This story is very graphic. No violence, but a lot of dub-con lemons. This Edward is NOT NICE. If that bothers you, then you shouldn't be reading this.

'Welcome to Forks High,' Isabella Marie Swan, better known as Bella, thought to herself as she woke up that morning. She drew a hand through her hair roughly and groaned before stumbling out of bed. Half an hour later she was freshly showered and dressed, and eating a piece of toast down in the kitchen.

"Morning dad," she said to Charlie, who was sitting at the table reading a newspaper.

"Morning Bells," he said gruffly in return.

The next five minutes were spent in silence. Neither one of them was exactly talkative.

"Well, I'm going to go," she said hurriedly, after finishing two slices of toast, "first day of school, and all."

"Good luck Bella," Charlie looked up from his newspaper, "don't let anybody give you any trouble now."

"I won't. Bye dad."


She hurried outside to the truck Charlie had bought for her, which she loved, and started the drive to school. She was nervous. She had started in new schools several times before, but it never seemed to get any easier. As she got closer to the school, she decided to herself that she was going to do things differently this time around. She was going to flirt, and be confident. Who knows, maybe she could even get a boyfriend, if anyone looked twice at a mousy plain girl like her.


At lunch she took a tally of the day so far. She had flirted with a total of three guys, though none of them really flipped her switch. She was sitting with a girl named Jessica and her friends. Suddenly, she looked up. Some of the most beautiful people she had ever seen just walked in.

"Who are they," she asked Jessica.

Jessica told her they were the Cullens, doctor Cullen's foster kids. The last Cullen to walk in was Edward. 'My switch has officially been flipped,' Bella thought to herself. He was gorgeous. The most sculpted jawline ever, combined with messy bronze sex hair, along with a body most high school boys definitely did not have, all combined to make a pretty interesting end result.

She tried to forget about him, sure that he would never take notice of a girl like her, as they were in such different leagues they might as well not even be on the same planet. Apparently however, he did not get this memo.

"Edward Cullen is staring at you," Jessica hissed harshly. Bella started. What one earth could she be talking about. She decided to check, just in case.

Sure enough, there he was. Staring. With an angry look on his face. She wondered silently what she had done to cause that kind of anger, as they had not even exchanged glances when it started, let alone words.

"What the hell," she mouthed to Jessica. Jessica shrugged. Apparently she thought he was kind of an asshole before this. 'Why am i surprised," Bella thought to herself, it wasn't as if it was exactly common for people to have good looks and a good personality. It was usually one or the other.

She drank her coke and resolved to give him a piece of her mind if this continued. If it didn't, she would just ignore him. It was too bad though. He was definitely a hunk of burning something.


In biology she ended up sitting next to him. Joy of joys. He kept glaring at her, and it just kept getting more intense. At first she hid behind her hair, but then she remembered what she had resolved in the car on the way to school.

She smirked at him, and flipped her hair behind her shoulder. It was, quite possibly, the biggest most life altering decision she ever made. But she didn't know that, not at the time.

His hand shot up. Mr Banner asked him if he wanted something.

"Can I go to the nurse," Edward asked.

"Sure," Mr Banner replied. "Bella, you can go with him."

Bella wondered why, but decided it didn't matter. Unbeknown to her, Mr Banner had seen the glaring and decided to meddle. He thought if they spent some time together they would get along better. Bella didn't know this.

But Edward did.

They walked out into the hallway together. They weren't even halfway done with the class. She turned to ask him what was wrong, and the next thing she knew she had been pushed against the lockers, and there was a hand on her breast.

She thought about screaming, but frankly, it felt good.

"What the hell?" She was not, however, going to take it lying down.

"You think you can tease me," Edward asked harshly, groping her hard.

"What are you talking about?" She tried to look at him, but was turned firmly towards the lockers. His hands were cold, she noticed. His hands were cold and he was really strong. One hand slipped under her shirt while the other unzipped her pants. He pushed them down roughly, while venturing inside her bra.

She was in shock. She didn't know what to do. She could scream she thought again, but then she thought, 'do i really want anyone to see me like this?' And she didn't. So she took it in silence.

Everywhere he touched her she felt a jolt. It was like electricity. He roughly pinched her nipple, and she moaned. He pushed one finger inside of her, and she panted.

"God you're tight," he said into her ear, then he tilted her hips and rubbed his cock against her wet outer lips. She hadn't even heard the zipper go down.

"Please," she said. She didn't know what she was asking for. Did she want him to stop? Continue? She was so confused, but the more his hand and cock manipulated her body the more she didn't care.

He pushed his cock inside of her, and she gave a strangled half moan. It hurt. She was sure to be bleeding. He kissed her neck, open mouthed, while he seemingly waited for her to adjust. Not for long though. He started pumping in and out of her, all the while fondling her breast like he just got out of prison.

"Touch your fucking clit, bitch," he said harshly, and she complied shakily.

He kissed her neck again. He panted harshly in her ear. She was making sounds she had never heard before. She didn't know what was happening, but she knew she liked it. This led her to believe there may be something wrong with her. She'd never even had a conversation with the boy, and yet she wasn't even struggling. She'd never even said no.

He kept pumping harder and harder. She was seeing stars. There was something tight coiling in her belly, and all of a sudden it was like an explosion. Every muscle in her body tensed and then relaxed. She felt boneless. She sounded like a dying animal.

"You fucking slut," he hissed into her ear, and then pumped into her harder. She moaned, and felt him release inside her.

He pulled out, and zipped himself up before pulling her pants up and zipping her up. Then he walked away.

The bell rang.