A/N: This is a multi chapter fic, but it's mainly one shot chapters. Each chapter will focus on the Perfect pair and the Golden pair, as well as random chapters with other characters.

They will be in random orders.

This fic is based of my college course work idea for my NDAD course.

This fic focuses on the words I Love You and the many meanings behind it. Each chapter's title will be a meaning to those words.

This chapter is an introduction, bringing this case study forward.

Today, I Love You means:

Assignment Sheet

Third year case study.

People's perceptions vary through each individual. They can be influenced, argued, conformed and private, but everyone has a view, and a perception of something.

This study requires you to choose one of the following four options to focus on, picking apart your choice and delivering your conclusion in a critical way.

You can choose:

- A historical figure

- Meanings behind words, phrases or language

- Politics or Religion

- Stereotypes

You may look at achievements, reputations, languages, countries and various other methods of research.

This assignment can be delivered as an essay, a diary, a story or a presentation.

Group: 4 (team Kikumaru, Fuji)

Title: Case study

Option Choice: Two

What you aim to achieve?

We aim to look at the phrase I Love You. To look at the meanings behind the words and the way they are delivered.

We plan to look into how these words are perceived, what they can mean and how they can be devised.

What research will you do?

We decided to take a look into life lessons and how they affect the use of the phrase within that moment. We shall also look into languages when possible.

How do you plan to present this?




"Mou Fujiko~ why did you pick this!? It sooo hard!"

"I don't think so Eiji, I think we're more than capable of doing this."

Eiji pouted at his best friend. "How are we going to do this?"

Fuji smiled. "Saa...I wonder."


Yes it's a very small introduction, but another chapter is to follow!

Please feel free to put forth your own meanings to this word that can be included.

It must be wrote: Today, I Love You means: (your meaning)

Thank you, I hope you enjoy this random thing.

Honestly... I really did pick a hard art subject XD