I get bored when I'm supposed to be doing homework. This connects to Operation: REMEMBER, but they can be read separately, you don't need to know about one to get the other. It's sort of like a background story, I guess. Anyway...

Disclaimer: I don't even have a Halloween costume yet. Do you really think I can afford KND?

That couch looks so inviting. I almost wish I hadn't stayed up all night working on the O.U.C.H (Obnoxious Utensil Clearly Hurts). It isn't easy being skilled with technology. Everyone always expects me to come up with something new, like I'm an idea machine that will never run out of creativity. I don't want to know when that will happen, because it will. I know it will.

I'm not telling anyone about the O.U.C.H. It would be too hard to duplicate. I made it for one person and one person only.

Speak of the devil. She pulls her feet up on the sofa beside me and as she sighs, I can see her as the snarky little kid that looked up to her big sister that she was when I met her. I can't believe she's leaving us tomorrow. Thirteen. There's a reason it's unlucky. She's been crying, I can see it, the tear tracks are like scars, trailing down her pretty cheeks. Abby doesn't want them to know, because she's supposed to be the strong one, the aloof one. They don't know her like I do, can't see when she's hurting. This past week has been, well, hell on earth for her. I can't blame her for breaking. I've cried too.

It's worse than when Nigel left, because we saw this coming. It's worse because...it's Abby. Serious, sarcastic, strong Abby. She doesn't know about the O.U.C.H I've hidden in her box of stuff that she has to take home tonight, CDs and books that don't relate to the Kids Next Door. I don't care how many rules and codes I'm breaking. She's my best friend and that weapon being available to her will ease my aching heart a little, even if she doesn't know how to use it.


That was the worst thing I've ever gone through. I can't stop thinking about how miserable Hoagie looked when I walked into the decom chamber. He built that thing. Poor guy. I wish I could tell him that I'm fine, I remember him, he's still my best friend. But I can't. I'd get decommissioned for real, and so would he. I almost wish that I hadn't been approached by the Teens Next Door. Almost.

It's been a long day. I dig through my box from my old room, looking for my favorite CD. My hand brushes something made of plastic and wood and I pull it out. Some sort of 2x4 technology, nothing I've seen before. There's a note stuck to the handle and as I read it, I smile.


Even if you have no clue what this is, keep it safe. It's called an O.U.C.H (Obnoxious Utensil Clearly Hurts). Look after yourself.


A good friend

Hoagie. That crazy fool. I grin wider as I hold his invention up to the light. Carved into the handle, right at the base is a 2 and a 5, an equals sign, and three letters; BFF

Well...that was OOC. Anyway...this connects to Operation: REMEMBER. Abby still has that gun. It fell into my head when I wondered..."Has Hoags ever made a weapon just for her?" and this was born.

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