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The party was at Matt's house. Almost everyone was there from the Glee club to the floor hockey team. Stefan arrived and was greeted by Elena and a very disconcert looking Bonnie. Stefan could tell that bonnie did not want to be there and he couldn't blame her. He didn't want to be there either. The party droned on and around midnight Stefan was ready to go home. He went and stood outside. The morning air had turned cool and Stefan shivered. He started walking to his car which he parked a few blocks from Matt's house. He was about to turn the block when strong arms grabbed him from behind. Now he was a football player so he was able to fend off his assailant, or at least he thought he could. The assailant was stronger than he and so he couldn't. The attacker had him now pinned on the ground. He couldn't see who it was but all he knew was that he had to stop him. He soon felt the pressure of the attacker lift from him.

''Are you ok?" someone's voice said. He registered the voice as Damon's.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Damon lifted Stefan off the ground. "But what are you doing here?"

"I was on my way from the store and I noticed the party. Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine but how did you manage to fend him of so easily? I couldn't and I must have like 20 pounds of muscle on you."

"Yeah well I took karate when I was younger."

"So many layers Mr. Salvatore."

"Please, call me Damon."

"Damon. There's more to you than meets the eye isn't there?"

"Of course. Isn't it to everyone?"

"I would say that."

"So, are you going back to the party or do you want me to escort you home?"

"Um, yeah that would be nice."

The two of them got into Stefan's car. Stefan getting into the passenger's side and Damon into the driver's side. The whole ride to Stefan's house it was quiet. Stefan's gaze kept adverting to Damon who was staring at the road. He made no sudden movements or movements at all.

"How about we put on some music?" Stefan suggested. He reached for the dial the same time that Damon did. Their hands touched and for a second Stefan forgot everything. His mind had gone black and all he could think about was the intense touch right now. Damon pulled away first. Stefan's hand lingered for a moment in the air before he moved it. When they arrived to Stefan's house, Stefan offered to take Damon home but he refused. He told him that he would walk and would see him on Monday.

The house was quiet. His parents weren't home yet and his little sister was at a friend's house for a sleepover. He took off his shirt and laid in the bed, he turned on his lamp and took out his journal.

Dear Diary,

Love bites. Sometimes it can make you feel like it's the greatest thing in the world. It can make you feel safe. It can make you forget everything, like you could start all over again. But love can also make you feel out of control. Scared- like it's eating away at you till there's nothing left. Love really sucks.

He didn't know why he wrote that but it was true. He knew for a fact, since he first lay eyes on Damon that he liked him. But there was a problem. Damon was a teacher and he was a student. It was taboo to date him. He placed his book back on the bedside table and pulled a pillow over his face. He didn't notice the dark figure watching him while he slept. The figure didn't stay long, he needed to get back to find out what had attacked Stefan. It was another Vampire. That much he knew.


On Monday Stefan was the first one in class. He noticed that the bell hadn't even ranged yet when he entered the class room, but there was Damon, sitting at his desk grading papers. He didn't even need to look up to know that Stefan had entered the classroom.

"Mr. Tyler. How are you this fine morning?" he asked not looking up from the papers. Stefan slung his bag into his seat and stood in front of Damon's desk.

"I'm fine sir." He spoke.

"Please don't call me sir. I'm far to young for that." He smiled. Stefan loved when he smiled. It was the most enthralling thing ever.

"So, I was wondering, I know that it's completely like not you know acceptable but I would like to get to know you better."

"Stefan, I don't think that would be the most appropriate thing."

"I know but we could just say that you are giving me extra tutoring sessions."


"Please. I don't know why but I feel as though I must get to know you better."

"What are you saying?"

"I don't know Damon. But just consider it."

"I will. I would like to know you better as well."

The bell rang for class to start. As students began filing into class Stefan took his seat in the front. Today's lesson was about the Salem witch trials. Stefan looked over at Bonnie who had suddenly tensed up. He could see Elena placing a soothing hand on her friend's back. Everyone knew that this was a sore subject for bonnie to discuss. Her family was decedents from some witches and she didn't really like bringing up the past. Damon must have known this because he saw the look on her face when he mentioned the Salem trials.

"Ms. Bennett, would you like to be excused from today's lesson?" he asked her. She looked at him and quaintly nodded yes. He wrote her a pass to the media center. Once Bonnie left he continued on with the lesson. He pulled out a hat from under his desk.

"Ok, everyone will pick out of this hat." He said. He went around to each student so they could pick from the hat. He stared at the far end on the right with Matt. The paper that Matt pulled out was folded. He went to unfold the paper when Damon courteously told him not too.

"The paper shall remain closed until I give the say so as to when to open it."

Once everyone had a slip of paper he told them to open it. Everyone looked at the paper with confused looks on their faces. Well everyone except for Stefan. He knew what they were doing and it was good that Bonnie wasn't here for it.

"Ok, does anyone have a clue as to what we are doing today?" he asked. No one raised their hand. "Anyone? Stefan how about you?"

"Um, we are doing a staging of the Salem witch trials."

"Correct Stefan. We will be taking a field trip to a place similar to Salem and everyone will be a citizen, if anyone does anything out of the norm then they can be claimed witch."

"But sir, why give us papers?" Elena asked.

"Because if an accused is actually a witch then they stand trial, if the other…." Stefan began to tune him out after this, he looked at Damon. He wanted so bad to get to know the older male and it was killing him inside.

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