I was nervous as I walked into the BAU on Monday morning, but I was also excited about my new position as Media Liaison for the skilled team of profilers. I had wanted to work with the BAU ever since joining the FBI five years ago and this was my chance.

Taking a deep breath, I quickly straightened my black pencil skirt and grey sweater top, then opened the glass doors and walked inside. I could feel eyes watching me as I walked past all the desks and several agents, and up the short flight of stairs to Supervisory Special Agent Hotchner's office. I took another deep breath before I knocked on his door twice in succession.

"Come in!" a gruff voice responded, unnerving me even more than anything else. But, on command, I opened the door and walked in.

"Can I help you?" the dark-haired agent asked tersely, not looking up from the paperwork he was involved in.

"I'm Agent Aubry Edwards. Director Strauss told me to report to you. I've been assigned to your team," I explained, holding out the manila folder that contained my new orders.

My last sentence caused Agent Hotchner to look up quickly. "You're J.J's replacement?" he wanted to know sharply.

"I was told Agent Jereau was no longer with the Bureau and that I was to take over her duties as Media Liaison for your team. I'm also a trained profiler myself," I announced proudly. I'd worked long and hard to earn my degree and now I was finally where I'd dreamed of working.

Agent Hotchner surveyed my documents critically and I was afraid he'd find some minor flaw that would send me back downstairs to the organized crime unit, a thought I dreaded.

"It looks as though everything is in order," he finally said, standing up and closing the folder. "If you'll follow me, I'll introduce you to the team."

I followed him back downstairs to see a group of people assembled, talking amongst themselves. They were all different—a skinny guy who looked about as old as my sixteen-year old brother at home, a tall brunette woman who moved with grace and poise, an older Italian-looking man with a beard, a slightly overweight blonde woman who was wearing the brightest clothes I'd ever seen. And then there was him. He was a tall, muscular man with skin the color of melted milk chocolate. His looks, suave and sexy, were intoxicating, just like the intensity of his dark eyes.

"Everyone, this is Aubry Edwards. She's taking J.J.'s place," Agent Hotchner told them all. Aubry, this is Dr. Spencer Reid, Agent Emily Prentiss, Agent David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, and Agent Derek Morgan."

I smiled at everyone shyly. "It's nice to meet you all," I greeted them.

Agent Prentiss extended her hand. "Welcome to the BAU, Aubry," she said warmly. I shook her hand firmly, happy that she wasn't as icy as Agent Hotchner.

"We're glad to have you on the team, Aubry," Agent Rossi added, shaking my hand next.

Dr. Reid was next and he awkwardly shook my hand. "Yeah, glad to have you," he mumbled, taking his hand back quickly. I got the impression he didn't really want me there.

"We'll have to get to know each other as soon as you get back," Penelope exclaimed, giving me a hug instead of shaking my hand. "You'll be fine."

"Get back?" I echoed, still a little stunned at her hug.

Agent Hotchner's lips became an even thinner line. "I'm afraid you won't get to settle in right away. We've been called to Salt Lake City immediately," he informed me. "We were about to brief in the conference room."

"Briefing—isn't that my job?" I asked. "I'm not up to speed. Strauss—I mean, the Section Chief—didn't mention a case this morning." I blushed when I thought about how I'd casually used her last name, which was what I called her when not on duty. She wasn't my favorite person.

"Don't worry about it," Agent Rossi hastened to assure me. "You'll get a chance to figure out all of that when we get back. Right now, we need to look over the case so that we can leave on the jet in an hour."

"I assume your go-bag is ready?" Agent Hotchner said, looking at me. He seemed to be angry at me and I couldn't figure out why.

"Yes, sir. I do."


As we all filed into the conference room, Agent Morgan stopped me in the doorway. I felt my stomach flutter as I looked into his smoldering eyes.

"Welcome to the team," he told me, shaking my hand. "Don't worry. Hotch is just having a rough time right now, but he'll get better. He just has to get to know you."

I smiled with relief. "Thank you, Agent Morgan. I was more-than-a-little intimidated."

He grinned, the charm of his smile not lost on me. "I can't imagine anyone intimidating you, Aubry. And by the way, it's Derek."

Okay, so this is my first fanfic in a really long time. Tell me how I'm doing. I feel like Derek really needs someone to love—and not just a week-long girlfriend.