The Beast in the Black Returns

Dear Diary

Nov 2nd

Well, these past few days have been weird, but then again anything with the suit is weird. Correction. Anything since the suit is weird. I decided to start the diary only because of the suit. I guess it makes it more believable writing it down.

Who am I kidding? I'm living it and I don't believe it…believe it or not.

I was your average high school teacher who was approached by aliens from outer space and given a super suit to save the world from those who would make it go wrong.

Sounds corny huh? Well, it's not all science fiction.

Pamela Davidson, attorney, legal adviser. (which really comes in handy when we get into trouble.) and my wife. (Which also comes in handy when I need someone to talk to.

Then there is F.B.I. agent Bill Maxwell. He gets the cases from the bureau then he ,I, Pam and the suit solve the case.

Other than Bill, Pam is the only one who knows about the suit.

As I mentioned before there were a lot of weird things happening since I got the suit over a year ago. But nothing could've prepared me for what happened this Halloween. I don't think I've ever been more scared. One thing is for sure. I don't think I'll ever look at this holiday the same again….

-- --

'Ralph! Come on we're going to be late! We have to pick up Bill for the picnic!' Pam yelled from the kitchen.

As Ralph lay in bed, he couldn't help but wonder how in the world she convinced Bill to go on a picnic…OK, can't figure out why. Today was supposed to be their first day off. No scenarios and no suit. He just wanted to spend time with Pam alone for while.

'Ralph!' Pam hollered.

'Ok I'm coming!' He rolled out of bed, donned his robe, and dragged his tired self to the bathroom. He turned on the bath water and let it run as he brushed his teeth. When he finished he stuck his hand in to check the temperature of the water.

'Perfect.' He said in a relaxed tone. He drew back the curtain and was about to step in when he heard a woman's laugh. He spun around. 'Pam?'


He turned back. Then he heard it again. He cautiously exited the bathroom. 'Pam?'

It laughed again. Ralph got a chill up his spine. It was not Pam's laugh.

'Oh Ralph.' It whispered softly in his ear.

He turned fast. There was no one.

"What the hell' s going on?" He asked out loud.

There was a scratching coming from the closet. The suit was in the closet. 'Damn' he thought. 'What was this?' His body became tense as he approached the closet. He didn't know why. It was just a closet, right?
He reached for the doorknob. The scratching got louder the closer he got.
He wondered why the hell he didn't grab a bat or something?
Without the suit he was just a man vulnerable to any form of attack.

His hand grasped the knob. He took a deep breath. There was a groaning that accompanied the scratching now.

He didn't want to open the door but he had to. He wanted to run but couldn't.
He could feel heat between the knob and his hand. His breathing was heavier. He had to do it. His hand grasped the knob. He turned it and held fast.
The scratching was more persistent. He quickly threw open the door, bracing himself.


'AH!' Ralph screamed as an unexpected Lucky, Pam's cat, jumped from the closet shelf on his shoulder to the floor making sure he dug his claws in Ralph on the way out.

'Ow!' He rubbed his shoulder. He moved his robe to see how bad the damage was. It wasn't as bad as it felt. 'Crazy cat!'

He looked at the closet and chuckled. There must be something in the air for him to be scared like that. He was about to close the door when he heard a low, deep growl. It was as if an animal were getting ready to pounce on its prey.

In a state of panic, he quickly grabbed the suit box, which, was being pulled back out of his reach. The laughing got louder and the growling became more intense. He held the suit box tight and pulled it hard but, to no avail.
He found himself being pulled in the closet. He couldn't let go of the box no matter how hard he tried. It was like he was glued to it. He became frantic and began yelling for help.


Everything was getting darker as he was being drawn further and further in the closet.


He was halfway through when he saw a hideous, drooling mouth waiting for its dinner.

Ralph's heart pounded through his chest. It was becoming hard to breathe.

'NO! Let me GO! HEELLP! NO!'

He was so close now he could smell the awful stench of the mouth that wanted to consume him. He kept pulling away, trying to wrench free.

Laughter echoed all around and the smell from the beast was now unbearable.

'Ralph. You can't escape. Ralph!'

He was now in the beast's mouth and was being swallowed. He felt the saliva all over is body as he fell into the abyss. He fell, screaming and was overwhelmed by its overpowering smell.


---------------------- --


Ralph's arms were flailing.

'Ralph! Wake up!'

Bill gently shook Ralph and tapped his face, trying to wake him. 'O.K. Counselor, I think he comin round.'

'AHHH!' He bolted upright. Sweat was pouring down his face. He was hyperventilating, but managed to spring from the bed to the closet. He opened the door and as soon as he laid his eyes on the suit box, he grabbed it and held it.

His eyes started to focus. He took a step forward and his knees buckled. Pam and Bill helped him to the bed. All the while, not letting go of the suit box.

'Bill, get some cold water and a wash cloth.'

Bill entered the bathroom.

'Ralph are you ok?'

Ralph looked at her and as soon as he made eye contact he dropped the box and hugger her.

Bill came back and handed Pam the wet cloth, which she promptly started to dab Ralph's face with.

'Oh man. I thought I was dead! That thing had me! I was falling forever! I couldn't-its stench. I can still smell it.'

'Smell what, Kid? You were in a deep sleep.'

'I mean it was foul and oppressive.' He continued ignoring Bill's statement. 'And that beast that was trying to eat me, I mean, I think it was out for my soul!'

Bill's face winced slightly at Ralph's tale of the supernatural. He still didn't like all the space stuff but he was used to it. It was all the voodoo mumbo jumbo he hated even more. But, if Ralph did indeed have some sort of ghostly intervention…

'Ralph it's ok. It was just a nightmare.' She looked at Ralph who was quiet and was looking at Bill who was wearing the same expression. 'What?' She questioned.


'No! No, no, no! It's not her!' Bill stated to Ralph.

'Who else can it be? That thing, it was the beast in the black I'm sure if it!'

Bill stood up in defiance. 'No! She's dead and that's that!'


Ralph looked at Pam. 'Honey, do you remember that house last year, the one that belonged to that old lady, that was torn down?'

'The Burrows' place? The one where you and the class salvaged some stuff for the projector for the school, right?'


'Remember I told you about Sheila who-' Ralph looked at Bill who was very uneasy. 'who took over Bill's body as a way to get out of the fourth dimension?'

'I remember Sheila, but you never said anything about Bill.'

'Bill swore me to secrecy, never to talk about it.'

'So you think she's back?' This was going on a new level of weird for her.

'Well-' Ralph began.

'No he doesn't! And neither do you! Now you stop putting ideas in the Counselors head.'

'Bill if-'

'No ifs! Now you just had a nightmare and-'

'Bill if she's back we have to deal with her! We can't just sweep this under the rug and hope it goes away!'

'Look, it's been almost a year, Halloween is around the corner, I mean don't you think it could be just a nightmare? We don't need to be climbing any walls just yet. I mean wouldn't you rather be certain before dropping bombs here, kid?'

Ralph just looked at Bill. What if he was right? Maybe it was just that time of year and his mind was playing tricks on him. 'I guess you might be right. But I've never had any nightmares like this. It was so…vivid.'

'Well nightmares are like that sometimes. What you need is to put the jammies on and give the suit some air.' Bill said trying to get off the Sheila subject

Ralph ran his hands over his face. 'Maybe you're right. I could use some fresh air.' He got to his feet and stood there. 'Whoa. I feel…drained.'

'Well, maybe you should get something to eat. Make you feel better.' Bill said.

'Bill, I hope you're right.' He left the bedroom and headed to the kitchen ahead of Pam and Bill.

Pam did not know what to think.

She did notice that this was by no means settling well with Bill. In fact Bill had dealt with the green guys better than he was this. She decided to let it go for the moment and went to the kitchen with Ralph. Bill followed.


Ralph was in the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice. As he sipped, he looked out the window trying to focus on anything but the nightmare he had. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts he wasn't aware that Pam entered the kitchen until her hand eased over his shoulder, startling him.

'Honey, I'm sorry. Are you OK?'

'I don't know.' He answered then sat down at the table. 'We're not going on a picnic are we?'

Pam looked confused.

'I guess it was a dream.'

'Ok boys and girls, let's get some chow and hit the road. There are bad guys a-waitin' to be caught.'

'Bill-' He was going to protest but then decided that he did need to get out after all. 'I'm going to shower first then we can head out.'

'I'll make breakfast in the meantime. I'll make your eggs just the way you like them.'

'Thanks hon.' He kissed her, finished his juice and left.

While Ralph left to take a shower, Bill tried to make small talk with Pam. He was in fact, trying to convince himself that Ralph's dream was just that. A dream…


Ralph entered the bathroom and turned on the tub water and took a deep breath when he heard the phone ring. After about the fifth ring he wondered why no one answered. As he approached the phone he felt a sudden drop in temperature in the room. His eyes narrowed in confusion then he reached out and slowly picked up the phone. He drew it up to his ear.

'Hello?' Silence. 'Hello?' he said louder. He pulled it away and looked at it then returned it to the cradle.

No sooner had he done that, it rang again. He looked quickly and on edge. He, again, picked it up.

'…Hello? Look whoever you are! I don't app-'

His face went pale as he heard a low growl of some animal not of this world. He hung up the phone and stepped back.


The phone rang again and he yanked the cord out of the wall. He stepped back as the phone rang again. What color there was left had now gone from his face. He marched back to the phone and picked it up.

'You won't win this.'

'But, Ralph. You were so rude to hang up on me! I only wanted to talk.' The voice hissed. The voice of Sheila Redmond. 'What do you want?'

'You.' She spoke slowly. 'We have some unfinished business, you and I.'

'There is no unfinished business Sheila. You're dead! You have to move on!'

'Oh, I don't think so. There are some things I need to take care of. Oh don't worry. I won't take over Bill again. I do wonder how I'd look as a brunette though?'

'You leave Pam alone.' He said with gritted teeth.

'Ralph! What are you doing?' Pam called.

'Don't come in here! Pam I mean it!' Sheila laughed following a scream from Pam.


He dropped the phone and opened the door where he saw thousands of hands holding and pulling at Pam. They pulled her to the beast that tried to swallow him. He grabbed a baseball bat and ran in bashing the hands, making his way to Pam.

One grabbed the bat and, with the help of another hand, broke it in two. He turned to Pam who was near a pool of water with a rolling mist.

Just as he reached the edge the hands grabbed his hands and feet. He fought and struggled to get away.

Behind Pam was a big hulking monster. It picked her up. He had bulging red eyes, thick hair over most of its body, and sharp pointed fangs.

The monster tossed Pam like a rag doll in a dark corner, and then it appeared in front of Ralph, grabbing him by his neck and threw him in the water.

Ralph choked as the huge hand now took Ralph by his hair and threw his face in the water holding him there. Ralph struggled for breath that seemed impossible to get.

"No! It can't end like this!" He thought. He was getting weaker. He was taking in too much water. His vision began to fade and his body was going limp. He heard something off in the distance. It was like a whisper. It was so far away. Too far to reach. Too far. Fading into nothingness…