Kuwabara and Mikey meet the Demona Girls

Don't own anyone but the Demona Girls, Their Witch teacher and Howard the Fox Imp

Part 1

It was the Day before Halloween and a certain Fox Imp was making plans.

"Well, well, I, Howard the fox Imp, is the most hated demon in demon world will be going to the human on Halloween Night but I need something some powers that will make the most powerful demon around." Howard states confidently.

"Well, well if it's isn't Howard the Imp!" Morocky states annoyed.

"Well, the new Demon helpers of the Spirit Detectives how does it feel betraying you own kind?"

"How does it feel to be hated by every demon including the S-Class kind?" Munchie asks slyly.

"I do like being the most hated because I've outsmarted every demon known." Howard replies.

"Every demon, Governor?" Nature asks.

"Yes, every." Howard replies.

"Please you can't outsmart the Spirit Detective and he's half demon." Munchie replies. "And believe me I've tried."

"The Spirit Detective, huh?" Howard thought. "Well, I have the perfect plan for him and his friends."

"What is that?" Morocky asks.

"Not telling, bye!" Howard replies as ran off.

"Come on we have to find out what he's planning, Governors" Nature states strongly.

Meanwhile in human world the 8 were planning another Halloween party

"It's too bad our girlfriends couldn't be here." Mikey states sadly.

"Well, they're on a mission trying to find something that can really be dangerous." Leo replies.

"Well, we have to plan a party without them we won't know when they'll come back." Yusuke replies.

"Don't worry they'll come back soon!" Kuwabara replies.

"Now, let's get the party essentials!" Mikey yells excitedly.

"Yeah!" The 7 replies.

Meanwhile in a part of Demon World that was Witch territory there was a school for Demon Witches. Inside there were 4 students and an annoyed teacher that was losing patients and fast.

"Pay attention, Girls, this spell is very important!" The Teacher replies annoyed.

"Yes, Ms. Yurai," The Girls reply.

"Brandy, Tamsi, Robyn and Violetta, this spell requires a lot of focus and concentration." Yurai replies.

Yurai looks like witch in her 40s who had weird hat with lots of thing like snails and horns. She had long wavy dark blue hair. Brandy looks like a 16 year old girl with long black hair and had a bang hanging down in front her forehead that was colored blue and she had blue eyes, Tamsi looks like 16 year old with long brown hair with a ponytail and her eyes were purple, Robyn looks like16 year old that had long dark brown hair with green eyes, and Violetta who was like a 16 years old had long purple hair and lavender color eyes. Each girl wore a witch school girl outfit.

"What spell is this?" Violetta asks.

"It's the transfer spell it's the spell that can be in the right or wrong way if it's used the wrong way it could be disastrous!" Yurai explains strongly. "Now let me demonstrate on someone any volunteers."

"Me, Ms. Yurai, "Another Girls voice replies.

"Ok, young lady are you new here?" Yurai asks.

"Yes, Ma'am, my name's Henrietta I would like to help." Henrietta replies who no one knew it was the disgusted Howard. "Good, my plan is working."

"Alright, Henrietta let's start." Yurai replies. "Pay attention, girls, Power transferous to Henrietta."

She Transfers her power to Henrietta

"Can I get more?" Henrietta states as she was sucking more of Yurai powers.

"Henrietta what are you doing…?" Yurai asks before she passed out.

"MS. YURAI!" The Girls scream in horror.

"Alright, Henrietta, why did you do that?" Brandy asks strongly.

"Because I'm not Henrietta, I'm Howard the Fox Imp!" Howard replies as he turned back to normal. "Now, I can have fun in the Human world!"

Howard uses Yurai's powers and disappears.

"Oh, no, Governors, Howard just took the powers of the most powerful witch." Nature replies.

"We got tell Koenma!" Morocky replies.

"Let's go!" Munchie states strongly as all three ran off to spirit world…

To be continued…