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Chapter 9

Sunlight filtered through the hastily closed curtains, presumably when a maid came in and saw us under the covers. I sat up immediately, clutching the duvet closely to my chest. Kyōya was still sleeping soundly, the dappled light playing over his face and bare chest.

I averted my eyes before they started wandering and looked hurriedly around for my clothes. On a chair the other side of the room there were two neat piles of the baby blue and black that comprised our uniforms. I started to shuffle slowly to the edge of the bed when a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me back onto the bed. I let out a small squeak of surprise as Kyōya rolled over to face me and grabbed my waist causing me to be pressed tightly to him. He mumbled something about troublesome people before he settled back onto the pillow, his vice-like grip remaining firmly intact.

Eventually, Kyōya's grip subsided and I was able to wriggle free. Quickly I leapt off the bed and scurried over to the door which I assumed was the bathroom.


The warmth radiated down as I cracked my eyes open. I was lying on a beach somewhere very warm. It was sunset, or maybe rise, with the red light casting a warm glow onto the white sand around me. The sound of waves reached me, gently lapping the shore a little way away.

Slowly, my eyes fluttered open just as I heard the en suite shower being turned off. A few moments later, I heard the soft footfalls on the carpet. A small shadow leaned over me.

"Kyōya, it's time to get up" Haruhi breathed before gently placing a kiss on my ear.

"Hmmm... no" I pulled my arms around her waist and dragged her back down to lie on the bed. Haruhi cried out a little as she hit the mattress before I caught her lips in my own. "Now then, where were we?" The woman in my arms giggled slightly as she reached up to kiss me back.

"Kyōya," she murmured, "I think I may love you"

"Just think?" Her huge brown eyes met my own onyx ones as we both broke out into huge smiles. "Because I know I love you"

She chuckled, "Ever the romantic" she smiled, "but really, it is time to get up, I think the maids have gossiped for long enough."

Sighing and placing one last kiss to her lips I rolled over and wandered off towards the bathroom.


I remained lying one the bed as Kyōya made his way to the bathroom. A large blush settled on my cheeks as I realised he was still naked. Had we really slept together? I guess the evidence suggests we did, and the memories… The blush renewed itself as I remembered what happened in the early hours of this morning.

I heard the shower turn on, pulling me out of my thoughts and back to now. I grumbled as I remembered the maths worksheet that was in for today and would provide a good distraction from last night.


I returned to find Haruhi finishing off the last of her homework. "How's it going?" I asked as I leaned down to kiss her pale neck.

"Alright, I've just finished."

"How does breakfast sound then?"


I spun her round as she got up to firmly kiss her, again, as Haruhi moaned into it.

Eventually we slid into the limo and made our way to school. Haruhi rested her head on my shoulder as we drove and her hand subconsciously ran her hand up and down my thigh while I stroked her arm with my thumb.

When we finally arrived, We got out together and walked towards the main building wary of the many fangirls watching our every move.

"What do think they were doing last night?" Asked one to her friends.

"Maybe they're having a secret relationship!" squealed another before promptly fainting along with rather a few others. Perfect, this should generate some more profit, especially if Haruhi and I host together. Maybe we could make an album of pictures, I'm sure they'd sell like a dream.

As if on cue, Haruhi elbowed me in the ribs, "Stop thinking of profits, you're practically drooling," she laughed.

"Humph," we were reaching Haruhi's tutor room, "I'll see you in a bit, and it would be preferable if you didn't mention too much of last night to the twins or Tamaki and then maybe I'll take you on a proper date later," I winked.

"Mmm, I'll hold you to that" She laughed. "You know Kyōya… senpai, was this meant to happen?"

"I think it was" I smiled before pulling her into a kiss, just as I saw the twins walk up the corridor.

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