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This is a petshop of horrors fanfiction with Leon being the main character. It crosses over with xxxHolic in the beginning but only then.

This also has a high probability of becoming a Leon/D pairing. It's leading towards that right now but it won't happen for a while. This is more a Leon story. Also I might add a bit Leon/T-chan for fun. It could be as a pairing or just a friendship thing. Don't know yet.

"Damn it I missed him again!"

Leon screamed out into his complimentary hotel pillow. He was in a small hotel in Hong Kong, he had only arrived here in the early morning, he had all but ran all the way to the cities Chinatown.

Which was a hard thing to do since the whole country was a Chinatown since it was in China.

Flipping onto his back he looked up at the ceiling with sightless eyes.

He had once again managed to miss D, this time it seemed by three months. Calling it frustrating would have been a huge understatement. Leon felt like he could go on his own homicidal spree with the pent up anger he was feeling.

Letting out a breath Leon felt the anger wash away, a wave of tiredness and depression overtaking him.

It was hard to believe that it had already been over a year since he had quite his job and packed a single bag filled with essentials before plane hopping all over the world after a wicked-evil-spiteful-beautiful-tea loving Chinese man who had left Leon with so many questions.

Questions that he wanted answered.

To be honest he was only using Chris's picture as an excuse to see the pet shop man again. Not that it was a good excuse it was pretty pitiful even to Leon.

Blowing out a steam breath he turned onto his side.

To be honest… and he was honestly tired enough to be honest with himself if not with others right now… he missed it all. The feeling that he got every day when he walked into the shop after a hard day at work, bringing D his custom box of sweets and cakes, greeting Chris who would come running for a hug from his big brother, getting bite by that goat-dog, petting the cute little raccoon... being able to sit down on those stiff but comfortable couches and have D serve him some grade-A tea… bickering and nagging and talking and playing and…

Leon felt a sob rise in his throat, he tired to stifle it but it wouldn't be stopped. Once he let it out more followed close behind. It was just too much…

Leon cried into the pillow below his head, trying at least to be quiet he stuffed his face into the damp fabric.


Splashing cold water on his burning face felt good.

After crying for a couple of hours Leon had tired himself out enough to fall into a fitful nap.

Waking up the next morning feeling like shit Leon got to work getting ready for the day.

Taking a shower and shaving the three day stubble gave him a new fresh look- if one ignored the heavy black bags under his eyes or the pale shallow of his skin.

Hey at least his hair looked grease free and he didn't smell like last weeks Chinese takeout.

Picking up his worn travel bag he walked out of the room. Inwardly thinking of were the Count could be now. It would more then likely be a country close by, but knowing his luck D could be in America again and Leon wouldn't know about it.

But he wouldn't give up, even if he had to chase D all over the world for the rest of his life, he would never ever give up. Not until he found him and beat his ass for leaving without a goodbye…

Digging into his well of determination Leon heaved his bag higher on his shoulder before walking off with a grim expression on his face.

One thing was for sure, he wouldn't want to be D when he found him. Because if he thought the fireworks he had saw with D before were awesome and powerful. Then the fireworks that were due to show when he caught up with the pet shop would have dangerously explosive qualities.

If you think Leon is being a bit OOC because he was crying take a minute and think about it. Who wouldn't cry in that situation!? He was tired and very worn out and even guys can feel overwhelmed. Besides his leg might have been hurting him!

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