Was that meant to happen?

Summary: After an accident at the host club, Huruhi and Kyoya get more than they bargined for

Sorry about spelling mistakes ect, I've tried my best :D This is my first story so please reveiw it and tell me what you think :)

Chapter 1

It was an average day in the host club. As per usual, Tamaki whispered sweet nothings to the fan girls, his "princesses", while Kyoya was busy selling the latest photo book and selections of memorabilia to his fans. The twins did their brotherly love act causing several girls to swoon till they passed out and Honey did what he did best while being watched by Mori. I didn't have any designated girls to attend to today and so spent the time keeping the peace between the twins and Tamaki, refilling teapots and trying to study.

Amazingly, (and rather unusually) the meeting ran without mishaps, with Tamaki only running to his corner twice. It came towards the end of the meeting and the fan girls began to file out of the third music room door. After they'd all gone, the Hosts flopped out on the many sofas.

"Well done everyone, profits are up 23.7%." Trust Kyoya to bring profits to the conversation.

"Does that mean we have more money to buy cakes Kyo-san?" Honey's so adorable when he looks like that! No wonder he's got so many fans- he's just so cute!

Kyoya passed Honey a dark look before continuing, "And of course you all know that tomorrow's theme is Great Britain, so don't forget."

"Okay!" we all yelled.

At that moment the Hitachiin chauffeur stuck his head round the door. "Excuse me, but your mother's had an accident…" the twin's immediately leaped up and ran through the door, "see you tomorrow everyone!" they cried as they sped away down the corridor.

We watched as the twins pelted along the path to the front gates, closely followed by the chauffeur.

"I wonder what's happened," Honey mumbled

"Let's go and help!" cried Tamaki

"Oh please!" cried Honey at that, he, Tamaki and Mori ran from the room.

That left just Kyoya and me.

"How are you Haruhi?"

"Erm, I'm fine I guess"

"Oh good," flopping back down on the sofa he asked, "Would you mind pouring me some coffee?"

"Course" I reached over and poured it into a tea cup and walked over to Kyoya.

"MIND THE RUG!!!!" too late, I went flying across the room and the coffee went straight into his lap.

"Oh gosh, Kyoya, I'm so sorry." Without thinking I grabbed a towel and began to dry him off.

"Haruhi…"he whispered.

I looked up. "Yes senpai?" I hadn't realised how close we were, our noses were practically touching. He leaned forward and our lips locked. For what seemed like forever we stayed there, kissing passionately, before I pulled back. "Um… sorry Senpai…"I turned and fled the room, leaving him staring after me.