Possibilities Alternate and Infinite

More procrastination plot bunnies/one-shots, a series of unrelated points of contact for Stargate/Buffy crossovers.

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In this installment, technical spoilers for Stargate (the movie), SG-1 S3 "Crystal Skull," and BtVS S2 "Phases."

Originally posted: 21 Oct 09


Maureen assumed some sort of sales person had rung the doorbell — with Jordy and his dad on their monthly retreat, she wasn't expecting it to be anyone they knew. She was stunned, therefore, when she opened the door and discovered Daniel standing there.

"Oh my goodness," she exclaimed and enfolded him in a hug before he could even step over the threshold.

When she finally released him, she ushered him into the living room. "Come in, come in. How are you?" She didn't give him a chance to answer before she continued, "Can I get you anything? Coffee?"

"I'm doing well, and coffee would be great, thanks." Her feelings would be hurt, he knew, if he said no, and she made excellent coffee, so he found himself alone while she prepared a tray in the kitchen. He used the opportunity to note what had changed in the years since he'd lived here — very little — and migrated towards a collection of photographs.

When Maureen returned, he pointed to one in particular. "Is this your son? I can't believe how tall he's getting."

"That's Jordy, yes." She put down the tray and trapped the man who had been her foster child with the full weight of her gaze. "Having raised you for the better part of ten years and worried about you since, I think I've earned the right to call you 'son' as well, Daniel."

He flushed and fidgeted the way he'd always done when he thought he'd disappointed them. "No, I — I mean, of course — I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

She smiled and tried to lighten the mood. "Well, I hope you weren't trying to insinuate that he couldn't be mine given his height," she teased.

Daniel chuckled softly. Maureen's indignation when mocked about her lack of stature was a family joke. "I haven't been gone that long." He reached for a cup of coffee and inhaled the aroma slowly before drinking. It was her coffee that was responsible his caffeine addiction, and it tasted just as heavenly as he remembered.

He smiled and settled in for a long chat.

They talked for hours. Daniel was only able to tell her heavily-edited stories of his life — a reminder that he didn't have much of one outside of his highly classified work with the air force — but he enjoyed listening as Maureen regaled him with stories of what had happened to his foster family in the years since the last time he'd had enough leave to visit. When she asked what he wanted for dinner, he looked at his watch in surprise, not having realized that much time had passed.

They relocated to the kitchen, and Daniel seated on 'his' stool at the counter, helping chop vegetables. He felt fifteen again.

"So, where are Ken and Jordy?" Daniel asked. "I was looking forward to seeing them. Though 'meeting' might be more appropriate in Jordy's case, since I think he still had his baby teeth the last time I saw him."

"They won't be back until Monday, actually. They're having a father/son weekend."

"So I could join them, but you'd have to stay here?" Daniel grinned.

She froze. "Daniel...."

Before she'd even finished saying his name, his expression fell into a polite mask, one she knew far too well. He'd worn it when he corrected strangers who assumed he was their biological or adopted son, worn it for days after every visit with his grandfather before the man had himself institutionalized. "No, don't worry about it. It was a joke, really. How is Ken's hockey team doing this year? I assume he's still playing."

Knowing she couldn't call herself his mother if she left him in pain — pain she had caused — she reached out and caught his hand in hers, squeezing gently until he looked up at her. "It's just—" Her grip tightened, almost unconsciously, and his expression became one of deep concern. Her eyes welled with tears, though she managed to keep them from falling, and he clasped her hand reassuringly.

"There's something we haven't told you — we should have. It's about Jordy."

Jordy is, of course, the cousin who bit Oz, transforming him into a werewolf.