Sorry it has been a while everyone.

I am writing this as a bit of an explaination, so please bear with me.

My Father passed away on Wednesday October 31st 2012, in his 67th year. My father had been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – also Lou Gehrig's disease) I would never wish this disease on ym worst enemy. The body starts shutting down, things that had been effected with my father were his speach, mobility, strength, movement, ability to swallow and most noticible his ability to speak.

The day that dad passed the nurse got him up and into the shower with our help and after the snower into his favorite chair to watch a show he likes. He had told us the night before that he was ready to give up. Over the last week or so he had been put on oxygen, had been unable to swallow even juice he had been unable to make himself understood when he spoke and could barely stand let alone walk.

Another nurse came to take some blood for some testing and I was walking her to the door. When I came back mom called to me dad's color had compleetly drained from his face. After calling 911 I had to explain to them that my father had a DNR (Do not resesitate) order. He was not breathing, by the time the ambulance showed up we knew he was gone.

I have spent the last few months spending as much time as possible with my father and was able to be here for him and my mother when he passed. We are still in shoch at the whole thing it happened so fast and the house feels so empty. We are glad that dad is no longer suffering but the absence of him is astounding on so many levels.

Dad was buried on what would have been his 67th Birthday on November 3rd.

With all of this going on my creativity has been at an alltime low but I hope to get writing again before the new year, please bear with me. I know that most of you will understand and I appreciate it greatly.