'If you love someone, let them go. If they dont come back they were never yours...if they come back, there yours to keep."


Chapter 13


Naruto slowly found herself serving the four before her. She moved too stiffly while picking up one of the crystal wine glasses and pouring the rich dark liquid from the bottle in her hands. Fresh and cold from remaining in the small bucket of ice, her fingers became numb, causing her to shake slightly as she approached Sasuke's side of the table. Actually, her whole body began to tremble. Stop. Breathe in. I am going to be okay. I won't cry. After all, Fugaku was practically glowing in victory, satisfied that Naruto had been hurt and humiliated today. I won't give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

She filled Karin's glass to the brim full of the nauseatingly sweet content and quaked in front of her next obstacle. Sasuke. She hesitated, knowing full well that if she went to him, the tears that she had been keeping in ever since she stepped inside the ball room would be lost. But there's no turning back now... Her legs began to wobble and she swallowed the big lump in her throat. Seeing Sasuke so well dressed and cold, looking at her with emotionless obsidian eyes, her heart seemed to harden into pristine glass, then shatter into a million pieces as his gaze pierced her.

What is she doing? Serving this old man willingly? Are you nuts, Naruto? Don't believe him, damn it, believe me...

Sasuke thought angrily as he watched Naruto slowly walk up to him. She began filling his glass.


Sasuke's eyes widened and his clenched up fist loosened in shock. Does she really think I'm betraying and hurting her again like last time? Before the love of his life would walk away and leave his side forever, he grabbed her wrist. He stood up, tightening his grip and scraping his chair loudly against the floor. This final action earned the attention of Karin's father and his father.

"Naruto, wait it's not-" he tried to explain but the blonde pushed his hands off of her. He didn't want to admit it, but at that moment where she pushed him away, a tight, painful feeling burned at the bottom of his stomach. How could she believe his father over him? Why wouldn't she hear his explanation first before thinking he betrayed her? Does she really think I'd throw her away for a girl I barely know?

"Is there something wrong?" Karin's father asked worriedly as he witnessed the scene before him. Karin let out a soft chuckle, the epitomical laugh of a refined lady. "Daddy, stop fussing over everything! Of course that girl is okay; we didn't do anything, right?" Her face shone with faked innocence and a smile bloomed across her lips to create a perfect, pretentious angel face.

"There's nothing wrong, Maki! Let's just start talking about the date of the official wedding of our children, shall we?" Fugaku smiled paternally to his friend, placing his empty wine glass onto the table.

Sasuke couldn't take it anymore. He needed to run after Naruto. Now he finally understands that this was all a trap, a move in his father's chess game from the very beginning-sending Itachi off so there was no one to help him out of this situation, bringing Naruto to such a place without a clue in the world, then break the engagement news to her in the most heartbreakingly way possible. It was all a plan to take control over his life.

He stood up but was once again forcefully brought down to his seat. He could feel his anger beginning to double, bangs drooping irritatingly over his eyes. Once again, he tried to stand up, but the same cycle happened again. No more choices! Mustering up incredible potential strength, Sasuke whirled a left hook to one of the guards and elbowed the other man with the momentum of his first attack. Breaking off in a sprint with all of the elite socialites gasping and eyeing him, he glanced for a single moment to glare at his father.

You can't keep me here, Father.

Naruto didn't know how long she had kept on running from that horrible, awful place. Her legs were protesting against the unbearable and unexpected pain, her heart felt like it was breaking, and salty tears continued to stream down her cheeks. She felt helpless as she collapsed onto the cold floor, hugging her knees close to her chest. I probably look like a lost puppy in the middle of a crowded street, she thought miserably. If only Itachi-kun was here to tell me what to do...what should I do? No, I have to be strong for Kaoru even without Itachi. I won't let them hurt her. Even without SasukeI can-


She froze. She knew that voice.


Indeed, it was the glowing, raven haired Prince Charming kneeling down before her.

"Yes, I'm back," Itachi smiled, handing out a wrinkled tissue from his pocket and began wiping the tears off of Naruto's cheeks. With this free hand, he rearranged her blonde locks, wet and sticky on her face, and brushed it behind her ear. The gentle act of kindness from him made her heart ache even more. She couldn't help herself but to hug him for support and comfort; right now at this very moment she didn't care if they were in the middle of the sidewalk, or that bystanders were scrutinizing and bad-mouthing them for publicly displaying affection right now. Right now, he's the only person who understands her in this world.

Right now she needs a shoulder to cry on.

Sasuke ran as fast as he could. He rounded the corner, breathing and panting hard. He realized he didn't have any idea of where to turn; all of the streets looked the same in his point of view. He skidded to a stop and glanced wildly around, looking for a way to travel along a more open and public road. Sasuke sensed that some of his father's bodyguards were running after him, but he felt too weak to get up and move from his half-collapsed position. Naruto, damn, where are you? After momentarily stunning his captors, he had managed to escape from the hotel thanks to his father's assistant. He actually couldn't believe that the obedient old guy who would not normally betray his father helped him escape.

As he turned and (thankfully) found the open road, a car skidded to a halt in front of him and blocked his way out. "Shit," Sasuke cursed, fists held up and ready for a fight. His obsidian eyes widened as a passenger of the car opened its door.

"Hurry Sasuke!" Itachi urged.


Despite his speech incoherency, Sasuke didn't need to be told twice; in less than a second he hopped inside the car and skidded down the highway.

"So, this is your own house?"

Sasuke looked over the interior, complete with fancy furniture and a golden grand stairwell. Itachi nodded and handed over his jacket to a waiting attendant. "Yeah, I just bought this house from the States with the help of my friend," he answer gently, sitting beside his younger brother.

"Itachi, I need to find Naruto! I need to find her! For the first time in his life, Sasuke sounded like a helpless kid, pleading to his brother in help to find the most important person in his life.

"Don't worry, Naruto and Kaoru are upstairs. I suggest you don't wake them. Whatever the problem between the two of you is, I hope you will fix it eventually. After all, you're not supposed to let her cry." Itachi stood up. "Come on Sasuke, I'll show you to your room."

Sasuke was bewildered. Does he not know about my situation? "Itachi," he decided to be blunt, "I need help."

The raven turned to face his younger brother. "My help?"

"I was being chased by dad's bodyguards when you found me. He wants me to marry this girl and made me attend an engagement party forcefully. And he made Naruto serve us-!"


Sasuke gritted his teeth. So Itachi really is oblivious to everything after all. "He also cut our communications. I tried to contact you, but I couldn't."

Father, how could you break our deal?

Itachi clenched his fist, face white in anger.


"Ah, sorry Sasuke, I was just thinking!" he smiled at his brother. "Don't worry, from now on Father won't be interfering between you and Naruto. No matter what happens, I'll protect the both of you." He patted his younger brother on the shoulders.

He will do anything and everything in his power to protect the family he learned to love.

"STUPID FOOLS! How could you all let my son escape! There's a dozen of you and only one of him; are you all as cashew-brained and blind as bats?"

The older Uchiha was almost screaming in rage at his men. They all flinched under his powerful fury and rising voice. "W-we apologize, but someone rescued him."


"Um, Master? I beg your pardon but I have a report for you." Fugaku looked at his assistant in exasperation. "And what is this so important news that you must interrupt me with, Tohru?"

"I apologize sir, but intelligence has stated that the Young Master Itachi has returned to Japan. Just this night."

"No, not now Sasuke. Please, I don't want to talk to you right now!"

Naruto avoided his gaze for the fifth time that day. Sasuke grabbed her wrist. "Naruto, please you need to believe me I-!" He was interrupted when someone entered the dining room.

"Morning Mom, Dad!" Kaoru piped up happily, kissing her mom and dad on their cheeks in the process.

"Good morning Kaoru! How was your sleep?" Naruto asked her daughter, smiling and fingering her little girl's porcelain white cheeks.

"Oh, it was good! The bed's soooo comfy and nice!"

"Hey, good morning everyone!"

They all looked up to find Itachi walking in through the elegant double doors with a beautiful woman in tow.

Kaoru squealed and jumped towards her father figure. "Tou-san, good morning! I really missed you!" she pouted, hugging Itachi's waist.

"Me too Kaoru-chan, but now I'm back! We could go to the amusement park again, if you like," Itachi ruffled her raven locks and the girl giggled in return. "Ah, by the way, Kaoru-chan, Naruto-chan, and Sasuke..."

"What is it Itachi?" Sasuke asked absent-mindedly, wrapping his arms across his chest.

"Itachi-kun, is there something wrong?" Naruto asked her friend, ignoring Sasuke's futile attempts to grab her attention.

"I want you to meet someone." Itachi went to the girl behind him and put his arms around her.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet my wife.."

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