The keys on Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz' computer clicked happily as he continued to type. Agent P managed to peer over his shoulder, even considering his height.

"Oh there you are Perry" Doofenshmirtz smiled looking back at the platypus that stood next to him "Look look I'm typing!" Perry rolled his eyes and patted on the doctors back in a sarcastic well done. Doofenshmirtz continued to type away "I'm writing about the summer almost like a blog thing" he stopped typing in thought then eventually smiled thinking back "…huh seems like such a long time ago." Perry had to agree with him it had been a particularly tough road for his nemesis and himself, all the evil schemes, all the traps all the inators…it had certainly been an interesting summer.

Doofenshmirtz pointed to the last word on the screen; a little red squiggle lay under it where he had spelt it wrong "I'm up to just 3 weeks ago now, y'know I had just finished the platyperepher-inator?" Perry still hadn't managed to wrap his head around that word yet and crossed his eyes in a response. It was so strange a word but the strangest thing was that why was Doofenshmirtz writing all this down? If anything Perry was really the only one who knew what happened. But his nemesis had a point; it had all started only 3 weeks ago.

Perry stared absurdly at his supposed actions on the screen a teary eyed major crying in the background. He couldn't of done this he was agent P best agent on the force like the song said egg laying mammal of action. And yet he was being accused of being a criminal. Carl appeared on screen wailing holding onto his boss tight "Why?! Why'd you do it!!?" Monogram gave the signal tears flowing down his cheeks. He didn't want to do it and Perry knew it. The only thing he could do was clear his platypus name. He kept running as the agents went after him, he knew where to go it was all too obvious. Only a mad-man would mess with Perry and be weird enough to make a lot of them. His one and only.

Perry's webbed feet landed on the dark purple floor of the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc building surprised to find a whole horde of platypi standing around his nemesis and the one behind it all, Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz. He grinned his usual evil smile and lifted an eyebrow almost looking aloof "Hey fellas, look who decided to make an appearance!" he stated to the confused platypus in the doorway. Perry wasn't really listening at this point, when his nemesis usually got started with explaining his evil scheme it was hard for him to stop out of his evil flow. The only thing that got his attention was the black sheep of the flock drooling down his front. Doofenshmirtz stared lovingly at the 'special' platypus drooling down his front "yeah Jerry was the first out of the batch but y'know he was so cute I couldn't…" suddenly the named platypus whacked him in the stomach. Surprisingly Doofenshmirtz was still standing even if in pain. Perry shrugged 'he was always resilient…wait did he call him…"cute"?'

Perry suddenly shook his head free of the quite disturbing thought. They were gaining on him and the fight began.

Doofenshmirtz watched his pet Jerry flew into the reverse button with a thud "Jerry..?". The machine began to pull everything in like an unforgiving vortex, including the terrified man in a lab coat. Luckily his 'Heinz heiny' got caught in the door, it didn't look too flattering but it was better than nothing he figured. Perry had already escaped with his trusty parachute, leaving the machine to hiss and spit furiously. Heinz let out a small yelp feeling his back side twist in the machine. The inator exploded. Agent P went soaring off in one direction and Doofenshmirtz hurtling another. He hit the ground with an unforgiving thump, shattered remains of Perry the Platypuses and a dazed scientist were sprawled on the ground. "Curse you Perry the Platypus!!" he managed to scream before everything went black.

Perry smiled triumphantly at his watch a still snivelling Monogram on the other line. At least now they were tears of joy. "Congratulations Agent P I just k-knew it couldn't be you causing all t-that trouble…" Perry rolled his eyes still smiling "you a-are officially re-instated!" Carl popped up on screen with a party blower, tooting it gleefully. He sniffed again wiping the rest of his tears onto his sleeve "w-what do you say we have a party to celebrate, just for tonight?"

Perry saluted the transmission, tonight he was a Party animal.

Somewhere further away from the tri-state-area Doofenshmirtz lifted his sore head rubbing it with a bruised hand "Ugh…note to self, next inator…don't build a reverse button. It doesn't replace the self destruct button…in retro-spect it's basically the same…" he moved himself uncomfortably finding he was sitting on something. It moved abruptly and suddenly lay down beside him, it was…a tail. An orange beaver tail. No doubt about it was a beaver tail! It was furry too, it's hair course and fine, almost fluffy. Without thinking Doofenshmirtz moved it by his own free will, an involuntary action meaning that this was…his tail. He stroked it bemused and utterly confused "I have…a tail?!"

There was silence for a second until a high terrified scream filled the air.