They were two halves that became one. They shared almost everything in their own little world. From the sugar at breakfast, to their bed at night. They shared the Daily Prophet every morning, an armchair in the library, a glass of wine at the restaurant.

They shared their thoughts and their fears. They shared time together. They shared their life, their love. They were the parents of a little soul, who shared their blood. But there was a single thing they didn't share, and Astoria had been thinking about it a lot lately. They didn't share a name.

She was at a café with Narcissa Malfoy and Scorpius when she hit that realisation. An acquaintance greeted them.

"Mrs. Malfoy, Miss Greengrass".

She flinched at the mention of her surname. She had hated that. The reminders of her not being married seemed to come more often after her realisation. Like something that you didn't notice before a certain moment, and then, you just kept 'crossing' it, every single day. She was frustrated with the idea of not sharing her son's and lover's name.

"I want to marry him." Astoria had a tendency to say things out of nowhere.

"If I remember correctly, he already proposed. You said no. Twice." Darla answered to her best friend.

"I know, but well, I don't know. The other day, Draco asked me to go to Gringotts for the company, and they didn't let me make the transfer because I didn't have his last name. They thought I was his secretary! It was humiliating!"

"And at work when I brought Scorpius, Emma thought he was Daphné's son. When I told her he was mine, she answered me, you know, with her awfully high voice, 'I didn't know you were married!' Then I told her I wasn't, and she gave me one of those looks! I hate that." Astoria elaborated.

"What do you want me to say? Ask him," her best friend said.

"I can't. I want him to propose."

"Well, wait and see. I can't give you any other advice." And with this, Darla had other things on her mind.


Astoria's friend met Draco at his office in Malfoy Manor that same afternoon.

"Astoria is at work," He informed her by way of greeting.

"I know, she works with my husband."

"Right, so why are you here? I'm busy," he replied, his head still in the papers he was filling.

"Marry her," the bold friend answered.

"What?" He looked at her.

"I said, marry her."

"Well, I was not sure I heard right. Who the bloody hell are you to come here and give me directions like that?" He was angry and puzzled.

"She doesn't have the nerve to tell you she wants to get married, so I'm telling you for her. She's my best friend, and she's suffering in this situation. I know that it's entirely her fault if you're not married yet, but I am telling you this as advice from a friend who cares."

With these words, she left him. He was still sitting in his office. He didn't dare stand up and ask her more questions. The images of the first proposal filled his mind.

It was only a few month after their first date. His father had been pushing him to get engaged to her. So he did. After the war he promised himself to live his own life, to make his own choices, but it was harder than he expected. And somehow this task didn't seem so bad to him. He did plan on marrying her eventually- the opportunity just came early than he thought it would.

They were in her home library, where they exchanged their first kiss. She was sitting, reading a random book, and he was looking at her.

He gave her a ring, a beautiful platinum band, without uttering a single word.

She looked at him, puzzled. It was not her birthday, or anything and it looked like ... an engagement ring.

"You're going to marry me." It was not a question.


"Marry me."

"Don't bother with asking me the question, just give me fucking orders! It's a joke? .... No it's not." She was barely whispering at the realisation.

She often fought his ideas, but this time it was different, she was really upset. He could see it in her eyes.

"My father wants us to wed."

"You're not improving the situation." Tears appeared in her eyes. "Anyways, I don't want to marry you. If I want my promotion, it's better for me to be single." She snapped, yelling at him.

Before the 'proposal', she was willing to drop it, but now, there was no way. She would have this promotion.

"You are the coldest man I ever met. I thought you were different with me, but apparently not. Your are the same Iceberg!" Her voice didn't lower.

She took the ring, slid it on her middle finger and showed it to him.

"That's my answer."

She ran away from the room. She knew that arguing with him was a bad idea. The ring was still on her finger. She kept it, but didn't wear it as an engagement ring. It was the ring that made her become Chief of the Poisoning Department in St Mungo's.

Draco smiled at the memory. It wasn't painful. After that, they had reconciled and laughed with each other. He offered her two rings, and she kept both of them as medallions. One helped her to get a job at St Mungo's while the other helped her get her promotion. But it wasn't proposing marriage on his own accord either time. That's why it wasn't painful.

The second proposal or third, it depended how you counted, was painful.

She was in her childhood room, sitting on the edge of the bed. They'd been together four years now. She practically lived at Malfoy manor, but the other night, she'd decided to stay in her childhood room with her parents.

He watched her from the door. She looked fragile. He liked that sometimes. She was so confident, giving orders as a Chief in the Poisoning Department, and sometimes she looked like a little girl he wanted to hold close.

He took a seat next to her.

"How are you? I didn't see you today. Too much work at St. Mungos?" He asked, worried.

"I'm pregnant."

He was agape for a second, then he just hugged her.

"We're having a baby." Her voice was a little higher than usual. "You want this baby, right?" She asked, preoccupied.

"Of course I want a baby, your baby, our baby." He kissed her.

She smiled at him.

"I was afraid of your reaction. I was being silly, probably all these hormones." She laughed in his arms.

"Would you marry me?"

"You don't have to do it because it's expected, Iceberg. We don't need that. We are going to have a baby."

They stood there, her head on his shoulder, his hand on her flat (at least for now) belly.

This time he truly wished she had said yes because he'd meant it. Had it been any other woman, he would have probably been mad, but not with her. She was the only woman who could say no without infuriating him. She was the only woman he loved.

They already shared everything, but they were going to share more. He just decided that.

He was not one of those romantic men, but he knew what would please her. Icebergs. It was their thing, one of the many things they shared. They didn't literally share an iceberg, but they both shared a special something with Icebergs. It was decided. He didn't have the time to buy a ring, but he didn't care

Later in the afternoon, she went back home with their son. He greeted them, asked his mother to take care of Scorpius, grabbed a wool coat, her hand, and apparated away with her. She was puzzled.

"Are you crazy?!" She yelled, but was snapped by him wrapping the coat around them, and by the view that was offered before her eyes.

"Why are we here?" She asked carefully this time.

"I want your lips blue, so I can warm them." He said, and she smiled at the memory. "I'll do it quick because is freezing, but well, we deserve it. You deserve it."

She raised an eyebrow, but didn't interrupt him.

"Astoria, we share everything together, from the sugar every single morning, to our pillow every night. But I want you to share the path of life with me. I want you to share my name."

"This time I'll ask it properly. Do you want to marry me?" He didn't wait for her answer, and instead he kissed her.



"You are sure you don't want to? Please, do it for me." Draco asked Astoria. Both where lying in their bed.

"No. I gave you my answer, I won't change my mind. There is just no way!" She answered, stubbornly.

"If you say so." He stood up from the bed just at the moment Darla entered the room.

"For Merlin's sake, Stinson! I could have been naked!" Yelled an angry Draco.

"Luckily for me, you were not." She replied to him, before turning her gaze toward the woman still in bed. "Better for you not having second thoughts because I buy this expensive fancy dress and I want to wear it."

"No worries, no second thoughts. But the wizard over here wants us to arrive at the ceremony flying on brooms," Said Astoria, pointing at her husband to be.

"What! Are you crazy!" She yelled, awaking the toddler in his crib. Scorpius's father took him in his arms. "The gown, have you thought about it! Brooms, really you have a twisted mind."

The groom didn't bother to answer and left the bedroom.

"He's not going to give it up. I can see it." Astoria said to her best friend.

"Just tell him that Potter did it at his wedding. He will give it up."

"Potter didn't- Oh! I like when you act like a true Slytherin," the bride grinned.

Later in the afternoon, all the guest were arriving. Draco finally gave up his idea, and Astoria was waiting to walk down the aisle. Everything was silver and ice blue, cold but beautiful.

Scorpius was in his grandmother's arms. He was dressed exactly like his father with a silver suit and robe, finely decorated.

Astoria was wearing a matching silver gown. She looked amazing. Slowly, she and her father made their way toward the waiting groom. Both groom and bride were glowing with joy.

The ceremony went well until the moment of the exchange of alliances. The master of ceremony was puzzled, the usual boy or girl with the alliances wasn't here. He politely asked the couple for them.

Draco and Astoria smiled, and took off the rings for the medallion each other was wearing. Draco took the silver band with a emerald he offered her many years ago, and said his vows.

She did the same with the band she offered him many years ago too.

Smiles flashed, and now they shared everything. Including their name.


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