Today I Love You Means; In Health

A/N: counter part to In Sickness

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Oishi sighed with a smile, shaking his head as Eiji jumped on him, hands clinging to his shoulders as he bounced up and down, nearly clashing their heads in the process.

To anyone else, it might have been seen as a normal display of Eiji-ness between the two members of the golden pair. But, of course, they both knew different.

"Mou, it was soooo boring Oishi," Eiji whined. "No fun at all and I couldn't do a thing."

Oishi smiled gently and patted the acrobats head. It had been a whole week since Eiji had been to school, suddenly taken down with winters close friend; the common cold.

He had been bunged up, coughing and feverish for seven whole days! For Eiji, it was a life time. Not being able to move without coughing or nausea was terrible.

Never had the red head been so happy to be well again and out of the house, spending his time with his partner.

"Hai Eiji," Oishi laughed, taking his arm so they could actually start walking. "It's just a shame Fuji caught your cold."

"Eh heh," Eiji sweat dropped, feeling a chill go down his spine. He didn't want to think about that until he had no choice.

"Ah, oh yeah!" He cried, suddenly remembering. "I never thanked you and your parents properly for the things you sent over Oishi!!"

Oishi laughed and waved his hands. "It's fine Eiji, they don't expect you t-"

"Demo, I have to thank them Oishi!" Eiji panicked, clinging onto him tightly. "It would be rude if I didn't nya!"

"Alright," Oishi conceded, pulling his other half along. "But let's go to school first. We'll go back to mine afterwards."

"Ah, hoi hoi Oishi~" Eiji cheered, dragging Oishi faster down the road to Seigaku. "Uwah~ this feels so good."

"Hm, what happened to wanting to keep playing video games?" Oishi mused teasingly, remembering the only thing the red head did whilst he was sick.

Eiji turned to look at him innocently. "I completed them all."

Oishi sweat dropped.

"Demo, it feels good to be out and about finally," Eiji said some what seriously. "Being shut up indoors all day... I like it better outside nya. Then I get to spend time with Oishi."

The boy in question blushed lightly and smiled. "Eiji, I visited you near enough every day."

Which wasn't a lie at all; the red head had needed his homework brought round, Oishi's parents had wanted to send him some get well things, and Oishi had wanted to see his partner too.

It wasn't just that he worried about him, but Eiji was Eiji, and Oishi wanted to know that his red head was doing okay.

It just so happened, that on one occasion or two, tennis duty and school prevented him from doing so, which was the sole reason why their regular tensai was now stuck indoors with a cold.

"Eiji," Oishi smiled.

"I know nya~" Eiji replied, knowing exactly what Oishi was thinking. "But it's not the same. We couldn't do anything!"

"...and what did you want to do Eiji?" Oishi asked, hiding a grin as Eiji took his hand and swung them loosely between them.

"Mou, Oishi," Eiji pouted. "We never got to play tennis, or go see that film, or stay over yours or... or..."

"Or?" Oishi asked. It wasn't that it he liked to be as teasing as this, but it wasn't often he saw the hyperactive boy so flushed. He couldn't help but want to tease him slightly.

"Or... Go on our date nya!" Eiji cried, pouting even more and crossing his arms, Oishi own arm following with it as Eiji still held his hand.

Chuckling softly, Oishi pulled Eiji's arms apart and tugged him closer. "Eiji, we can do that any time, there's no need to act like you've missed out."


"What mattered then was your health," Oishi added, smiling at him fondly. "Now that you're well again, we'll have all the time in the world for that."

At this Eiji brightened and laughed, tightening his hold on the others hand before letting go as they rounded the last corner. "Nya, you're right Oishi. But we have to go to class first before we can do any of that."

With a smile Eiji had learned from only one person, he hopped in front of the dark haired boy and pushed him back around the corner they came from, kissing him softly but letting it linger as he pulled away, grinning in amusement at the shocked emerald orbs staring back.

"Come on Oishi," Eiji whined, walking backwards, towards the school gate. "I don't wanna run laps for the rest of my life if we're late."

Recovering slightly, Oishi followed him in somewhat of a daze. He shook his and span the red head around before he could walk into a passing student. "If memory serves me correctly Eiji, it's never stopped you being late before."

"Oi! Oishi~"