Chapter 1 - Bella's POV

I was laying in my bed, in his arms, breathing in his scent, and I couldn't be happier.

"Morning Love" He said kissing the top of my head. How did he always know I was awake? I blinked my eyes open and looked up at him my cheek still pressed against his cold skin. It had taken a few very patient weeks on my part but I had finally gotten my way, his shirt was now a fixture on my bedpost on a nightly basis. "mmmmmm" I was just too comfortable my hand lightly passing over his ribcage. I could hear him suck air through his teeth, he still wasn't used to me touching him but hopefully that would change. We are getting married after all. We had talked at length about expanding our physical relationship but he didn't seem too enthusiastic. At least not like a normal seventeen year old, Edward was a little neurotic about my safety he was always careful about touching me in any way. We had only just gotten to second base in the last week. Him touching me was amazing but the mood was often ruined by his insecurity. Asking me if I was alright or if he hurt me got a little annoying after a while..

His cold hand caressed the skin on my neck as he placed his hand above my heart. He probably noticed that my heart skips a beat every time he did this. My eyes closed his other hand trailing down the back of my neck sending electric shocks throughout my body. God did he know what he did to me? I gasped as his hand made it to the small of my back his finger trailing around the bottom of my tank top. I Pushed myself closer to Edward wanting to feel his body all over.

"Bella" he started to pull away, I knew I only had second and quickly shimmied myself closer to him kissing his lips as hard as I could. His hands tangled in my hair as I pressed myself closer to him. It took a few minutes but he pulled away leaving me gasping,...... he always left me gasping. "Bella, your going to be the death of me."

"You always say that and look, your still here!" I smiled at him and he gave me my favourite crooked grin.

"You know Alice will have my head if your late. Cake tasting in Port Angeles remember? I'm sure she's planning on sneaking some shopping in there." I'm sure he could see the look of terror blossoming on my face so he kissed me again, lightly on the lips trailing his kisses down my jaw and across my neck. "relax Bella, or should I say future Mrs. Cullen."

"mmmmmm that sounds wonderful" I kissed him hard on the lips.

" Okay time to go Bella" He was lifting himself free of me his feet making their way to the floor in one swift movement. I fell back onto my mattress a now vacant space, the coolness of the sheets making me shiver. "Edward, can't you come too? You are the groom after all, cake tasting is just as much your responsibility as it is mine" he looked back at me thoughtfully. "Bella you know that I want to be with you all the time and I'm having a hard time keeping my hands off you," He caressed my face staring deep into my eyes I leaned up and kissed him gently on the lips. "mmmmm...... but I think Alice may blow a fuse trying not to think of you in your dress around me." Then he gave me that dazzling smile that makes me melt.

"Okay, okay I'll go eat some freaking cake!"