They were on Edward's bed, Bella sprawled out on her back with Edward above her, filling her senses. They were massaging each others tongues with their own. Edward pulled back briefly, looking her deep in the eye, before kissing her passionately. She nibbled on his lower lip. The continued kissing as one of Edwards hands, which was resting in the dip of her waist, slowly stroked up until it was resting below her breast. Then he palmed her breast roughly.

Emmett cleared his throat. Edward groaned and got off her, sprawling back just to her side.

"Jesus Christ, Emmett," Edward said, "I didn't even venture below her shirt!"

"I still do not want to see that," Emmett said, looking at Bella curiously, "and I doubt Bella would be comfortable with me seeing it either."

Bella blushed. They were now in week two of their time of being babysat, and at this point she actually didn't care what Emmett saw, as long as Edward kept making her feel good. At this point she would be perfectly fine with a return to their previous lunchtime pleasures, even.

"That's why you should leave us alone," Edward said, "just for an hour or so. I won't do anything bad, I swear."

"No can do, bro. I'm under strict instructions not to leave you two alone for a second." Emmett shrugged.

It was, quite frankly, ridiculous. Whenever she was with Edward, be it in the car, or at the Cullens house, Emmett was there. She had half a mind to drag Edward into a broom closet or something during school, and she would if it wasn't for that pesky promise she made not to let him lure her off. She kept her promises, dammit. No amount of sexual frustration could change that. And god knows, Edward might very well take that as permission to chomp on her throat.

That was another rule. Edward was not allowed to touch her throat at all. Not even the tiniest little lick. They had learned that when he actually had licked her there, and Emmett had thrown him across the room. There was still a slight dent in the wall.

Edward and Bella exchanged a smoldering glance, then sighed and started talking about Romeo and Juliet. Actually, perhaps arguing would be a better term.


She'd been spending as much time as possible with Charlie. She even went fishing with him one Saturday. She didn't think she'd be doing that again, however. It was dreadfully boring, and not worth the furious way Edward took the news. She loved Charlie. So much. Bu was it enough?

She threw herself onto her bed, clutching her pillow. She'd gone over it so many times in her head. If she turned, she could live forever with the Cullens, all of whom she really liked. She would be with Edward always, and she could finally explore his mouth. On the other hand, she'd be losing her parents forever. They would think she was dead.

She sat up as something occurred to her. If she only had those reasons, she wouldn't do it. It would hurt her parents too much. But a small selfish thought crept through her, what if it finally put her on even footing with Edward? By all accounts, she'd be stronger than him for a year or so. Maybe she could finally have what she wanted from him.

She got up, still in her pajamas, and crept through the house. Charlie was asleep. She grabbed her keys and snuck out to the car. The engine was loud, but she figured she could be gone before Charlie figured it out. And she was. He may still be asleep, for all she knew. On the way to the Cullens house she thought long and hard about what she was about to do, but however she spun it, she came to the same conclusion as she had before. She wanted - no, needed to be Edwards equal.

Finally, she arrived. Alice opened the door for her, her eyes slightly wide. Bella stood there, barefoot and in her pajamas, shivering slightly.

"I've decided," she said. Alice nodded.

All the Cullens were gathered in the living room, to which Alice led her. Edward, Bella could see, was smirking.

"So," Rose asked, "what have you decided?"

Bella looked them all in the eye, one after the other. "I want you to change me." Edwards smirk grew. Everyone else looked solemn.

There was a brief pause, and then Carlisle clapped his hands together. "Alright, Edward, you drive her truck back, we'll get Bella settled and answer any questions she might have."

Bella gave Edward the keys, and he caressed her cheek briefly before taking off.


She was on Edward's bed. Edward was standing next to it. They were alone. He reached out and caressed her face, before crawling up onto the bed, so that he was straddling her. He kissed her deeply. He ran his hands up and down her torso, and she moaned low in her throat.

"Are you ready," he asked her, looking her in the eye. She nodded. He kissed her again, then, faster than she could think, his teeth were lodged in her throat. It was excruciating. He swallowed a couple of times, and then pulled his teeth out and licked her wounds. He pulled away and looked at her again.

"It's starting," he said.


Pain. Excruciating pain. It felt like she was burning. Her screams echoed through the house, only occasionally broken off by choked sobs.


She slowly opened her eyes. All the Cullens were packed into Edward's room, and they were all looking at her with anticipation. But that didn't matter to her. Nothing did. All she could see was Edward.

She lunged at him. He took half a step back, but she caught him and wrestled him to the ground, kissing him ferociously. She was finally exploring that longed for mouth. She was straddling him now, and she could feel him growing beneath her bottom.

She leaned back and tore her shirt off. The Cullens made a hasty departure, but she hardly noticed. She tore Edward's shirt off too, before getting started on their pants. Half a second later, they were naked, and she quickly took him inside her. He kneaded her breasts roughly as she rocked on him, pushing him in and out of her at a steady pace. She kept this up until they were both close to coming.

Suddenly she stopped, and leaned down, so she was looking him in the eye. "You're mine," she said quietly, leaning down until their lips were almost touching. Then she pulled back.

He shook his head. She leaned down again. "You are mine. Just accept it. If you touch anyone else, I will kill you. If you leave me, I will hunt you down. You. Are. Mine."

He shook his head again, and tried to flip them over. She overcame him easily, and rocked a bit. "If you say it, you can come," she cooed sweetly.

He closed his eyes for a bit, in defeat possibly, before he whispered "yours."

She smiled.

The End.


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I am considering writing a little something from Edward's pov, as he may seem a bit inscrutable in this story, and it might help you all understand his motivations a bit better. It's not a for sure thing, but it's a probably thing.

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