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This songfic is about the character Shion/Rin from Please Save My Earth, and the people who reach out to him (Lazlo, Mikuro, and Alice).

Disclaimer: I do not own the manga Please Save My Earth, or the song Give Unto Me. They belong to the artist Saki Hiwatari and the band Evanescence and their respective companies. Please don't sue me.

Deadly Poison: Lazlo

I've been watching you from a distance

The distance sees through your disguise

All I want from you is your hurting

I want to heal you

I want to save you from the dark

Give unto me your troubles

I'll endure your suffering

Place onto me your burden

I'll drink your deadly poison

- Give Unto Me, Evanescence

The Kash Lian of the orphanage straightened the papers on her desk and opened the door to her office, leading the new veda, or foster parent, out now that their meeting was over.

The man, Di Komo Te La Zulo, looked to be in his fourties with very light brown hair and a short but thick beard. He was a renowned specialist who studied sarches powers, so Kash Lian had feared that his repeated requests to foster a child were a pretense to acquire a new test subject, but when she could no longer ignore his requests and agreed to meet him, she was surprised to meet a kind and generous man who genuinely wanted to be a parent.

With his amount of affluence he could easily have any child he wanted, but his decision both astounded and worried her. He had chosen Zai Tess Shi On, the most troublesome child in the entire orphanage. Shi On was a survivor of the brutal civil war on their planet Tess and had killed a entire unit of soldiers in self defense months earlier. His experiences had made him cynical and disillusioned and combined with his brilliant mind, he proved a hassle to care for. He talked back to the lians, and none of their lectures seemed to reach him. He refused to adopt the teachings and worship of the goddess Sarjalim, and constantly got into fistfights with the other orphans. To be sure, he had the least chance of receiving a veda, let alone adoption. But there was one thing about about Shion that would prove valuable to Di Komo Te La Zulo . . . . Shi On had the most powerful sarches Kash Lian had ever heard of.

Still, Kash Lian could not refuse La Zulo when he had told her he had his eye on Shi On. After all, not only was he getting too difficult for the lians to raise, but this may be Shi On's only chance for a family life beyond the orphanage. As worried as she was for Shi On, it wasn't fair to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity away from him.

"If it is alright, may I see Shi On?" asked the new veda, shaking Kash Lian from her inner musings.

" . . . Yes . . . that should be fine . . . Just come this way." She slowly lead him down the outside of the inner buildings to a place that overlooked the courtyard. It was recess and the children were out playing.

La Zulo scanned the children, looking for Shi On. His eyes landed on the small 7 year old, his black hair and eyes and brown skin showing him to be from southern Tess, where the war was at its worst and still showed no signs of ending. The boy played with the others, but always stayed a little bit ahead, or behind, or to the side. He was playing with them, but he wasn't with them. There didn't seem much of a reason for it. All of children were war orphans, and that Shi On had killed soldiers had been kept confidential. He was a beautiful child and obviously more gifted than the rest, both academically and athletically, but had a natural charm that inspired respect and adoration, not jealousy, while keeping others at an arms length away.

Perhaps the cause was Shi On himself. Perhaps he didn't want to mix in with the rest, not because of shyness, but because he didn't know how to deal with people after all he had done and gone through. He could deceive and manipulate enemies, but he didn't know how to treat friends. Maybe, he didn't even know what "friends" really meant.

But La Zulo had seen this before. In his work, he had seen the devastation of war and it's affects not just on Sarches, but also on people themselves. What he saw as he looked at Shi On was not a killer, or a war orphan, or even a powerful Sarches. La Zulo saw a little boy with overwhelming loneliness that was ready to give up on his own humanity. Shi On was too young for the burden Sarjalim had thrust upon his small shoulders.

Years ago, La Zulo had meet a Sarches named Kur Oh Ha Ji, a survivor of the war as well as one of its countless victims. The adolescent Sarches' powers and warped and adapted to the battlefield, creating a human weapon. Tess's government had sent La Zulo to help Ha Ji control his magnified Sarches and allow him to reenter society. But psychological damage had proven to too great. Ha Ji had killed himself in an explosion made of his own Sarches. It had completely destroyed the surrounding area and taken countless lives. La Zulo considered it the greatest failure of his life. He wasn't about to repeat it. He would save Shi On. Not just for his own atonement, but for Shi On's sake as well.

As La Zulo looked on after Shi On and the other orphans, Kash Lian studied him. In his face, she found an answer to her worries. Sarjalim had answered her prayers to find someone who could help Shi On. The man's eyes were full of warmth and determination, and she knew that she had made the right decision in letting him take Shi On.

La Zulo turned to leave. "Wait, aren't you going to see him?" she asked.

"No. I just came to see how he's doing. He's got a lot of energy," remarked La Zulo, admiring Shi On's speed as he finished a race with the other children, coming far in first.

"Sometimes I think too much. He drives the lians crazy. But don't you want to introduce yourself to the child? He's aware that someone has been inquiring into his care with the aim of being a veda."

"Well, there's a still some time left before government officially approves me as Shi On's veda and I'll come to take him. Besides, I don't believe he's too thrilled with the initial idea of a veda. I''d rather give him some more time to let the idea sink in first."

Kash Lian nodded and escorted him out of the orphanage. Shi On hadn't really given much of an opinion either way, but she also had thought that the idea probably sounded a little presumptuous to Shi On.

Driving back home, La Zulo remembered Shi On's distant eyes and vowed to be a good friend to the boy, and in time, a good father.


I figured I should clarify some stuff. First, a lian is basically a nun, but for the goddess Sarjalim. Kash Lian is, if I'm understanding this correctly, like the Mother Superior.

Shi On is the war orphen from a distant solar system. He was born and raised on a moon instead of its mother planet. (This fanfic takes place in a orphanage for war orphans on their moon called Tess).

Sarches is basically psychic power. In Shi On's and La Zulo's universe, they believe that Sarches is a gift from the goddess that only a very, very small number of people are lucky to get.

Just to put the Lazlo (that's what La Zulo has Shi On call him) chapter into perspective, this takes place before they meet face to face. They become friends, and Shi On is slowly recovering from his trauma when Lazlo dies in a car accident. Shion eventually grows up and becomes the villain of the series.