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"You haven't even finished dressing! They will be here in 30 minutes! When you're done, go help your sister. They are coming for her, and she needs to be splendid!" shouted my mother.

I was smiling, and I hadn't a care in the world. They were coming here for my sister to 'propose' to her. It was a good thing for I would be able to take her room after she left and turn it into my own personal library. Not that there wasn't room available in the manor, but this one had the merit of having a good light. I was as relaxed as my sister was stressed. She came like a whirlwind in the room,

"Help me with my hair. What do you think? Loose or in a bun?"

"Loose. It looks better on you," I answered.

"Ok, I will go with a bun then," she replied.

I didn't care about that anymore- and what was better: Soon I would not have to worry about it at all.

I continued to prepare myself, and eventually moved to the parlor so I could await our guests. My sister was on the sofa, dressed in a way that was fit for a ball, and waiting for her soon-to-be new family.

They were there on time. The three Malfoys, elegant, sat in front of the four Greengrasses.

"Well, I suppose you know why we are here" started the senior of the white-haired men. "My son wants a union between our families, and I'm here, on the Greengrass's estate, to propose it to you. In the name of my son, I ask your daughter an engagement with my only child, Draco."

My sister turned pink and watched her feet. My father looked at her, and she slowly nodded in acceptance.

He answered for her. "I am pleased to accept your demand, and to give to your son the hand of my Daphné"

Then the, quiet for now, soon to be fiancé spoke. "With no disrespect, if I'm here with my parents it's for Astoria."

Silence echoed through the room, interrupted only by the sound of my sister's running. She was outside, far from her humiliation and my laughter I don't think I've ever laughed like this before- It wasn't a nervous laugh, but a real frank burst.

I had never talked to him before. Well, I'm lying here. I said "hi" once.

Everyone was staring at me, and I recovered from my laugh and quietly said "No."

I looked at my parents and his. They were perplexed, none of them knowing what to say. But the agape younger Malfoy smiled at me and declared, "I understand, Astoria, we don't really know each other," That was the least he could say. "But I ask of you only one hour date before you make your decision."

Damn! the guy was confident. He was going to make me fall for him in a single hour? I would like to see that. " I accept your"

After a small talk between the fathers, they left. My sister was devastated, and my mother was busy trying to cheer her up. I slowly made my way to my room, trying to figure out WHY? What was that boy thinking? I barely saw him in Hogwarts. I had spoken with him even less.

It was something else. Had his parents forced him? But then why me and not my sister? She was the elder.

The date should take place in my home, in the library, in two days. It wasn't a real date but more like a meeting, and I was waiting for it. I wanted my explanation. Those two days were peace; my sister didn't bother herself speaking with me anymore and my mother was a delight(, probably wanting me to accept the offer.)

The morning of our rendezvous, I prepared my self like usual, wearing muggle clothes without robes.

"You are not attending your date like this!" exclaimed my mother. "He's someone very elegant! You have to wear a robe. Why not the black and silver new one? You look good with it."


I didn't want to have an argument with her, so I quickly put my robe on and went waiting in the library.

He was there just in time, very stylish, and smiling. He took the armchair in front of me, looking me directly in the eyes. But before he could say anything I broke the silence.

"I don't want to marry you and you know it. So don't waste my time or yours. What's the reason?"

His expression was indescribable, but I didn't think he expected this. Nevertheless he answered my question.

"You are the one who will bring me the least problems."

I opened my mouth but no sound came out, seeing he would not add anything, I answered him

"I understand, you're gay but you don't want your parents to know so I'm your cover?"

"No and yes."

"No and yes what?"

"I thought you were smarter than that, I'm not gay, obviously, but, yes, you are my cover. sort of."

"Well I already figure out that, but would it bother you to explain?"

"I need to be engaged so I can have my inheritance."

"Why am I 'the one who brings the least problems?'" I quoted, but the solution came in my mind.

"I'm not interested in you; That's the first point. It will be easy for you to get rid of me after, 'cause Pansy or Daphne stuck with you even if you dumped them.... Plus I'm still in Hogwarts, and this way we don't have to spend time together… This plan is rather clever. But seriously, you didn't plan to tell me first it was all fake, and then in two or three months just dump me without any explanation?"


I was stunned by his answer. The guy don't care about people, really. But something rose in my head. An idea that could possibly help me. I always wanted to become a healer, but my parents thought I didn't need a job 'cause they had money, and then one day I would marry some rich pureblood.

"In fact, I accept your offer, but I ask you for something"

"How much?"

"I don't want your money. I need you to have a condition for the engagement, one I choose, of course." I watched him to anticipate his reaction.

"I infect you with my short answers," he said, amused "Talk."

"I want you to make sure that I start training to be a healer and after Hogwarts enter in St Mungo's."

"Well, it's even better this way, we can't see each other during Hogwarts or during vacation if you start a training. I think we have a deal"

On those words, he took a parchment, wrote the deal, put a spell on it. He wasn't the most trustful of guys, was he?

We were to be engaged for six months and then split up. He would give it his all to make sure I started the training.

And we had a deal.

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