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Deadly Poison: Alice

Fear not the flame of my love's candle

Let it be the sun in your world of darkness

Give unto me all that frightens you

I'll have your nightmares for you

If you sleep soundly

Give unto me your troubles

I'll endure your suffering

Place onto me your burden

I'll drink your deadly poison

- Give Unto Me, Evanescence

"Alice, are you sure?" he asked. He didn't seem exactly trusting. Not that he ever was.

She just laughed. Her gentle laugh that soothed him like nothing else could. "Yes, Rin-kun. For the hundredth time today, I'm sure."

He leaned on his crutches and hobbled from her side to in front of her, looking up at her face searching for any sign of untruthfulness. He surprisingly (to him anyway) didn't find any. "But look at me. I mean, what do I have to offer? I mean, there are Jinpatchi, Shion, and him. So why choose a kid like me?"

She sighed, frustrated. "Because I love you."

"I know that. But why?"

Alice didn't know what to tell him. She had no idea why she loved him either. I didn't make any sense. He had caused so much trouble the months leading to that day. He nearly killed four people, manipulated her and all their friends in a plot to take over the world . . . or not. But she didn't really blame him for any of that. He had been hurt and confused, and weak to the suggestion of Shion's memories.

At the same time, Rin-kun was a just a little boy: more mature and several times smarter than your average elementary student, but still a kid. He wasn't exceptionally handsome like Haruhiko. Or friendly and kind like Jinpatchi. Or sensitive like Issei.

She thought over the last year. When she had first gotten engaged to Rin-kun, it was out of guilt for pushing him off a 15th story balcony. She still felt guilty, but that wasn't why she felt the way she did about him.

If she had to say when she fell in love with him, she'd say it was over the time they had spent together during their engagement and following its dissolution.

Confident, he had let his guard down. Instead of continually keeping up the "innocent little boy" fa├žade, he had slowly revealed his true personality over time. He hadn't seemed to realize it at the time though.

The person Alice liked was into Saint Seiya. He loved video games and music. He was athletic and addicted to bubble gum. His favorite places were the beach and the countryside. He was mischievous, ambitious, and arrogant. He was sweet, fun, and outgoing.

He seemed to know everything about her. Little things like how she only drank mineral water and her favorite color was green, and big things like how she wanted to be a singer professionally and was jealous of grown women with long, wavy hair. He seemed to see everything . . . accept how she felt about him.

She loved how he took the time to see her, to know her: the shy girl who wasn't extraordinarily beautiful or intelligent like Mokuren had been, the girl who listened to Koshi Inaba and Luna Sea, the girl who planted flowers and loved rain . . . the girl who loved him.

It had taken her a long time to admit her feelings to herself. Even when she had gotten jealous over Ayaka-sensei, she had expressed concern for Rin (which had been somewhat, but not entirely, genuine) to gloss over her own feelings for him. Alice had used every bit of denial she could muster, but even she had to eventually admit that her feelings for the boy surpassed neighborly and sisterly.

"Hmm, why? I'm not entirely sure. But if I had to say, it's probably I couldn't not love you. It's same as asking, why do you love Alice?" she replied.

"Because you're you." Rin answered without any hesitation.

"Is 'you' Mokuren?"

"You is you. Mokuren . . . Alice . . . names don't matter. I fell in love with your heart. Something like that isn't subject to one name or lifetime. Me, as 'me', loves 'you'. Me, as Shion, loves Mokuren. Me, as Rin, loves Alice."

She smiled a bit lonely. "I'm not sure if I like that logic, but I know what you mean."

"Why is that?"

"Because Rin won't live forever, he'll be reincarnated. And he'll probably love some other me that isn't me, but is myself, and-"

Rin made a face. "Stop! You're confusing me. Let's take each me as I come, ok? I love you now. It doesn't make any sense to get jealous of your future self, when my future self doesn't even exist yet. Besides, you're making a problem out of nothing."

"You're right, but I can't help it some times. You're always surrounded by girls." More and more of his female classmates had been coming to visit him in the last few days and alice had been struggling to bite the impulse to give out the wrong hospital room number.

"I can't help be popular. Besides, what would you have me do? Push people away and become a cynical, manipulative sociopath bent on saving the world."

"But you're already a-"

"That's besides the point. What I meant is, I'm getting better, and don't want to revert back to being that way if it means making you cry again. And part of that compromise means living a normal life. Which means we BOTH have to deal with them."

"Don't act like you don't like having girls fawn all over you."

He blushed a bit. "I won't say it's torture . . . but you're better than all of them combined," he quickly added.

Alice looked a little peeved, but focused on the more important issue, "The way you said it, if it wasn't for me, would you try again? I know you want to."

Rin decided it was best not to lie to her. "I do. And I probably will try again, but not for a long time. And I know you'll stop me like you did this time."

"I hope it's not exactly like this time. Having you in another coma, a ten day coma of all things, has taken years off my life."

"Hmm." He chose not to respond. He didn't like the idea of either of them dying before the other, even if it was just a joke. "I love you, Alice, and I'm really glad you love me back."

She smiled. "Me too."

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