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A/N: I am hoping to do little moments between our lovers for those moments that can mean so much but aren't really "big". Each chapter will be a separate moment.

The "Big" Little Moments

by Caryn

Chapter 1: 2:13 pm - Sunday

Untucking her legs from underneath her, she stretched out languidly, almost cat-like, relaxing back into a lying position. Her long limbs extended the length of the couch and landed on the lap of her companion. She smiled impishly behind the forensic journal she pretended to read as she laid her head against the pillows at the opposite end.

She felt him shift and almost laughed knowing the look he would have on his handsome face. She had this urge to let her feet do the walking on his lap trying to annoy him but before she could begin her game of exploration, he had already pinned her legs down with his strong hands. She poked her head up from her magazine, pigtails flying up over the top, and instantly her sparkling green eyes locked with his warm ocean blues.

At that moment, any pretense of a game was vanished from her mind. She was losing herself in the raw emotion she saw in the very essence of him; reserved only for her and something she never tired of witnessing. As they continued their orbital link, she felt his hands work his way from her toes up her calf, tracing the ink of tattoos he came across. He smiled and she found herself completely enthralled by the sweet torture he was stirring within her.

Soon his hands were above her knee working their way towards the inner part of her thighs. She threw the journal across the floor and shifted, making her way towards him; he followed suit with his own magazine. She held out her hands and he readily accepted them, pulling her ever so gently onto his lap. Within seconds their mouths met in a searing passionate kiss, which they both knew would led to much more.

Abby Sciuto sighed happily into Jethro Gibbs's mouth, loving the fact that something as innocent as her feet could give them yet another excuse to make love on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

A moment later, they pulled back to lovingly gaze at one another, both sporting amused knowing grins…remembering how this exact scenario changed their relationship two years ago.

It was a good thing Abby had a cramp in her left foot that night, but then that was another story.