'Ok... now what?'

To say that Leon was confused would be an understatement.

Right after Yuko had stated that they should get straight down to business she had gone silent and started to slowly drink her wine. Looking like she had all the time in the world. Fifteen minutes had already gone by in complete silence.

It was driving Leon mad.

"Um excuse me Yuko-san-"

"Yuko dearie."

Ok Leon wasn't going to reach over and strangle her. He really wasn't.

Now why did that sound false even to him?

"Right Yuko, so you mind telling me why I'm here?"

Yuko just gave him an amused look.

"You mean you don't know why you've here? Why then would you think that I'd know such a thing if even you don't know yourself."

Ok screw that. He was going to commit third degree murder.

Yuko just sat there while Leon fumed, but she was only silent for about a moment before she broke out in laughter.

Leon had to admit, she had a nice life.

If you like manically laughter that sent chills down your spine.

"Ah! You are just too cute! I can see why he kept you, you're like a little puppy!"

'Aaannddd this is my cue to leave I believe before someone walks up behind me with a butcher knife.'

Just as Leon was about to get up and make a run for it Yuko stopped laughing.

She had once again regained a serious expression, though Leon didn't trust that now. He knew she was still laughing in the inside.

He really was starting to dislike women.

"Wait before you decided to leave let me explain to you why you are here."

Leon raised an eyebrow but decided to remain seated.

"Oh? I thought you didn't know why I was here?"

The sarcasm was practically dripping from his tongue.

But Yuko just sent him a slightly amused look.

"Of course I know why you're here, you're here for the same reason why everyone comes here."

Leon was starting to get more than a little annoyed. They were just going around in circles and he was getting tired of it.

"And that is?"

Yuko's smile became practically shark like.

The shivers were back.

"You're here Detective Leon Oroct because you have a wish that you want to have granted. And I can help you with that."

Leon couldn't help but feel disbelief. Who did this woman think she was? Some kind of god?!

Oh fuck him if he was dealing with a god…


The shark like grin grew until it resembled the grin of a great white.

"Yes…for a price of course."

Of course…

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