "plan." Kairi shooked her head and placed her hands on her hips, "I don't care! You were the one who volunteered to be Xion's boyfriend!"

"W-wa-wait!" Roxas said. "What exactly are you guys talking about?" Kairi smirked, "Well, I wish I could tell you, but it's a secret. But I do have something to tell you.." Kairi turned to Xion and gave her a devious smile, "Sora's just using you."

Xion raised a brow, "What?" "It's the truth," Kairi sang. "But it's up to you to believe me or not." Xion stared at Kairi for a while before turning-- only to find that Sora was missing. Thank goodness he got away.

"You could at least help me earlier," said Kairi. "All you did was hide behind the seat and watched the scene." "Sorry....," I muttered. "It's just... Roxas was there and... somehow I got nervous..."

Kairi sighed, "Namine, in case you forgot, you're supposed to walk up to Roxas and comfort him?" "You don't expect me to comfort him in the middle of.. of... of your conversation!!" I said. "Besides, Roxas was more of confused than heartbroken....."

Kairi fished out her phone and began dialling a number. "Who are you calling?" I asked. "The brothers," said Kairi. "They're gonna come here to our house, and we're gonna explain everything to them."

I wanted to say 'This doesn't sound like a good idea', but Kairi had already started a conversation with the boys. Looks like there's nothing that can be done...


"I suppose you know why I called you guys here?" Kairi asked, with her hands on her hip. The brothers looked at each other for a moment. One shook his head, but the other simply responded by shrugging.

"It's because of what happened earlier, you dumbass," said Kairi, smacking Sora's head with her fist. "You shouldn't have run away like that." Again, Sora responded by giving her a shrug before looking away.

"This.... isn't going well. Our plan, that is," Kairi added. The atmosphere was silent for a while, before Roxas spoke up, "May I ask, what are you guys talking about?" Kairi winked at him, "That's the reason why you're here." Kairi then turned to me and raised a brow.

Roxas tilted his head, "Namine? You're involved in this? Then... can you tell me what happened?" I gasped, "Uh, I--" "You do it, sis," Kairi interrupted. She then gave me a devious smile, "He's all yours now."

I rolled my eyes and turned back to Roxas. Gawd, that look on his face.. those mezmerising blue eyes.. it made me feel as if I'm melting. How am I supposed to tell him about the plan if he kept looking at me like that?!

"Namine, l-let's go upstairs," said Roxas. I nodded slowly and led him to my room upstairs, hoping that everything will turn out right..

Kairi's POV:-

I turned back to the spiked brunette in front of me and sighed, "Do you know what just happened back there? Do you know why you're here?" Sora nodded and replied with a "Hm.", but he didn't turn to look at me at all.

"So what are you gonna do about it?" I asked. Sora remained silent, and I probably looked like an idiot standing there, waiting for his answer. We stayed like that for around five minutes, before Sora started, "I'm gonna continue dating her."

I widened my eyes, "But, Sora--!" "This is... for Roxas' and Namine's sake, isn't it?" Sora added. "Sure, Namine's telling Roxas about the plan now. But.. I'm gonna continue dating Xion until... until Roxas starts to trust her."

I don't know why, but somehow a smile started to form on my face, "You.. knew this all along." Sora nodded, "Roxas wouldn't believe such stupid things, and that's what this plan is. Just. Plain. Stupid."

Again, the atmosphere went silent. This time, probably for over ten minutes, none of us talked, none of us moved. It was like we were in a world of our own, just thinking about all the things we should have done earlier, and the things we shouldn't have.

"I'm gonna....," Sora finally began. "Date Xion until Roxas believes us, even if it means I have to kiss her everytime we meet." Somehow, those words broke my heart, but why? It felt like a boyfriend of mine just broke up with me. But I'm certain I don't like Sora. Or...... do I?

"Uh, w-won't you do something about that?" I asked. "You can.... always introduce another guy to her." I was trying really hard to make Sora change his mind, but I knew it wouldn't work. "Like I said," said Sora. "I'm gonna date her no matter what."

"Well, don't you care about those people who like you?!" those words blurted out from my mouth. Sora looked up at me and raised a brow, and I immediately bit my lip. "I mean... I'm pretty sure there are some other girls out there who like you. A lot!"

Sora laughed and rolled his eyes playfully, "I wouldn't give a damn about them. You obviously know I'm not interested in anyone right now, right?" "Even if it were............. me?" I muttered. Sora looked away from me and shrugged.

This time, I could feel tears forming in my eyes, and slowly they started flowing down my cheeks. "Kai?" Sora called out. "Are you okay?" I simply shook my head and dashed up the stairs to my room. I bumped into someone but I didn't even bother to turn back and apologize. I just wanted to be alone, and I just wanted to think..

Roxas' POV:-

"W-watch it!" I yelled when Kairi bumped into me, but Kairi didn't turn back to apologize, or just do something silly to me. Although we only saw each other for a couple of seconds, I could tell that Kairi was crying; what with the wet face being covered with her arm, and some of her tears fell onto my face when she bumped into me. I also heard her sob several times up the stairs. Something was very wrong here.

"Kairi!" Namine called out. "I'm sorry, Rox, but I-I have to find out what's wrong with my sister!" I nodded as Namine dashed up the stairs to her room, before turning back to my brother. From where I stood, I could see him sitting on the sofa, mumbling to himself, "You didn't let me finish..."

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