" Unborn Secrets"

Chapter 18

" No More Secrets"

" Sasuke! Hurry Up! We are going to be late for helping out with the party!" Sakura yelled out in frustration as she waited for her boyfriend to get his things together.

" Well honey, maybe he wants to make sure that you two have everything. You never know, you might have the baby tonight." Sakura's mother told her daughter as the two of them were sitting in the kitchen.

Everyone thought it would be the best for Sakura if she went to move back in with her parents. At first Naruto and Sai were a little mad but they were understandable. Everything was back to normal except for one thing. Sasuke was also currently living with her and her parents.

" Don't jinx me mother." Sakura rolled her eyes then looked up when she started hearing footsteps and smiled when Sasuke entered the kitchen.

" Are you ready to go?" Sasuke asked with a smirk on his face.

" About time Sasuke. I swear you can be such a AHH!" Sakura began to cry out with the pain that she was feeling in her tummy.

" Are you okay honey?" Sakura's mother asked.

" I just had another contraction." Sakura began to breathe out.

" What? When have you been having contractions?" Sasuke began to panic.

" Since this morning but I hadn't broken my water and the contractions are spaced apart." Sakura relaxed once the contraction faded.

" I thought we were going to not have anymore secrets from each other." Sasuke spoke out while giving Sakura a disappointed look.

" Sorry, I just didn't want you to worry. Just because I'm having contractions does not mean-" Sakura suddenly stopped talking.

" Sakura, what is it?" Sasuke asked as he rushed over to her side and took one of her hands.

" I think... we won't be going to the party anymore." Sakura smiled up at her boyfriend while squeezing his hand tighter.

" Why? Are you feeling sick?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

" No, I just broke my water. We are going to be having a baby." Sakura spoke out and Sasuke's eyes widen.

" Shit, I gotta go get everything." Sasuke dropped her hand and ran out of the kitchen.

" Is he going to be okay?" Sakura's mother asked her daughter.

" I hope so." Sakura mumbled out while stroking her big stomach.

' I can't believe it, we are having a baby.'Sakura smiled to herself.


Naruto and his girlfriend, Hinata were currently getting the apartment ready for the party tonight. Naruto was putting up the ramen decorations while Hinata was getting the snacks ready.

" Hey Naruto, do you think we should serve shrimp ramen or beef ramen?" Hinata called out to her boyfriend.

" Why not both? They are both delicious." Naruto commented then felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. he looked down and noticed that Sasuke was calling him.

" Ramen King at-"

" Naruto there is no time!"

" Of course there is time. There is always time for ramen."

" No you idiot, Sakura is having the baby."

" Oh crap, she's going to miss the ramen party."

" Naruto, get your ass up at the hospital now!"


Naruto looked down at his phone and frowned at the ended call.

" Is something wrong Naruto?" Hinata asked while approaching her boyfriend.

" Nothing really, just that Sakura is going to be having her baby." Naruto casually stated as he began to put up more decorations but then stopped his actions when he realized what he just said.

" Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Sakura is having a baby!!" Naruto yelled out.

" Oh my goodness, do you want to go to the hospital?" Hinata asked.

" Holy crap! Holy crap!" Naruto began to pace around the room.

" Naruto calm down. You act like you are the one having the baby." Hinata placed a hand on her shoulder.

" I need to start packing!" Naruto yelled out and ran into his bedroom while Hinata stood there being speechless.

' Why does he need to pack? He's not the one having a baby.' Hinata thought to herself while ignoring Naruto's cussing.


Sai was currently having lunch with Gaara and Temari at the local cafe. Ever since everyone found out about Sasuke's being the father of Sakura's baby, Sai told everyone that he was gay and was in a relationship with Gaara.

" So how are things between you two?" Temari asked the couple before taking a bite out of her pastry.

" Good. I don't think Matsuri is too happy with me but I don't care. I have who I want." Gaara spoke out while staring into Sai's eyes.

" Yeah, I'm glad that I decided to come out of the closest. I feel so much better." Sai smiled back at his boyfriend.

" I love my mommy because she fucked my dad. I love my mommy-" Sai's phone began to ring so he picked it up and answered it.

" Hello?"

" Sai, it's Sasuke."

" Hello."

" Sakura is having the baby."

" About time, is she at the hospital?"

" Yeah we are already here."

" Cool, we will be on our way."

" Hn."

" Bye."

Sai hung up his phone then smiled at his companions.

" Who was that?" Gaara questioned his boyfriend then noticed him getting out of his seat. Sai took out his wallet and placed some cash on the table.

" That was Sasuke. Sakura is having her baby right now." Sai told the group.

" Well why are we still here? Is she at the hospital?" Temari asked as she got out of her seat.

" Yeah, I told Sasuke we would meet them there." Sai said.

" Then lets go." Gaara said as the three of them walked out of the cafe.


Karin was currently sitting in a chair at the Konoha's mental institute. After what had happened at her failed wedding, she was sent there by her parents. Karin readjusted her glasses while glaring at the window.

" Karin? There is a phone call for you." One of the nurses called out to the red head. Karin got out of her seat and walked over to where the phone is.

" Hello?"

" Karin, it's Sasuke."

" Sasuke! I'm so glad to hear your voice! I have missed you so much!"

" Well I was just calling to let you know that Sakura is about to have my baby. Hope you are enjoying hell."


" Sasuke? Sasuke!" Karin cried out then looked down at the phone.

" I guess his phone got disconnected." Karin mumbled to herself as she set the phone down.

" She's talking to herself again! Get another tranquilizer!" A nurse called out.

" What?" Karin whipped her head and before she had a chance to figure out what was going on, she was injected with another needle.


" Congratulations mommy and daddy, you have a beautiful baby girl." Tsunade congratulated the couple after a couple hours of being in labor. Tsunade carried the cleaned off baby girl over to her parents. Tsunade handed the girl over to Sakura and Sakura couldn't help but feel joy running through her veins.

" She's beautiful." Sasuke whispered out as he stroked the few pink strands that were on the babies head. The baby opened up it's tiny little eyes and stared her black orbs into her mother's.

" What should we name her?" Sasuke asked Sakura who kept staring back at the baby.

" How about Mikoto?" Sakura looked up at her boyfriend to see him with a shock expression on his face who was currently sitting next to her on the bed.

" You want to name her after my mom?" Sasuke questioned her and Sakura nodded her head.

" Thank you." Sasuke whispered into her ear then kissed her gently on the cheek.

" I love you Mikoto." Sakura hummed to her baby girl.

" Hn." Sasuke responded as he was enjoying the moment.

" Hey, shouldn't we let everyone in and meet our new addition? They have been waiting in the waiting room for some time." Sakura spoke out after a moment of silence.

" If they have been waiting there for five hours, another five minutes wouldn't hurt them." Sasuke mumbled out then brought his head down to give Sakura a kiss on the lips.

The End


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