Hi all of you Gone-fanfiction-peoples... I made up this story one day when I was bored and I didn't want to write TSL... I got the idea from aotearoan's "Lord Of The Facebook" story in the Lord of the Rings fandom, so if you like LotR, you should read that story! But I wanted to do one for Gone, so here it is! It starts where the first chapter of Gone starts! :)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Gone, and the original idea for this is aotearoan's (I think)...

BOLD is when people like things

Italics are when people are no longer online, or commenting on something

Regular font is someone's status update

Writing on someone's Wall:

Sam Temple: Quinn Gaither: Dude, you're my brah.

That was Sam writing on Quinn's Wall. O

Okay? Let's do this thing!

FAYZbook: Chapter One

Sam Temple is wishing he was surfing...

Quinn Gaither can almost see the ocean from his seat!

Mary Terrafino is tired.

Charles "Orc" Merriman haytes skool. And typeing. And speeling.

Mr. Trentlake is teaching children abou--

Mr. Trentlake is no longer online

Quinn Gaither can't stop giggling about the word "poof"

Charles "Orc" Merriman no teecheer, kool.

Astrid Ellison wants everyone to shut up so she can think!

Sam Temple joined the group "WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON?!"

Howard Bassem just stole a candy bar from a little kid!

Quinn Gaither needs to go check out his house. This cannot be happening, dude!

Sam Temple: It'll be alright, brah. We'll pull through. I picked up your fedora while you were running, by the way.

Astrid Ellison can't find Little Pete!

Sam Temple: Let's check Clifftop, okay?

Howard Bassem: Wait until the light turns green.

Quinn Gaither what's up with the shimmery wall?

Sam Temple OWW don't touch it!

Caine Soren: Touch what?

Sam Temple: The wall... Wait, who the heck are you?

Diana Ladris: Get off the internet, Caine. We have to practice our fancy driving sequences.

Sam Temple is freaked out!

Quinn Gaither: Aren't we all?

Albert Hillsbourough likes McDonald's

Lana Arwen Lazar joined the group "I hate being stuck under a car and then finding I have healing powers and almost dying of thirst!"

Mary Terrafino NEEDS A BREAK!

John Terrafino: Well, so do I.

Mary Terrafino: Charles Bassem: If you call me that word again, you will be slapped.

Howard Bassem *gulps in fear*

Edilio Escobar likes backhoes

Edilio Escobar changed his profile picture to "me digging a hole, trying to get under the barrier" from his album "Crazy Things Happening Recently"

Quinn Gaither is distrustful of a certain Mexican.

Edilio Escobar: HONDURAN!

Edilio Escobar and Quinn Gaither are no longer friends

Astrid Ellison wants to know where Little Pete is!

Caine Soren, Diana Ladris, and Drake Merwin joined the group "Driving Sequences Are Cool"

Caine Soren likes convertibles

Sam Temple wants to know why his news feed is plagued by people he doesn't know, and their love of driving sequences!

Howard Bassem: Chill, Sammy. It's just FAYZbook.

Sam Temple: Why'd you chase us in the Hummer?

Howard Bassem: 'Cause we can.

Howard Bassem likes Hummers

Okay, so that was like the little introduction chapter. I think it gets funnier as it goes along, but that's just me. Is it confusing? *sigh* I have no idea.

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