Perry sat alone in Danville Park resetting his spy watch back 3 weeks, spots of rain laid on the screen as they beated down on him.

Perry stared at the ground 'what am I supposed to do now Doofenshmirtz has no memory of what happened…or what will happen anyway…does he still love me because I still love him…does the amnesia mean he doesn't even-' his eyes widened as a familiar shadow ran out of a bush, scanning the park frantically. It was him, only 3 weeks younger. His was looking for Doofenshmirtz after finding the note. He looked at him tilting his head; it was like he was watching an old home movie, remembering each feeling he had and seeing it re-acting itself right before his eyes. Perry realised, he couldn't go home without causing a horrible paradox the only way Doofenshmirtz was safe that the real him was back at his house before coming back and re-living his life somewhere else. He crossed his eyes as he felt his brain pulse, this was all so confusing. He suddenly hid in the bushes as the previous and desperate him inspected the area around him. After he had finally gone Perry ran in the opposite direction towards DEInc.

Doofenshmirtz poked his head out the door finding a soaked Perry standing at the door shivering "Perry the platypus? What are you doing out in this rain? Come on in before you catch your death!" he took Perry's hand pulling him inside and instantly took his lab coat off drying his nemesis, ruffling his fur up and down "geez Perry the platypus I thought you were smarter than that…" Perry blushed at Doofenshmirtz' concern, the doctors touch making him shiver in almost unimaginable and dearly missed pleasure.

Doofenshmirtz folded up the towel neatly making sure the 'D' was shown clearly on the outside "so what did you want Perry the Platypus? My new evil scheme doesn't start until tomorrow" Perry gritted his teeth, so much to tell him but so little vocabulary. How can the word 'g-g-g-grrt' sum up a whole 3 weeks of happiness, torture and love?

"g-g-g-rrtt…" he stated sorrowfully.

Doofenshmirtz tilted his head pitying the creature, "here come with me," he held his hand once more leading up his stairs to the main lab.

He picked up a small plastic disc giving it to Perry "it's a translator-inator. I built it a while ago for y-…my own purposes…" he trailed off losing Perry's eye contact, a redness stretching across his cheeks. Perry tied the device to his neck and Doofenshmirtz tuned it in "hold still Perry the Platypus…" the doctor finally tuned in the small device as it ceased making it's beeping sound.

"H…hellooo? Hello? Hello…" Perry was surprised at his new voice, his vocal chords bouncing up and down like a teenage boy. Doofenshmirtz couldn't help but giggle at the platypus's cuteness "see? You can talk. Much better than that 'g-g-grrt noise'…no matter how sweet it is. Now you can tell me what's up but it's only got a limited battery and I only made one so better make it quick". Perry breathed in clearing his system, ready to tell his tale, Doofenshmirtz sat down on a nearby step resting a hand on his head.

Perry told his story with such passion that he used his whole body to emphasise his point. Doofenshmirtz just sat completely still listening intently, never interrupting him.

The story was now almost over, the stars shone in the sky and the only light provided by moon.

"And we're up to now…" Perry finished and he scratched the back of his head "and I just hope you love me as I-" The inator cut out with a dying drone and Perry became silent once more. There was now a silence in the entire building; the electrical tension was bouncing off each other and both of their faces glowed with an intense pink.

"So you can't go home? Otherwise that would cause a whole time-paradox?" Doofenshmirtz said breaking the silence.

Perry nodded.

"And you can't use the time machine otherwise your owners would suspect something?"

Perry nodded again.

Doofenshmirtz scratched the back of his neck awkwardly "w-well…um…"

Perry continued to look at him, smiling half heartedly.

Doofenshmirtz walked over to him feeling his fingers course through his fine fur "I'm sure we can work something out."