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" Unborn Secrets"

Chapter One

" Break Ups And Blackmail Sucks!"

The 21 year old pink haired girl sighed out while the customer in front of her was complaining about a late fee on her account. If Sakura wasn't attending college courses at the moment with her friends then she would had rather be working anywhere then a video store but in the meantime she was fine with the job.

" Is there a problem over here?" Sakura turned her head and smiled when she noticed that her store manager, Kakashi was standing right behind her.

" Yes there is a problem! I do not deserve to pay this late fee! I have hundreds of rents on this account and have been coming here for years!" The older woman yelled out while Sakura wanted to roll her eyes at the fact that the customer only had five rents on the account.

" Sakura, your shift is basically over and I bet that your boyfriend is getting bored looking over at the play station 3 games so why don't you go on ahead and enjoy your anniversary." Kakashi grinned at his favourite employee while Sakura smiled back and whispered a thank you before leaving him with the annoying customer. Sakura smiled to herself while walking over to her loving boyfriend. Today was their 4 year anniversary and she was pissed off that she had to work but was glad that Sasuke wasn't mad at all. Sakura walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

" Hope you didn't wait too long, Kakashi says that I can go ahead and leave." Sakura chirped out then Sasuke looked down at her and brought his lips down to hers then picked her up bridal style. Sakura couldn't help but squeak out after his surprised movement and led her out of her work place while she could hear her employees laughing in the back ground. Sakura looked up at her boyfriend's face and noticed that it seemed like something was on his mind. The way he was acting was more different than usual but she just figured he was excited about their anniversary.

The 21 year old kept on walking while thinking about the event that had happened earlier that day. Today was supposed to be amazing for him because it was his anniversary to his sweetheart, but when he looked down at Sakura and noticed how happy she was, all he could do was feel the guilt that was rising inside his body.


Earlier that day…

Sasuke parked outside of his apartment complex after dropping Sakura off at work. Sakura did have her own car but Sasuke wanted to spend every second with her today so he offered to take her. While he was walking back to his apartment, a smile appeared on his face because tonight was going to be the night that he would ask his girlfriend to move in with him. Sakura was still living with her parents while his family was killed in a plane crash so he lived all alone in his apartment while he had gotten all of their money.

" Hello Sasuke." Sasuke heard that annoying voice and glanced over and his eyes harden at the sight that Karin was standing by his front door.

" What do you want Karin?" Sasuke seethed our through his teeth. Karin was also a student that attended the same classes as Sakura and Sasuke at school and had a huge crush on Sasuke since they first met.

" I just wanted to see how my Sasuke was doing?" Karin smiled out while Sasuke rolled his eyes.

" I'm not your Sasuke." Sasuke growled back.

" Not for long, can I come in?" Karin asked while watching Sasuke opening up his front door.

" No." Sasuke replied back and stepped into his apartment. He was about to close the door on the red head but was stopped when she put half of her body into the room, making him not able to close his door.

" I think it would be wise if you let me into your home." Karin winked at the raven haired 21 year old male.

" No now leave." Sasuke growled back.

" But wait Sasuke! I have something that you might to look at!"

Karin said as she dug her small hands into her big purse and pulled out an envelope. Sasuke took the envelope from the girl and walked into his living room, not caring that Karin had followed her actions and was making her way over to his couch. Sasuke's eyes widen of what was contained inside the envelope and looked over and glared at the red head. Karin was too busy looking at a picture of Sasuke and Sakura kissing that she didn't noticed that he was staring at her.

" Where did you get this Karin?" Sasuke demanded from the girl who placed the photo back on the coffee table and looked back up and smiled at the Uchiha.

" I think you and your precious little cherry blossom know exactly what it is and I also know what people might think if I end up telling everyone about Sakura's little problem." Karin smiled even greater. Sasuke ran over to his stove and turned it on and placed the envelope on top, trying to burn what was inside and not caring at the moment if it might screw up his stove.

" Honey, I think I would be smart enough to know to make enough copies of that to show everyone." Karin said as she walked over to the Uchiha and stood beside him.

" Tch, I could just tell people that you are lying." Sasuke told her with a smirk on his face.

" But honey, I got more proof that what was in that envelope." Karin chirped out, having Sasuke sighed out in frustration.

" How did you find out?" Sasuke asked her while looking over at the girl.

" It doesn't matter now does it?" Karin questioned back, causing him to shake his head.

" Anyways I will make a deal with you. I won't let anyone and I mean ANYONE about Sakura's secret if you do what I say." Karin smiled at the Uchiha.

" I could just tell my girlfriend what you are planning and our friends will never leave us." Sasuke replied back.

" Would you really do that? I think we both know that if this secret leaks out, Sakura's life as we know it will be over." Karin spat out, knowing that she had won the battle.

" Why are you doing this Karin?" Sasuke questioned her.

" Because Sasuke, I love you and I want us to be together." Karin said as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Sasuke thought long and hard about what to do in a situation like this.

" What do you want me to do?" Sasuke sighed out.

" I want you to break up with Sakura and be with me. It's that easy! Also I need a place to stay so I was thinking about moving in since we are boyfriend and girlfriend now." Karin said then removed herself from the male and walked around the place.

" You are not moving in with me!" Sasuke yelled out at the read head but frowned when she was smiling back at him.

" Honey, I don't think it would be wise to yell at me like that. I wonder what would Sakura's parents think when I tell all of their business partners about their innocent little daughter? Did you forget that her parents and mine work in the same building?" Karin asked.

' Damn it! Why did she have to find out about Sakura and her problem? It happened so long ago.' Sasuke thought out.

" Also, be sure not to tell Sakura about any of this, remember I am in control now and there is nothing that you can do about it." Karin said. Sasuke sighed out once again because he had no choice in the matter. In order to protect the one that he loves, he has to sacrifice his happiness.

" I'll do it." Sasuke whispered out but loud enough for the red head to hear him.

" Great! I will be back later tonight to start moving in! I found this key on the coffee table and I'm guessing it will be my key now. Bye honey!" Karin said then walked out of his apartment. After the woman left, Sasuke's fist collided with his refrigerator and slipped down to the floor, putting his head on his knees. Karin had taken the extra key that Sasuke was going to give Sakura but now it was too late and there was nothing he could do about it.

End of Flashback

" Sasuke! Are you even listening to me?" Sasuke's mind went back to reality after hearing his girlfriend complaining and looked down at her annoyed face.

" What? Sasuke asked her.

" I said, isn't that Sai over there?" Sakura asked as Sasuke brought her down from his hold and looked over to see a male that looked like him coming over.

" Hi Sai!" Sakura yelled out as the pale male waved back.

" Hey guys. What's going on?" Sai asked.

" It's Sakura's and I anniversary." Sasuke stated as he wrapped his arms around Sakura's waist. Sakura noticed a confused look on the male's face.

" Is something wrong Sai?" Sakura asked.

" No, I saw Karin not too long ago and was telling lies about how her and Sasuke were dating now and she was moving into his apartment. I should have known better than to believe her." Sai chuckled out while Sakura joined him.

" Yeah, poor girl. I swear she has some issues going on inside her head." Sakura giggled out then gasped when she felt her boyfriend tighten his hold on her.

" Sasuke?" Sakura questioned out as she looked up at her boyfriend.

" We should go." Sasuke replied as he took her hand and began to walk away.

" Bye Sai!" Sakura yelled out then walked with Sasuke over to his car.

" Are you upset of the lies that Karin is telling people? Don't worry, just ignore her." Sakura said after they got into his car and brought his lips over to hers. Sasuke eagerly kissed her back like it was the last time that they were going to kiss each other.

" Sakura, I need you right now." Sasuke whispered out as he began to leave kisses all over her face.

" Okay, my parents are at work and won't be home until late." Sakura replied then Sasuke gave her one last kiss before starting his car up and drove off.

When the couple arrived at Sakura's house, Sasuke picked her up once again and carried her into her house and all the way up to her room. After Sasuke closed the door, he made sure that it was locked so in case her parents decided to arrive home early, they would have time to get redressed. Sakura gasped out when she felt Sasuke begin to kiss her as he placed her gently on top of her bed. She took her hands down and brought his shirt over his head then the male helped her to get rid of her shirt and bra. Sasuke smirked at the girl before attacking her breasts, giving them plenty attention. Sakura moaned out when she felt his hands taking off her beige pants and black panties, leaving her naked. She looked up at his face while he was staring down at her body. She couldn't help but noticed how he looked a little sad like he was going to be missing her or something. Sakura shook the bad thoughts out of her head because she knew that he was always going to be there for her.

Sasuke's heartache when he stared down at her beautiful body, knowing that it was going to be the last time that she would see her like this until he thought of some way to get rid of Karin. He then plunged two fingers inside of her and once again started sucking on her breast, making her feel like she was in heaven. He wanted to make sure that she would have the best sex before they had to part ways. He brought his head down and kissed her where he loved to kiss her the most and smirked out when he noticed that she kept on getting wetter and wetter.

" Oh, Sasuke." Sakura moaned out while he began to suck on her clit, making her have an orgasm a minute later. Sasuke continued to lick her until she was completely cleaned off then took off his pants and boxers before positioning himself in front of her. He looked at her face and stared into her eyes as he brought one of his hands to hers and intertwined their fingers before slipping inside her pussy.

Sasuke groaned out at the feeling that she would always make him feel as he began to thrust inside and out of her. He began to attack her skin, leaving marks everywhere that could be hidden under a shirt as he continued to thrust into her body. He started to be gentle but after each thrust, he could go harder and faster than soon enough he could feel himself going to release soon and knew that Sakura was close as well. Sasuke brought his lips back to hers and gave her a rough kiss through each other's moans as they both climaxed together, feeling himself flow deep inside of her. Sasuke collapsed on top of her body but not too hard and just relaxed in her arms for it seemed like eternity. Sasuke sighed out when he heard his cell phone going off while he pulled out of his girlfriend. Sakura's cell phone was also going off so the couple's decided to answer their phones while getting dressed. Sasuke left the room after getting dressed as he was talking to Naruto.

" Okay now that I'm out of the room, what were you talking about?" Sasuke growled out to his best friend.

" I was wondering if anything was up with you and Karin because I just saw her going into your apartment with a box in her hands when I was driving by with Ino in the car. I stopped my car and asked her what she was doing and she said that she was moving in and-"

" I got to go." Sasuke snapped his phone shut and rushed back into Sakura's bedroom to see Sakura getting off the phone with a worried look on her face.

" Sakura." Sasuke spoke out but knew that Sakura had just gotten off the phone with Ino. Sakura looked back up at her boyfriend and his heartache seeing that tears were coming down her face.

" Sasuke, was Sai right when he said that Karin was moving in with you and you better not fucking lie to me! I just got off the phone with Ino who saw her at your place while putting HER things in there! Then she was saying how you two are together now."

Sakura cried out as she stood up from her bed and walked over to the Uchiha. Sasuke could only stare back at her and she knew his answer. Ever since they had began dating, they could read each other like a book so there was no point in lying or hiding anything from each other.

" It's true." Sakura whispered out while more tears began to fall from her face. Sasuke couldn't take it anymore and turned her back on her.

' I'm sorry Sakura but this is for your own good.' Sasuke thought sadly to himself.

" I don't think we should see each other anymore." Sasuke said in his not caring tone of voice when he was feeling the exact opposite. Sasuke didn't want to break up with her. Sakura was the only real good thing in his life but he had to do whatever it takes to protect her.

" So how long have you been seeing Karin?" Sakura choked out while crossing her arms.

" That is none of your concern Sakura just know… that I don't want to be with you anymore. You annoy me." Sasuke spoke out while closing his eyes. Sakura walked over and stood in front of him until he reopened up his eyes.

" You are lying to me. Sasuke, please tell me what's wrong?" Sakura brought her hand up to cup his cheek but he smacked her hand away from his body.

" Don't touch me, it's over." Sasuke turned around and was about to leave then stopped one moment and paused because he knew that the last thing that he was going to tell her was going to hurt her the most.

" Sasuke, what is it? I know that something is the matter! Is Karin forcing you to do something? You can talk to me and we can make it through together!" Sakura yelled out.

" No Sakura, I am with Karin because I want to be with her now. Don't you think that if I really thought that we would be together forever, I would have told you those three words you have been dying to hear?"

Sasuke asked out then rushed out of her room and out of the house. Sasuke got into his car and drove off and didn't stop until he had reached a red light. He didn't mean any of the words that he said to Sakura. It was true that during their whole relationship he never told Sakura that he loved her but she understood after what had happened to his family but Sasuke really did love her. He was just afraid to say it then have her taken away like she was now. Sasuke looked up at his mirror after feeling something wet on his cheek and his eyes widen to see that I tear had escaped his face. A tear drop that had never left since his family's accident.


Sakura laid on her bed and cried out, ignoring the phone calls from Ino and Naruto. She couldn't believe what had just happened. Today was supposed to be a wonderful day for her but instead it turned into her worse day ever.

" Sakura." A voice was heard and she leaned her head up to see her friend Sai standing there.

" What are you doing here Sai?" Sakura asked while rubbing the tears off of her face as Sai walked over and hugged his friend.

" Sasuke is over at our apartment right now while getting a beating out of Naruto and I figured I would come over and see how you were holding up." Sai replied as Sakura broke down again and continued to cry. Sai hugged her for the next few hours until Sakura had fallen asleep but one thing had popped into her head while drifting off to dreamland was the fact that they forgot to use protection in their last love making session.

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