Title: The Promise of Tomorrow
Chapter 18 - Epilogue

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We spent the rest of our Saturday with the Messer's, further cementing our friendship for us, my role as godfather to Lucy and watched the bond continue to form between Lucy and Cameron. Danny told us that Flack and Emily are still dating and their bond is also continuing to strengthen. I for one couldn't be happier for both of them, knowing Emily's character and Flack's need for a quality woman in his life.

I watch Stella and Lindsay sitting together, Stella clutching Lucy in her grasp and I can't wait until we have a daughter of our own. Danny and Cameron are in the sandbox a few feet from me and I wonder if they would ever consider another child as well.

"Thanks for coming today you guys," Lindsay mentions as we slowly start to pack up; the sun threatening to set and a slight chill starting to be felt in the air.

"We have a lot of fun today," Stella replies, Cameron in her grasp as I finish stuffing all contents back into the black travelling bag to head for home. Tomorrow we'll have dinner with my mother, our new Sunday family ritual and then in two weeks we head to Disneyworld in Orlando Florida.

We all exchange hugs and some kisses and soon I have one arm firmly holding Cameron against me and the other wrapped around my wife's waist as we head back to our waiting SUV.

"I think we'll all sleep well tonight," Stella tells me in a soft tone as she helps me bundle Cameron's sleeping form into his car seat, then finally heading for home.

"Funny I haven't had that much trouble sleeping at all as of late," I comment as I look over at my amazing wife. "Thanks to you."

"Well that is one thing I will happily accept blame for," she squeezes my hand in return. "Nor tomorrow night."

"What is tomorrow night?"

"Your mother is making turkey."

"Ah tryptophan. Right, the sleep drug."

"The turkey drug."

"For drugging turkey's?" I arch my brows and she laughs.

"Is that a personal reference?" She counters and it's my turn to chuckle.

We reach home and I gently lay Cameron down on his bed and then go in search of Stella to help with dinner. I round the corner into the living room and spy her standing in front of the window looking out. I wrap my arms around her, pulling her back against me as we both enjoy the silence together.

"Are you hungry?"

"I am," she whispers in return.

I take Stella by the hand and lead her to the table, pull out the chair and smile when she sits. "I'm making dinner."


"Trust me Stella, it will be edible," I tell her in haste and she looks up at me with a loving glance. "You just rest. You can read about all the stomach twisting rides you'll be conning me into joining Cameron on in two weeks."

Thankfully Stella doesn't protest that much and allows me to slowly putter around the kitchen, getting the leftovers evenly distributed onto three plates as she reads more highlights about Disneyworld. She then goes in search of Cameron, bringing him out to join us and soon our modest family dinner is underway.

"Did you have fun at the park today Cameron?"

"Yes with Lucy on the sings," he states as he shoves another forkful of food in his mouth before Stella gently places his fork on his plate, telling him to chew and swallow before adding more. Her loving way with him is almost indescribable. I had at one time wondered if she'd take to her role as step mother so easily but she's proven to me that not only does she love Cameron and treat him like her own son; her own flesh and blood but has firmly cemented in my mind and heart the thought that expanding our family is something that we need to do; for Cameron and for both of us. I want that with her; I want her to give me that amazing gift of life, to share the same DNA in a child that we helped create together.

"Mac?" Stella softly mentions my name, forcing my mental thoughts to slowly fizzle as my attention is completely hers once again. We start to talk to Cameron about Disneyworld and then after dinner we all retire a bit early; the fresh air and excitement of the day, taking its toll almost immediately.

The next morning when I slowly open my eyes, I am on my stomach but Stella is not at my side. "Stella?" I ask in a soft tone. I hear a distinct 'click' and then turn around to see my beautiful wife slowly walking toward me, wearing nothing under her open robe. "Wow," I whisper as my lips automatically curl into a wide grin; the door locked for our privacy, an ensuing adventure calling to us for some early morning love making.

I gently twist around as she pushes the covers back, her naked frame already ensuring that mine was ready in a matter of minutes.

"Mmmmm love the smell of morning Mac," she whispers as she lowers herself down onto my waiting frame.

"Woman on top...my favorite," I mention as her fingers gently tease whatever naked skin they can land on. My warm hands gently grip her sides and back as our union progresses.

Stella finally lowers her lips to me, her golden curls tickling bare flesh, her mouth now hungrily devouring mine. "Feels..." I start with a soft moan as her tongue dances with mine. However, just as I am about to return the favor a soft knock is heard at the door and our rhythm threatens to fade. "Cameron," I state with a deep frown.

"He'll be fine," she whispers in my ear.

"But..." I try as we hear some soft shuffling. "I know he has to learn. Just new for us."

"New for me too Mac. Okay so I read it in the book."

Both Stella and I look at the door in wonder, another soft knock before it's quiet once more. "Should we stop?"

"Mac, he needs to learn," she softly smiles. "He will be okay."

I look up at her and offer a tense smile, but as soon as Cameron goes away we continue where we left off; her lips hungrily devouring mine once again, my actions responding in kind. She calls my name once more and then both of us are finally still; only our hearts racing together as one. I plant a warm kiss on the top of her head as she looks up at me and smiles.

"I love you," I whisper. "You are so beautiful," I praise and her face beams, adding to her already after love making glow. "Truly beautiful."

"Mac, don't make me cry," she whispers softly as her eyes threaten to tear.

"Happy tears right?"

"From now on."

"And next Friday, Cameron has his sleepover at gramma's right?"

"Mac, we did okay this morning," Stella reminds me as she tastes my lips once more. We both hear the TV in the other room and exchange smiles. "Not that..." she starts and I gently press my thumb to her lips, my fingers caressing her flushed face.

"I know what you meant," I assure her as I lower her lips to mine once more and plant a warm kiss on them. "But thanks for alaying my fears this morning. Was just nervous he'd resent me or something."

"You can ask him later but you can be sure he won't Mac. I could feel the same also."

"I suppose your right. Always something new right?"

"Keeps life interesting."

We linger together a bit longer before we finally part, Stella heading into the kitchen, me taking Cameron into the bathroom for a shower.

"Were you okay when mummy and I didn't answer the door this morning?"


"Do you know why we didn't?" I inquire and he shrugs no. "We were having our special alone time but we still love you and I want you to know it wasn't your fault, okay?"

"Sure," he smirks and I know he might not fully understand but as long as I keep telling him, I think we'll be okay.

"We are going to have supper at grammas tonight," I tell Cameron as he stands under the water, eyes closed and allowing me to gently wash his hair.

"Lucy too?" He wonders and I look down in surprise.

"No sorry, not Lucy. Would you like to have her over sometime?"

"Yes," Cameron replies in haste.

"I'll talk to mummy and see what we can do."

"Okay daddy," Cameron answers as he opens his eyes and looks up at me with a loving smile. I hand him the soap to which he presses into my belly button, forcing a small laugh from my lips at his silly antics.

"Cameron wants to have Lucy over," I mention to Stella as I head into the kitchen sometime later, after I am dressed.

"Sounds like a great idea," Stella answers as my damp hair teases the nape of her neck, her body responding by displaying small shiver marks. "Mmm shower Mac."

"Go and have yours and we'll finish with breakfast."


As I leave Mac and Cameron in the kitchen, my mind is now excitedly planning a dinner at our place with the Messer's and of course Mac's mother. As I stand in the shower, I now fix in my mind a possible date after we return from Disneyworld for having them for dinner and my excitement starts to build.

"Disneyworld," I mumble to myself as I finish getting dressed and then join my family in the kitchen for a hearty breakfast of pancakes and bacon.

"Cameron wanted bacon," Mac states.

"Cameron only?" I arch a brow and he smiles.

"Daddy wanted bacon too!" Cameron states as he takes a bite out of his.

"Fink!" Mac calls him and Cameron's face scrunches in wonder. "That means you told on me."

"To mummy," he points with a confused look.

"Yeah nice try Mac, tell the truth."

"Want to beat it out of me later?" Mac playfully arches his brows.

"You know if he grows up to be a naughy boy like you, you'll only have yourself to blame," I counter.

"I am not," Mac stammers, his face turning red. Cameron looks up at him and laughs; not really understanding why his father was embarrassed but taking delight nonetheless.

"You are partially to blame."

"Okay fine, but can you blame me?"

"No. Just love to tease you."

Our friendly banter continues for the better part of the morning, Cameron coloring at the table and me and Mac just talking and enjoying a lazy Sunday together. Sitting across from him as we both color with Cameron, sipping our coffees is another mental moment I will treasure for life. I used to dread Sunday mornings; sitting at the table alone in my old apartment, but now they can't come fast enough. Oh I am very much looking forward to our 'adult' date night but just to be able to spend time as a family is something I longed for since I was denied it as a small girl.

"I should clean up," I finally mention.

"Color this mummy," Cameron directs and I can't help but quickly comply.

"Little finger," Mac snickers, not looking up from the task that Cameron had assigned to him. He of course referring to the appendage that both he and I seemed to be wrapped around when it comes to Cameron; tossing me the line I'm so fond of throwing at him.

"We need a few things for dinner," I mention to Mac and soon the three of us pack up our coloring supplies; clean the breakfast dishes and then get ready and head outside, heading for the market to pick up a few things that I will bring with us for dinner tonight.

"Mummy gets this!" Cameron announces as he stuffs another item into my basket.

"Nothing at eye level is safe," Mac huffs as he scoops a protesting Cameron into his arms and holds him tightly.

"Daddeeeee..." Cameron moans as he struggles to get free.

"Cameron, you can't put everything you see into the basket, we have a small list of specific items."

"But I wants mummy to buy that..." his voice trails off in sorrow and I look at Mac with a weak smile. We head down the next and I finally have a task for Cameron.

"I need that. Cameron can you please get that for me," I point to an object and Mac helps Cameron retrieve it. He places into my basket and then looks at both of us with a proud smile. "Thank you sweet boy."

"Welcome mummy."

We finish up our shopping and then head for home, finishing up a few more chores before we head down the hall to Millie's.

"Love the smell of turkey," I tell her as I help with the gravy, Mac and Cameron setting the table. "That is the one thing I have yet to master."

"Well when you have some free time over the holidays you might get the chance."

"I don't know, my boss is quite the slave driver."

"Well you can always beat him into submission; I'm sure he'd like that," Millie winks at Mac.

"Mot-her," Mac groans as we both laugh.

"Told me earlier," I tease Mac who looks at me and just shakes his head in defeat.

"My poor son, he never had a chance," Millie laughs as we get back to our task of preparing Sunday dinner as a family. Cameron once again drags a chair into the kitchen, pushing his way between us.

"Gamma I want to helps," he insists as he looks at her in wonder. She kisses the top of his head and hands him a few items, giving him instructions to wash and then place them back onto her cutting board; a task he readily agrees to.

"Funny how he makes even the most mundane task seem fun," I note as Mac's arms gently encircle my waist and hold me close.

"Daddy kiss mummy!" Cameron states as he points at us and Mac looks him in amusement.

"Well since you said the word so properly," Mac murmurs warmly as I twist my neck to allow Mac access to my lips.

"Yay!" Cameron shouts as Mac firmly kisses me and then pulls back, a twinkle in his warm blue eyes.

"Daddy needs to kiss mummy more often," I praise and his face beams; Millie looking at us with a loving smile on her face. We finally finish our tasks and then head into her dining room to have our meal. About an hour later; after much turkey, stuffing, gravy, dessert and coffee has been consumed, I look over at Mac who has fallen asleep with Cameron on his chest.

"That sight warms the heart doesn't it?" Millie notes as she stands beside me, wrapping her arm around my shoulder as we both look at my husband and son with a warm smile.

"Very much so," I whisper in return. I head into the kitchen to help her clean up; not wanting to leave her with such a heavy burden, enjoying another bonding moment with a woman I am rapidly wanting to call 'mom'. We make small talk about the park outing the day before and where we will be heading for our 'adult' date night and what she has planned for Cameron. After I am finished I slowly head into the living room and kneel beside Mac, planting a soft kiss on his handsome face.

"It's time to put Mac to bed," I whisper and his lips curl upward, but his eyes stay closed.

"Sounds pretty good right about now," he mumbles in return as he slowly opens his eyes and looks at me. "Did I miss the cleanup?"

"Oh don't worry, you'll make it up to me."

"Kinda like the sound of that."

"Come on, let's go home."


"Stella I'm sorry," I state with a frown as she finally climbs in bed beside me.


"Blame the damn turkey, but I'm sleepy," I mumble and she laughs as she kisses my lips and pushes herself into my waiting arms.

"Damn turkey," she giggles as my fingers reach down and gently poke her sides, forcing a few more warm giggles from her mouth. "So where are you taking me Friday night?"

"I have to come up with a place? Stella I'm not good at that sort of thing."

"Trust me Mac, your better in more areas than you might realize," she tells me warmly and my arms around her tighten; her words once again cementing in my brain that I can do just about anything with her at my side.

"Okay I'll think of something really special."

"I'll be with you Mac. Even if we had take out in Central Park under the stars that would be just fine with me."

"You're easy on me," I gently sigh.

"I love you," she confirms as I kiss her on the cheek. We both fall asleep, dreams of the happy events of the weekend, filling our minds and hearts and once again ensuring that we are both blessed with a solid night's rest.

The week went by as the week previous; both of us busy during the day, Cameron behaving for my mother while we were at work during the day and then spending time with us after supper. Stella and I always made sure our intimate needs were taken care of; mostly me bending when she was too tired to enjoy. Friday finally rolls around and as I finish in the bathroom I head into the bedroom and lean against the door, watching my amazing wife as she finishes dressing.

"Wow," I praise as I gaze upon the black satin cocktail dress that clings to her amazing body. "I am going to be distracted once again," I gently moan as she fixes a small earring that is nestled among dangling curls. She knows that when she wears her hair up that it drives me crazy but I can't complain; just more to enjoy taking apart later on.

"Well you look pretty great yourself handsome," she praises me in return as her fingers dance around the silk knot of my black and white striped tie. "Smell good too. Maybe I'll be the one distracted at dinner."

"We could always order in."


"Give me a break will you?" I retort and she smiles as her fingers linger on my face. I help her with her coat, Cameron holding a whole arm load of toys as he prepares to go to grammas for the night.

"We'll see you tomorrow morning, okay Cameron?" Stella whispers as she bends down and hugs him tightly. "I love you sweet boy."

"Love you too mummy," Cameron smiles in return as he kisses her cheek.

"I love you Cameron. Be good for gramma," I tell him as I hold him in my arms as Stella locks the door.

"Have fun tonight you two. See you in the morning," my mother tells us as she takes Cameron, the smell of freshly baked cookies already distracting him as we quickly take our leave.

"So where are you taking me?"

"It's a surprise."


"And I'm not giving in this time," I state in triumph until her hand rests on my thigh. "Stella..." I moan and she quickly pulls it away, laughing at the power she knows she has over me.

"Weak man."

"When it comes to you I will gladly concede defeat."

I pull up to a very expensive restaurant and she looks at me in wonder; knowing that not only have we already been here but the last time we were here was a turning point for both of us.


"Our table is waiting."

"Right," is all she seems to be able to manage and I know the time I spent during lunch hours the past week were not in vain. We are shown to our private booth and already I am hit with memories of when I first told Stella that I loved her; actually offered the words I knew in my heart I was feeling for the past number of years.


"I love you," I blurt out and she looks at me in wonder. "I told you that at this very place remember?"

She takes my hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. "I will never forget. I love you too."

We order our dinner and drinks and then settle in for the next few hours, talking and enjoying our 'adult' date. Our conversation does include Cameron, but it's also dotted with work, our holiday plans for the following year and a few other things we need for our home; including a possible Taylor addition. The first time I came here, I had feared talking so openly about Cameron, our past together and what the future might for her and I. But as the evening progresses I realize that those initial fears were unfounded and now enjoyment is the only feeling that my whole being is experiencing; that and unconditional love.

"Do you want to dance?" Stella inquires as the lights dim further and the slow music beckons couples to come make use of the space waiting to be filled.

"I would love to," I answer as I take her hand and lead us to the dance floor, my arms automatically wrapping around her, holding her tight against my hungry frame. "You smell good," I whisper as I plant a soft kiss below her ear.

"Behave," she lightly warns and I have to chuckle as I allow some breathing space to develop between us.

"Do you know the power you have over me?" I query in a soft tone.

"Works both ways Mac," she counters and I just shake my head with a smile. We stay out on the floor for a few more dances before we both know it's time to go someplace more private and continue our session.

"Thank you for such an amazing dinner," Stella offers as we near home.

"Well I too enjoyed it very much. And the company was not bad," I tease as she gently grabs my inner thigh, making my body instantly react. "Not fair," I try to pull away in protest. She pushes me up against the elevator wall, her eyes daring mine to make a move in such a public setting.

However, I surprise her by gently wrapping my hand around the back of her neck and bringing her lips to mine, hungrily tasting them and then pulling back for a breath of air. "Didn't think I would do that did you?" I counter.

"Trust me Mac, you still keep me guessing," she smiles as her arm snakes around my back and holds me close. We try to stifle our teenage giggles as we pass my mothers, but as soon as our apartment door is locked, our coats are on the floor and our lips hungrily devouring the other. Without the worry of Cameron walking in on us, him already asleep in my mother's apartment, I let Stella's dress fall to the floor as I scoop her nearly naked body into my arms and carry her toward the bedroom.

My dress shirt and undershirt already creating a trail to the bedroom, just the loose piece of silk still draped around my neck.

"Make love to me Mac," Stella gently mumbles as her fingers grasp the tie and she pulls me down on top of her. I am only to happy to comply with such a request; my body already ready in anticipation. My fingers get trapped in curls as my mouth starts to plant warm kisses on her mouth and then her fragrant neck; her perfume forcing my body to react quicker to her amazing smell than even I anticipated.

"Stella..." I gently groan as her fingers tease places that force my brain to revel in new sensations and delights. "Feels amazing," I praise as she continues.

Her hair becomes damp from the heat of my fingers and the sweat beads that are now trapped between golden curls and sweaty fingers, keeping my hands trapped.

"Mmm Mac," Stella whispers as my lips taste her skin once more.

"Mac!" Stella gasps one last time as we reach the end and the room is finally still; our hearts still racing.

"Love you," I whisper as I push some damp curls off her forehead and plant a warm kiss on her flushed skin.

"I love you too."

And unlike other nights, this time we are able to linger together, alone and naked, bedroom door open before we finally fall asleep naked.


I slowly open my eyes the following morning and look at Mac with a warm expression. His handsome face is still flushed from our latest adventure the night before, dark lashes resting on warm pink skin. His hair is still mussed up and his naked chest is tempting me once again for an early morning romp.

"Time to wake up Mac," I whisper as I start to plant warm kisses on his bare chest, my brain delighting in his warm early morning scent. His body stretches for me, but soon his arms wrap around me, his lips on mine and I know it'll be some time before we allow Cameron back into our home.

"Please do," he smiles in anticipation.

"How was he?" I ask Millie a few hours later as I leave Mac in our apartment to finish the laundry and I go in search of our son.

"Cameron and I made playdoh last night," Millie tells me. "Cameron made...well attempted to make Mickey Mouse."

"Looks mummy," Cameron proudly holds up the small distorted but somewhat familiar looking figure for me to see.

"Looks just like the real thing," I praise and his smile grows wider. "We are going to see him a few days."

"YAY! LOVES YOU MUMMY!" He shouts as he hugs me tight and a small lump forms in my throat. I chat with Millie a bit longer before Cameron takes my hand and we skip down the hallway to our own waiting apartment. The three of us spend the rest of our Saturday together as a family, once again having Sunday dinner at Millie's and then getting ready for another week of work.

"Stella!" Mac's voice calls to me from Cameron's room. I hurry toward them only to stop and laugh as I see both Mac and his son knee deep in clothing items.

"I knew sending you in was a bad idea," I lightly scold Mac.

"Then you have only yourself to blame," he counters with a smug smirk.

"Bad boy."

"Mummy helps," Cameron moans as Mac looks at me with a defeated expression.

"I have never packed for him before, why did you suggest I do this?"

"Because you never packed for him before!" I counter and Mac frowns.

"Help!" Mac finally requests and I know I can't say no. I gently push myself between them, dig out Cameron's suitcase, toss out all the things he and Mac had put into it and start fresh; both Cameron and Mac watching in captive fascination.

"Told you mummy was the best!" Mac praises as Cameron's hand offers Mac's a high five. About half hour later, Mac is tucking Cameron in and I join him after I had finished cleaning up his room. "Think you'll sleep tonight Cameron?"

"No. We sees Mickey tomorrow," Cameron smiles.

"I'm almost too excited to sleep also, I can't blame him," I whisper softly as I plant a warm kiss on the top of his head. We both say our goodnights to Cameron and the head into our bedroom to finish our packing; our conversation focusing around our new adventure starting tomorrow.

"Think you'll sleep tonight?" I ask Mac in wonder.

"We sees Mickey tomorrow," he teases as his arms encircle me for the night ahead. However the night passes by with haste and morning comes all too quickly.

"Cameron, wait for us!" Mac calls out as he gives his mother a hug and then hurries after us. Millie waits until we are through security; offers us a final wave and then leaves. Mac and sit on either side of Cameron in the waiting area, listening to him chatter away about things he's looking at in his Disneyworld brochure. We are finally called to board the plane and waste no time in grabbing our carry on items and heading for the door.

"My family is with me," Mac tells the ticket agent as he hands her our three tickets; one of my hands firmly clutching Cameron's and the other a small suitcase. Mac flashes me a warm smile and my heart melts. My family, are the two words that I have come to love more than anything else he has to offer; save for I love you, of course.

Cameron insists on the window seat and Mac doesn't care as long as he's on the aisle; always reminding me that he hates to fly. I take his hand and firmly clutch it in mine, giving it one more squeeze, forcing his eyes to lock with mine.


"Hard to believe we are actually doing this."

"Going to Disneyworld?"

"Taking a family vacation. I mean all this arranged by a man that never took a day off in his life; much less planned such an amazing family holiday for one week."

"I'm glad you approve," he mentions in a soft tone as he leans over and kisses my cheek. "I love you," he whispers in my ear and my face flushes instantly; his warm breath sending small shivers down my spine.

"I love you too Mac."

The announcement comes overhead and Cameron looks at us with excitement. Thankfully it's a short flight and the warm hot sun of Florida will soon be welcoming us with open arms. Cameron is finally belted in and he grasps my hand as the plane starts to race down the runway.

"Tickles my tummy mummy," he states with a slight frown and I can't help but laugh. We all settle into the flight, taking our snacks and making light conversation while Cameron colors in his complimentary Disney coloring book. The short flight finally comes to a stop at Orlando International and soon we are settled into a special shuttle that will take us to Walt Disney World and our hotel.

I know the warnings about missing children so my fingers grasp Cameron's perhaps a bit tighter than necessary; but while I'm careful not to hurt him, I need to know my grasp is firm so that he'll be safe the entire time we are here.

"Wow Mac," I whisper as the shuttle stops at the entrance to the large amusement theme park. "This really is something else."

"Actually I'm starting to feel that excitement also," he replies.

"Mummy! Daddy! Looks!" Cameron shouts, drawing a few smiles from people also affected by the exuberant child's happy enthusiasm.

"We'll check in and then scope out the place, make a plan for what we want to do tomorrow," Mac tells us as the shuttle finally stops in front of the entrance to our hotel. We all step out and I look around, my eyes taking in all the amazing sights and my ears the delightful sounds. We check in and then slowly take our stuff up to our plush hotel room.

"Stella?" Mac queries with a soft tone as he wraps his arms around me, now both of us facing outside; Cameron in front looking with fascination at all the rides and attractions a few stories below.

"So do you think this really is the happiest place on earth?"

"At the moment yes; but as soon as we are back, home will be the happiest place on earth."

"Home is happier than here?"

I twist myself around in his strong and loving grasp. "It will be when I tell you the news."

"What news?"

"I'm pregnant!"

"What?" Mac asks in shock, his eyes instantly watering; mine already glistening with happy tears.

"We are going to have a baby; you and me."

"I um...really?"

"Really. A child of our very own," I tell him warmly. "I love you Mac Taylor."

"I love you so much Stella Taylor," he replies with a wide smile as he looks down at Cameron. "Mummy's going to have a baby."

Cameron shrugs and I just laugh. "That means you are going to have either a brother or sister."

"Okay," he simply mentions and we both laugh.

"Nothing to say to that Cameron?" Mac queries.

He thinks for a moment and then looks at Mac while pointing to me. "Kiss mummy!"

"Gladly," he readily agrees as his lips crush mine, Cameron wrapping his arms around us, making the circle complete.

My family.

Four years ago; my life changed forever.

Four years ago; the day Mac walked out the future seemed bleak.

Four years ago; I died that day; mentally and emotionally, fearing I would never recover much less be able to say that time really can mend a broken heart. But time has shown me that second chances don't come along all the time but when they are offered, you need to fight to keep them; hold onto them and prove that you were worth offering that second chance to.

I know right now that our love never died; it was just misplaced for a little while, we have forever ahead of us. The promise of tomorrow was always there, waiting for us to take it. And as Cameron's arms wrap around my legs; Mac's arms tightening around my waist; right now I know one thing is certain, we'll never be alone, ever again.

THE END! (for now)

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